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The child will live but I'm going to add/change the story line until the major things those who wanted it do not survive pointed out. It should allow everyone to be happy. Also I will be attempting to continue writing a healthy dose of smut and relationship issues. Do not fear..

Chapter 1

The dark hair in his hands mesmerized the werewolf. Remus pulled a section of Sirius' hair over to rest on Harry's head in order to compare the different shades. Sirius' hair was black; there was no brown in it. It was so black it seemed to absorb the light. In contrast Harry's dark hair had multiple highlights, black with reds and browns in it that fitted together to give him a dark brown look. Sort of like those dot paintings.

He let them sleep for an hour, but he was really worried about Sirius and wanted to get him checked out. He decided that Sirius' health was more important then any charms on him and so he would call Poppy first.

He grinned at their moan and groans as he shook them awake. Finally, he resorted to charming water on them to force them awake.

Sputtering, Sirius glared up at him from the wet bed, "What was that for Moony? Have a little patience."

It was so good to have his Sirius back. Harry was wonderful and Remus wouldn't give him up for the world but he'd never filled the whole that Sirius left.

He ordered them to get dressed and set off downstairs to fire call Poppy. Throwing in the floo powder, he knelt down on his knees and waited for the flames to turn green before putting his head in. "Hogwarts Infirmary: Nurses' office, Passcode: Episkey" He called out.

Instantly he was met with an empty infirmary. Remus hated this place after hearing how many times Harry had been in there added to his own experiences during his school years. He called out for Poppy and saw her rushing over to him. He made sure to reassure her that this wasn't an emergency.

"I'd like you to let us come over so you can check on someone for me. Do you have the time?" there was no point in going into the long explanation for why Sirius was coming. He could answer all her questions when they got there. She said, "of course" so Remus pulled out to see if Harry or Sirius were ready yet.

They were sitting peacefully on the couch behind him. Sirius resting his head in Harry's lap and Harry trailing his hands in Sirius' hair. He smiled softly at them. What a picture they made. He hoped this was evidence that they could work out their odd relationship.

"Poppy is ready for us now, let's go." The orders were coming more easily to him and Remus wondered how much it would change. If he took on the role of Alpha publicly it would shame both Sirius and Harry who were very strong men. He shook his head and decided that he couldn't deal with that worry on top of worrying about what Poppy might find on Sirius.

Harry went first hoping that his presence and questions could distract Poppy from Sirius' arrival. This was bound to shock the woman.

Proving all of their assumptions absurd, nurses were made of stronger stuff then that, Poppy immediately cast identity spells on Sirius. Finding that the man was who he appeared to be, she gathered him up in a tearful embrace.

"Oh its so good to see you." She pulled back and looked at him for a moment before letting him go and gesturing towards a bed. "Now then, lets have a look see. What am I looking for anyway?"

Remus told her about his fears that the unspeakables had done something to him and she nodded sagely and started casting diagnostic spells. Harry recognized a few of them from the war, he'd become a decent healer out of necessity. Poppy's eyes widened when she cast a spell with purple light that Harry didn't recognize. She cast it twice more before blinking and casting different ones.

Harry knew better then to ask her what that was until she was done but he and Remus shared a nervous glance above Sirius' head. She found something, and the not knowing was just as dreadful as it had always been.

Eventually she slowed down and cast the purple spell again. "What is it?" Remus asked finally.

"It appears that Sirius is pregnant." She said slowly, enunciating every word.

Harry sat down on a near by chair quickly and watched the other two in a daze. Sirius just said, "Huh..," before he fainted backwards on the bed. Neither Remus nor Harry did anything other then watch him fall. Remus lifted up Sirius' shirt, as if he could see the little child in there.

Harry swallowed a few times before croaking out, "He couldn't get pregnant in one day can he?" Poppy let out a gasp of a laugh in shock but then resumed her professional manor. "No, our spells cannot detect anything younger then three weeks and the spell I cast identified the fetus as two months old. I could tell you the sex if you'd like." Harry shook his head, he didn't need anymore in formation right now.

One thought kept repeating in his mind. 'But I'm the Omega.' He knew in some back part of his being that this was unfair of him. Sirius had been pregnant before he fell in the veil…………….

He shot up and cried out. "Remus, he was pregnant in the veil." The werewolf's eyes glowed amber in fear and he shifted into full feral mode and crawled up onto the bed to curl around Sirius' stomach.

Harry noticed Poppy back up some. She had only a little experience with werewolves but she knew how dangerous it was to be presumed as a threat to a cub, especially the first born in a new pack. She, being a smart woman, had already figured out that the three men were a pack now.

Harry turned to her and she recognized the expression. It was the same one he wore when he battled Voldemort, when he forced dreamless sleep down her throat after the battle when there were hundreds of wounded and she'd worked herself for two days. The same expression when he told them he was leaving to follow a feeling, which had lead him to Remus.

"What kind of spells can you cast on an unborn child?" his tone was cold and unrelenting and Poppy shivered, hearing it.

"You can cast most healing spells on it and detection spells, identity spells, um…" She racked her brain trying to think of all of them. She wasn't an expert on this. She could tell you all the diseases a child could catch, but not charms. "Can you cast something to tell us if there are any tracking spells on it or blocks or any blood magic has been cast." His eyes widened, "Can I cast Hermione's detection spell on it?"

"Well, healing spells work with a person's magic as you know, one has to trust the person healing them in order for the spell to take effect. This is why Mediwizards take an oath on their magic never to harm unless in defense, so people trust them and their magic lets them work. For the unborn, they must trust their parents to decide. The theory is that the child reacts to their parents magic and so if the parent trusts the person, the child will allow the healing magic through. This is the reason why pregnant people stay with one medi-wizard they trust for the whole pregnancy. Detection spells are non-invasive and don't react with a person's magic so the unborn reacts to them but is not damaged."

She read impatience in Harry's eyes and jumped when Remus growled out, "Get on with it woman." She noticed that Sirius had awoken sometime in her lesson and hurried up. She remembered Remus acting like this during the full moons if she angered him. "If Hermoine's spell is non-invasive then it should work, and not harm it."

Harry nodded and cast the spell. She hadn't because that spell took a great amount of magical strength to perform. Mrs. Weezley nee Granger had created the spell using some jumps in arithmatical logic and obscure runes, but she couldn't cast it. In fact only Harry and Remus could. She suspected that Remus had received a magical boost when he bonded with Harry which had added to the bond he already had from Sirius. If Sirius and Harry bonded, the cycle would shift and grow and the three would be the most powerful in Britain.

The spell glowed fast colors and Poppy didn't understand them but whatever they meant caused Harry to cry out in rage and Remus' wolf to rise so high that his teeth sharpened and nails lengthen into claws.

Sirius was obviously as clueless as she was and bravely ventured the question she was too much a hufflepuff to ask.

"What did it say?" he whispered, holding one hand protectively on his stomach and reaching out to Harry.

Poppy was glad that the three of them were accepting of the child. They had so many issues to work out what with Sirius coming back from the dead.

"They have it suppressed. They're siphoning it's magic and have a tracer on it along with other blocks and things. I can probably dispel a lot of them and take off the blocks and tracers but I can't stop the siphon. I don't know how I've never seen this spell before. If what I understand about male pregnancy's' is true then siphoning off that magic will slowly kill it. We have to stop it fast. "

Remus growled out loud and threw the bed next to them into the wall on the other side of the infirmary in a feat of super human strength. Poppy rushed over to hide behind Harry. She was a strong woman but she was no fool.

"Can we call Proffessor Flitwick?" Sirius asked.

Poppy answered for Harry, needing to feel like she was contributing. "I can call both Filius and Minerva if you'd like."

Harry nodded at her so she walked away a little bit to call a house elf and give the three men some privacy. They huddled together on the bed and whispered reassurances to each other. Poppy didn't understand who could have done this to the child. Sirius was gone for 10 years and could have been anywhere with anyone, although from their comments she thought he was in the veil the whole time and that the unspeakables were behind it. Either that, or he'd come out of the veil and they'd kept him for 10 years. No, she shook her head, the unborn child disproved that theory. She could only wait and hope that her two colleges would be able to help them. She didn't want to think of the ministry's reaction when Remus killed all the unspeakables other wise. She hoped they could find a way to save the child.

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Option 2

they can't save the kid and the drama comes from a familiy that has had a child murdered before they even knew they had it. (I have a little experience with that and have been dying to put it out there and get it off my chest.) it will likely be slower, darker, and more emotional with more sex scenes then the other.

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