A/N: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer.

This story was inspired by a line from a New Moon AU story, "A Cold, White Christmas," by one of my favorite authors, EdwardsBloodType. In that story Edward tells Bella, "Apparently, I messed with fate a bit. If I had tried to kill you when I first saw you, I would have known then you were my match, and I would have changed you instead of killing you. But since I do not behave in the manner traditional vampires should, it is as if I altered fate by not trying to kill you."

Reading that line made me wonder what it would have been like if Edward had bitten Bella that first day, and thus, I write, with EdwardsBloodType's blessing, Twilight…As Fate Would Have It.

A huge thanks to my beta and cheerleader, EJenn!

Chapter 1: Three Fates


So far, my first day at Forks High School was nothing like imagined. I thought for sure I could go on just like I did back home in Phoenix. Invisible. Just keep to myself and be left alone. That was not the case. I was bombarded with attention. None of it pleasing. As a sat in the cafeteria, with who I assumed were the popular kids, I contemplated how glaringly obvious it was that I didn't belong.

Maybe it's this stupid blue sweater. That's what I got for wearing something so low cut! I felt like every guy in the school was ogling me.

I had met some really nice kids though. That's the thing, just like in Phoenix, they were kids to me; not peers. I was too grown up, too mature. I always tried so hard to seem a little younger. I used slang whenever I could and tried to keep some of my more developed opinions to myself. It looked like I was fooling the corral of mindless teens that surrounded me for the time being.

Jessica Stanley had been in my first period English class and she said we'd have Gym together too. I was grateful that someone I knew would be in my Gym class as it would inevitably be horrifying. I was kind of clumsy, extremely uncoordinated. I was always the last one picked for teams. In fact, once in third grade during relay races, the teacher told me—in front of the entire class, by the way—that even her five year old daughter could skip better than me. I had always hated relay races. Seriously, what was the point in them? To make all the good-looking, athletic kids hate the clumsy and fat kids. That was the point.

Mike Newton would be in my Gym class too. Mike seemed to have taken a particular interest in me and I was observant enough to know right away that Jessica was jealous of me and envious of the attention Mike was showing me. I looked around the cafeteria as I nibbled on some celery. They were all the same. Petty, young kids. Then the cafeteria doors opened and flood of gorgeous people entered the room like a gust of crisp, fresh air.

I nudged Jessica, stirring her from her conversation with Mike, which was sure she didn't appreciate. "Who are they?" I pointed discretely toward the group of four who was making their way to a table.

"Oh them? They're the Cullens. They're like total freaks."

"Cullens? They're all related?" I asked.

"Well, sort of, they're adopted." She named off each one of the four beautiful teenagers. They didn't really look like teenagers though. They were too pretty, too perfect…even the two guys. Their skin was flawless and pale. Their hair, their clothes, everything about them was so polished. They had to be rich. The tall blonde was Rosalie and the burly guy next to her was Emmett, Jessica said. The short one with the pixie-hair was Alice and the blonde guy was Jasper—Rosalie's twin.

"They seem like a really…affectionate family," I observed aloud.

"Yeah, they're all together…like together together," Jessica said, sounding disgusted. "Alice and Jasper are like, a thing and so are Rosalie and Emmett."

"Ooookay," I drew out the word to emphasize how weirded out I was by that fact. Even though they weren't blood relatives, I couldn't separate them from the stigma the gossip placed on them. I wasn't big on judging people but all I could think was...gross…and convenient. If only I had it so easy, finding a hot boyfriend just down the hall from my bedroom. Just then the cafeteria doors opened again and I saw him for the first time. Jessica followed my eyes.

"That's the other one. Edward Cullen. He's a total snob, don't even waste your time," she rolled her eyes and I got the feeling Jessica was a woman scorned.

"Oh, God," I said trying to pull my eyes away from him, "he's too gorgeous, I wouldn't have a chance in hell." I looked at Jessica and she smiled, satisfied with my self-deprecation. Throughout lunch I tried to stay engrossed in the trivial conversations going on around me but my eyes kept wandering back to the Cullens' table…back to Edward. A couple times I caught him staring at me. But not the way Mike Newton or Tyler Crowley stared at me. It was a deep, piercing stare. When my eyes caught his he didn't look away.

The entire cafeteria full of students turned their attention to him when he jumped out of his chair and proceeded to have a hushed conversation with his sister. He left the room in a huff, and I was a little disappointed that all that staring had come to nothing. It shouldn't have mattered, right? It wasn't like he was going to get up, saunter across the cafeteria, introduce himself, and ask me to marry him. It would have been nice though. A great story to tell our grandchildren.


I got held over in class by Mrs. Ackerman. She was by far the most bizarre teacher I'd ever come in contact with during my countless years in high school. She asked me to stay and grade some quizzes from her Freshman English class. The fact of the matter was she just wanted to sit at her desk, watching me, and having freaky teacher-student dominatrix fantasies. She wasn't the first teacher who'd ever hit on me and I figured she wouldn't be the last but the kind of shit she thought about doing to me really freaked me out. I graded the quizzes inhumanly fast so I could get the hell out of there and away from being mentally spanked with a ruler. Sometimes being able to read minds was merely a burden. Other times it was an agonizing weight that held me down and tortured me.

I finally made it to the cafeteria and my family was already sitting at our table. The whole school was buzzing over the new girl, Isabella Swan. She liked to be called "Bella" apparently because in the students' minds they had gradually shifted from calling her "Isabella" to "Bella" throughout the day. I was actually a little excited about meeting her in spite of myself. I hadn't heard her thoughts yet even though she was just one classroom away from me last period. I figured I need to hear her speaking voice so I'd be able to distinguish her thoughts more clearly. Usually the two sounded similar.

I had heard plenty about her over the course of the school day. She was seventeen and had just moved here from Phoenix to live with her father, the police chief of Forks. She drove a rusty beast of a truck and was kind of clumsy. I had seen her trip at least three times in other people's thoughts. Of course, all the guys wanted to get in her pants and all the girls envied her for it. She was pretty from what I had seen and heard, with long dark hair and big brown eyes. She was the kind of girl I would be attracted to…if I allowed myself to be attracted to anyone. I really couldn't stand blondes and I attributed that to the fact that my "sister" Rosalie was a blonde and everything she did, said, and thought generally pissed me off.

I heard Jessica Stanley talking about me as I made my way to the table. She said something about me being a snob. Sometimes I felt really bad for having to shun all the kids at school. It would have been nice to have some friends other than my adopted brothers and sisters. But really, it was for their own good. I couldn't be friends with a human. I knew that at any moment I could snap, no matter how strong I thought I was. I could kill any of them…all of them so easily. I had come to accept what I was but I knew better than to push my limits. I was a vampire, but I chose not to be a monster.

As I took my seat, I heard Bella's voice and felt her eyes focused on me. "Oh, God, he's too gorgeous, I wouldn't have a chance in hell," she said. And she was right because hell was a place I would never go. Heaven either. She must have thought it was something superficial that separated us. Looks or money or mystique. The thing that really made her different from me was immortality.

She had an appealing voice. Low but feminine. No distinguishable accent. Like someone you would hear on the radio. I searched for the voice in her head. I heard Jessica going on in her mind about what a jerk I was for turning her down—over two years ago. Let it go already, Stanley! I heard Mike Newton deciding to pick Bella first for his volleyball team in Gym later. I heard a hundred other voices all at once but I couldn't hear Bella.

Emmett's quiet whisper interrupted my search, "So what does the new girl think about the freaky Cullens?"

I responded, like Emmett, too low for human ears to pick up, "I'm not sure why…maybe she's brainless…but I can't hear a single thought in her mind."

Wonderboy has a flaw, Rosalie thought. God, she could be such a bitch.

I kept searching. Nothing. I stared at her intently, literally trying to see into her mind. Nothing. Every once in awhile she would look up at me, even with direct eye contact there was still nothing. My family could tell I was getting frustrated. In all my years as a vampire I'd never met a mind I couldn't read.

Here, let me see, Alice thought as she closed her eyes. I figured she wouldn't be able to see much. Alice's vision of the future weren't very sharp when it came to humans, without a few days of familiarity.

She changed her focus to the girl anyway. I looked into Alice's mind and saw her vision. The new girl's body lay lifeless in lush, green grass dotted with small purple flowers. I recognized the place—my meadow—my favorite place to get away. She was pallid. Her face was frozen in painful expression with her brown eyes open wide. Her mouth was gaping, as if she died in the middle of a blood-curdling scream. Blood. Her body was drained of every drop of blood. On the periphery of the vision I saw myself kneeling, sobbing tearlessly in the grass. I hissed at the image when I saw myself in the vision. "Never, Alice, I'm stronger than that," I growled at her.

Suddenly the vision changed. Still in the meadow, I saw myself reach out a hand to the backside of a tall, beautiful frame. She was wearing a sleeveless red shirt and dark blue jeans that accentuated her perfect curves. I noticed the small embroidered butterflies on each of the back pockets as I surveyed the length of her body. She turned to me and I saw her face. It was the new girl, pale and striking with scorching red eyes. She took my hand as a pained smile crossed her lips, and the vision melded into a third and final scene.

Snow was settling on the meadow. I was behind a tripod setting the timer on a camera. Beyond the camera were two figures. Again the slender, dark-haired beauty appeared with red eyes but the color was less intense, as if faded over a few months time. Her smile wasn't strained this time; in fact, she smiled and laughed with great abandon. Her arms held the second figure. It was small, a child, I thought—a girl. Her features were blurred; all I could distinguish were two large chocolate brown eyes and long bronze ringlets. I stepped out from behind the camera and into the frame, "Smile, my loves!"

The camera flashed and captured a perfect moment in time. I took one step toward the camera when the girl reached up and touched my cheek. "Daddy," she said to me without words. My sharp intake of breath derailed Alice's final vision. The word reverberated through me in the present, sending me shooting up out of my seat. The force caused my chair to slide several feet behind me, screeching as it skimmed across the cafeteria floor. Suddenly everyone was staring as I leaned into Alice and spoke, less than an inch from her face.

"Alice, you're getting kind of screwy aren't you? You don't even know this girl and already you think you can," I whispered inaudibly, "see her future?"

Alice looked intently at me as she thought, Edward, I have a feeling that wasn't necessarily a vision of her future. Those were visions of your future.

It was completely absurd. I had to get out of there before I made any more of a scene. My future! Ha! I stormed out of the cafeteria.

I'll keep an eye out for you, Edward, Alice shot a thought my way. I headed to Biology early, jaw clenched and fists balled, contemplating the new girl's empty mind and my sister's strange visions.

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