Disclaimer – I do not own Bleach. Sort of contains spoilers for Manga chapters 354 and 355. Inspired by the song sung by Iroh in Avatar the Last Airbender…

Solider Boy

Solider boy, solider boy
What is this melody we hear
Tis the sounding of the drum
The painful war has now begun
Battle cares not one bit at all
Who is going to live or fall

Solider boy, solider boy
One in truth is so very young
A whole life ahead of oneself
Yet for one moment thrown away
For even without death there
The memories will so adhere

Solider boy, solider boy
It seems that one has bare feet
Walking through a field of snow
Blistering from the length of time
Or from a weather so cold
From a dragon heart so bold

Solider boy, solider boy
Why is it that youth give hope
Bringing to the elders alike
More painful of a death coming
Will still the heart to tears
As a demon head like rears

Solider boy, solider boy
Heart fortitude so strongly
Set in stone what one must do
No matter how much pain
That one must surely endure
Or what events might occur

Solider boy, solider boy
Hopefully in time they'll come
Letting one live for another day
Allowing hope to continue
As the solider boy does roam
Please come on marching home

Author's note – I've seen a few people rather pessimistic due to the last two chapters… and not very many optimists. I refuse to be either and take things in stride…