1 second old.

Remus and Sirius grunted under the tight grip of Harry's hands as he bore down.

"I'm so glad this isn't me."


Sirius grunted under the increased pressure and Remus tried not to chuckle.

"Don't you laugh Remus, this is your fault too." Harry panted after the contraction passed. Remus helped Harry take a drink and tried to look inquiring.

"Don't give me that look, wolf. You could have chosen to leave it in Sirius."

Sirius held up his unencumbered hand, "Hey you were the one who wanted it."

Harry's retort was prevented as he was hit by another contraction.


1 ½ years old.

"Temper! Temperence Black!!" Harry shouted as he ran through the house. His panicked cries alerted Sirius as he arrived home from his work at the ministry.

Harry barreled into him and Sirius wrapped his arms around his young mate.

"Harry love, What's…?"

"Temper, she's gone! I can't find her." Sirius joined Harry in his panic and together they searched the house and yard. She was only a little over a year old, how could she have been missing.

Remus arrived hours later to a sobbing Harry. Sirius had left to contact allies for a search. They'd decided she must have been kidnapped.

Three hour's later, she appeared before them, laughing, in a golden glow of light.


3 years old.

Sirius watched the only child who'd ever bear his name, despite that Harry had carried her to term, play by herself in the sand box at a muggle park. Harry insisted that they incorporate the Muggle world in their daughter's life.

As a five year old that looked uncannily like Temper settled down to play with his daughter, Sirius paused. He shook off the unusual feeling and waited the required hour before taking his daughter to get ice-cream, as he'd promised. Stupid Harry and his stupid rules.


5 years old.

When their daughter disappeared again, Remus refused to panic. It was his day to spend with their only child and not the first time she'd disappeared.

An hour later the golden glow returned her, babbling about playing with herself in a sand box and seeing Poppa Sirius. Remus filed it away as more proof for his growing theory. He didn't want to alert his mates just yet, Sirius would not believe him, and Harry would panic.

After all who wouldn't panic if they had a time traveling child.


10 Years old.

"What do you mean she doesn't have any magic?" Sirius demanded of McGonagall.

"I'm sorry. She just doesn't have enough magic to come to Hogwarts." Her face was the picture of Sympathy as she gazed upon her favorite students.

Only Temper looked calm, though she went to her Daddy Harry when he held his arms out for a hug.

"Don't worry Daddy. Adam will be able to go to Hogwarts." Harry blinked at her.

"Who's Adam?"

She put her hands on his stomach and smiled at him slyly, "My brother of course." She giggled at the slack-jaw of her Daddies and Father, as Remus would only ever be called.

"How do you know Temper?" Remus asked softly.

She turned her smile at him and proved his theories right, "I've met him. He's born just before you are voted Minister of Magic, Father."

A double trunk signaled both Sirius and McGonagall had fainted.


16 years old.

Harry sighed as he pushed the knife out of reach of Adam Potter. The five year old would put anything he could in his mouth.

Adam's birth had been hard, and Harry was unable to have anymore children. Since Sirius was also unable, they decided to adopt.

Temperence's time travel ability had been both a blessing and a curse. Today was her 16th birthday, but Harry was cooking for ten. Apparently this was her favorite birthday and she continued to travel in time to be here.

Harry peaked out the window at watched a 63 year old Temperence and her wife, Amelia Malfoy, holding a 1 ½ year old Temperence while listening to the 8 year old Temperence chatter on about muggle primary school.

Apparently this was where she had disappeared to that frighening first time. Temper's 29 year old version was deep in conversation with Remus about a Dark Lord that would be born soon. She wanted them to adopt another one. She'd apparently already prevented one Dark Lord by bringing them Justin, who was currently pulling Sirius' hair as the animagus struggled to feed him.

"Daddy," the true, 16 year old, Temper called as she stepped into the kitchen. "want me to carry anything out?"

Harry smiled at her and nodded. He was so glad that she ended up being a good girl. It would have been easy to abuse the power so much time in the veil had created in her.


25 years old.

Temperence Black sat down with her brothers and fathers with a serious expression on her face. The boys were all old enough to know now, though she would leave out their part in the prevented future, no boy needed to know they killed millions of people.

"Temper, what's this about?" Poppa Sirius was never patient, and age hadn't helped much. She smiled at them. She loved them all so much.

"I'm going to tell you about the future you and I have prevented." Remus started to argue with her, they'd had this discussion before, but she waved him off. "I need to tell someone and I haven't met Amelia yet."

Sighing Remus nodded.

"You know I've popped into the future periodically since I've been able to control it and bring back things to prevent it. So far, we've prevented civil war between wizards and the beings, discovery by muggles, completely breeding out into squibs and muggles, invasion by China, and the rise of several Dark Lords." She was proud that none of her father's even glanced at her adopted brothers.

"The one I want to tell you in detail, is also why I will never have children. My son, James, named for my grandpa, inherited my power. Somehow, he lacked empathy and used his power to become so powerful and dangerous that I couldn't stop him." She hung her head. It had been unbelievably hard to see what her son had become.

When she felt twelve hands and arms on her, the tears finally came and she mourned what could have been.

Temperence Black's story is very special, and for another time.