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Love At First Fright: Chapter 6:Filled

"Andre!" Eva called in a light sprinkle came from the sky; just enough to make the enviornment more pleasurable. In the short distance, his vision had caught a figure of the one who, he hoped, would be the one to keep his heart safe from any more pain and suffering., "Hurry up or you are going to miss it!" She said out of breathe but with a one of the largest smiles she has ever worn.

With his inhuman strength and agility, this was nothing compared to how he used to live in the wild by himself trying to survive off of the fat of the land. With the dangerous weather and creatures that had gotten in his way. But none could have stopped such an incredible being that is so much stronger than an average man.

"I am going to catch you," He said. Before Andre could catch up to Eva, she suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. He slowed his pace to a walk to reach her. Confused that she just stopped and he cautiously stepped toward her. "Eva, are you alright?" With no answer, he placed his hand on her shoulder to take a look at what expression was held upon her face. Her reaction was a slow turn of her head to see who was touching her. When her gaze was fixed on the Creature's face, Andre could see the all too familiar emotion that was plastered all over her face. Fear and horror. She screamed to the top of her lungs making Andre fall to the floor and back into reality.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" Jessica yelled to the now awakened form that was in Eva's bed. "You are not suppose to be in here!" By the commanding voice that was emminating from the woman who gave birth to Eva, he lept out of the room and ran back into the guest room.

"What was I thinking?" Andre pondered with his head in his hands while sitting on the bed, "What if I am to be removed from this home? I should not have gone into her quarters. Oh, God, what have I done?"

His mind was clouded with so many questions that he feared that he may not be able to be with a family of his own, or feel the joy of what it is like to be loved, and/or worse not being able to spend the rest of his life with he had so dreamed to be with, Eva. No matter what the punishent for his action might be, he will in any way try to resolve his wrong doing. He then began to hear the footsteps of the others waking up to find that the woman of the house had found him inside Eva's room.

"...alright, mother." The familiar voice spoke from outside the guest room, "I am sorry. He just had a nightmare and needed some comfort so he came to my room." The door opened and Andre lifted his head. The first thing he saw was the concerned look on Eva's face slowly turned into a small smile and then back to her mother with concern. "See, mother, look how guilty he feels." A small huff came from Jessica while she wandered into the kitchen. Jacob, Thomas, and Alain shortly followed her with a small glance into the stranger's room. Eva walked in with her bandaged ankle, slowly shutting the door, and turned around to find the man sitting on the bed with his head hovering over his clasped hands with guilt.

"Eva...I," Andre began but only to be shushed by the beauty by hugging his large head.

"It is alright. No need to apologize." With those short words by Eva, Andre had now felt at ease even though she had moved so quickly to comfort him with her warm embrace. She losened her grip just enough to hold his chin to make him look into her eyes. Oh, how the intensity of that moment was growing for Andre. Eva's beauty just made him quiver with excitement and fear at the same time. Her smile was quite contagious; he had grown a smile on his once guilty face. "You are alright now," she said calmly; almost to a whisper. "You may sleep in my room as long as you wake up early enough to return to your room." She released his chin and inhaled, " Alright, we must get dressed. Mother is preparing for breakfast."

Now onto a new thought, Andre stood over the young girl pondering on how to make up for what he had done. "How may I assist?" He asked. "I wish to apologize to your mother for the fright I have caused her." She smiled as she grasped his hand and pulled him towards the door. Slowly opening the door, she scanned the hallway to see if anyone was there. Seeing noone, she and Andre moved silently to Eva's room. Once she reached her bedroom, she opened the door only to make the door hendges squeak just a bit. The two entered the small enclosure and Andre was a little confused of what the girl was up to.

Eva released the monster and slowly reached her dresser, which was in the corner of the room, to pick out what to wear. Andre could not help but to see the now lit room. The walls were painted a light blue; almost matching the sky when the sun was about to rise. Her bed was to the left in the middle of the room. The bedding was a hand-stitched quilt with a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. He walked towards the bed to get a closer look. "My grandmother made it for me," Eva said when she noticed Andre admiring her bedspread. He smiled with her comment, "That was before she had pasted away though." Both Eva and Andre frowned.

"Do you miss her?" Andre said while feeling the quilt. "Of course she misses her, you idiot." He said to himself in his head. "Why are asking such rude questions?"

Eva pulled out an outfit that she usually wore. "Well, yes. Very much so that when I was younger, I prayed to God that she would be brought back to us. But I know now that she is better off being with my creator and my ancestors." Oh, how Andre felt evnious of Eva's grandmother. He had seen a short glimpse of what the other side had in store. He was awakened too soon to feel what it was like to finally be rid of the human flesh. He once remembered how much he wished his 'father' had not began the quest to find the secrets of life and death. But now, he finally found somebody that accepted him for who he is and not on his appearance. Not only had he found just one person, he had possibly found a family; a place to call 'home.'

"Andre?" Eva said but his vision was still fixed on the bed, "Andre!" He had snapped out of his daydream and looked at Eva. Confusion filling her face, he had became embarassed for not answering her the first time she had called him.

"Forgive me, Eva, I did not mean to-"

"You are forgiven." She said sitting on her bed while putting her dress over her nightgown, "I sometimes lose myself in my thoughts as well. Sometimes it is the best way to escape from any pain or stress." After Eva spoke, Andre was flabbergausted. "How can she be so young and yet be just as wise as an elder? He pondered and soon came back into reality again when he heard a woman from the other room calling out to the residents.

Fully dressed, Eva stood from the bedside and Andre came to her side to help her navigate towards the door to answer who was calling them. "Coming, mother!" She reasured her mother. "We must hurry before she has another tanturm." Andre silently laughed and Eva joined in the humor. They traveled through the hallway once again and they could smell something that made both of their mouths water.

Once they reached the kitchen, they could see Jessica mixing ingredients in a pan over the stove. Jessica turned around, not knowing the two figures were standing in the opening, she jumped back in fright and making the small bowl that contained a few eggs fall to the floor and creating a mess on the kitchen floor. Andre felt the dreadfully familiar guilty feeling in the pit of his stomach again. "Darn it!" Jessica cursed in fustration. She knelt down to clean up the mess caused by Andre. He helped Eva to sit down on a nearby chair to have his hands free to assist Jessica.

"It is alright," Jessica said aggitated, "I will clean this up." Andre frowned and Jessica sighed, "I am sorry, I did not mean to act like that. But if you would like to make it up, you could help by getting more eggs from the henhouse in the back." Andre quickly took the small job without hesitation. Eva gave her mother the 'I-cannot-believe-you-said-that' face before Andre turned with a large smile on his face. Eva smiled in return.

The sun was dim due to the thick blanket of clouds that covered over; making the small village seem errie. "The chicken coop is just over ther." Eva pointed out across the wide open space from the back screen door . A garden covered most of the lush green yard containing a beautiful variety of flowers, herbs, and other vegitables. Birds could be heard from behind the barrier of trees. Small animals would pop their heads out every once in while to check what sounds were coming outside of the forest. The chicken coop was close to the house and it was painted a deep purple covered in doodles of different pictures obviously made by a child. Andre figured it could have been Eva because of the pictures of flowers, butterflies, and hearts. The small house was surrounded by baby chicks pecking the ground for food and a chicken fence with a few feathers stuck to the wire. Andre fiddled with the lock before opening it.

Eva felt a bit worried that it was taking awhile to retrieve a few eggs, "Do you need help?" She yelled across the yard. By her noise, the rooster had been startled by Andre's presence and began to attack. The almost flightless bird nearly tackled Andre to the ground with its talons and suprise attack. Andre tried protecting himself with his forearm. While protecting himself from the evil poultry, he landed himself into the sharp fence that was keeping the chickens inside. The weight that Andre had been made with, he almost tore the wire fence down to the ground. Eva only watched in a slight horror and mostly humor. How could such a large being like Andre be afraid of such a small bird? It just seemed all too hilarious but she kept herself under control so not to laugh.

A loud noise that was coming from outside was caught by the ears of the Belchers. "Daddy," Eva began, "help him!" With the short request of his only daughter, Alain jumped out of the house and ran to Andre's aid. As Andre was pulled out of the small enclosure, he thought of things to say to the infernal bird as if it was a worthy opponet in battle but he soon figured that it would be a waste of breathe. The red rooster, Arnold, was pacing the entrance of the fence as if waiting for another round. He soon went back into his little castle. With a few scratches here and there, Eva could not help but worry about Andre and help heal his inguries. Andre and Alain walked inside with Eva following behind them. "I have the eggs." He said before he uncovered almost a dozen and a half that was hidden between his arms and chest. Noone could help but laugh at what had transpired."Come with me, Andre," Eva said leading him to her room to bandage his 'battle scars.'

"Curse the one who invented this liquid fire," Andre thought as he was being applied with rubbing alcohol by Eva. She made a small laugh with a short breathe through her nose. "What seemed so amusing?" He asked himself. The look on his face was all Eva needed to answer the question that was drifting inside his head. "You just...your performance was just too funny." He did not feel the event that had happened was 'funny,' it was humiliating but now looking back he caught what she was laughing at.

The scratches that Eva had sterilized had led to the curiousity of looking at the scars that bore deep into his skin. Pulling his sleeve higher, she began to follow the long scars up towards his elbow. Andre watched her gaze at what his 'father' and the world had created. The scars that was visible was nothing compaired to the scars that sink deeper into his flesh. The color changed as she traveled upwards but was cut off by bulk of the sleeve. Her eyes pleeded what she wanted to see. "Let me see," was all she needed to say to have Andre remove the left side of his tunic. Even half of his bare broad chest was enough to send chills down her spine. Her fingers traced the stitched scars that he was 'born' with. She had began where the sleeve had ended and traveled to his neck where it seemed that is where his neck and his head were stitched together. Fire from within Andre had grown hotter with every touch that she created. Her grey eyes had soon reached his pale blue eyes and stayed locked to what seemed like forever; an eternaity that she would never want to escape from. He pulled her closer to himself making no gap between themselves. She hugged him tighter than she had anyone and began to weep in his chest. "I thank God that he sent someone as you to me." Eva said to a near whisper but Andre's ears caught had made him nearly break into tears as well as her own.

"Is everything alright in there?" Jessica said knocking on Eva bedroom door.

"Everything is fine." Eva sniffled, "We will join you in a few minutes."

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