All she could see were brilliant colours surrounding her, blues, greens, yellows. Her own screams of pain echoed around her as the pain seared through her hands, flowing though the rest of her body. She could have let go, could have stopped the pain, but she knew she couldn't. It wasn't option.

"Moira!" A shout echoed around her, she hadn't even realised he was still here. Or, rather, that she was still there. She looked in to his wide brown eyes, that kind face, twisted in to a look of desperation.

"Don't!" She shouted, seeing the figure hold a hand out, a silver tube pointing towards her. "Don't you dare!"

Everything was becoming brighter now, her body overcome by a strange sensation, as if she was slowly fading away. Looking behind her, it was the room that was fading away, the people that had been around her. And he was fading away from her too. She was feeling drained and was trying her best to focus on keeping hold. It had to be almost over now.

"Doctor!" She shouted, his face becoming nothing but a blur. "Thank you!"


Doctor Who Paradox


The TARDIS door creaked open as a slightly shaken Doctor stepped out, adjusting his coat over his shoulders.

"Well," He said, turning to the TARDIS as he closed the door, turning the key in the lock. "That was a bit unexpected old girl." He looked at his new surroundings, brand new, shiny surroundings. "Not that I'm complaining of course." He beamed, gazing around. Shiny certainly was the right word. The floor beneath his trainers was a silver mesh, not dissimilar from that of his own TARDIS, partially covering a spaghetti of wires and pipes. The walls too, were a brilliant silver, reflecting the light from above. Quite a low ceiling, the Doctor noted as he looked back at the TARDIS. The light that adorned it's roof was almost touching the ceiling. He raised an eyebrow slightly, relieved that he hadn't materialised anywhere a little lower. Without a functioning chameleon circuit to change it's external dimensions, the Doctor wasn't entirely sure what would happen if the TARDIS appeared in a space smaller than it's own physical size. "Must test that one day." He said quietly to himself.

The Doctor soon set off down the corridor, slightly weary. He had no idea where he was, or who might be around. That was the one disadvantage of the TARDIS' sudden trips to random places in the universe. At least it hadn't landed him in the middle of a volcano. Not this time anyway.

"Aha!" He exclaimed, rushing over to a computer screen imbedded in the wall of the corridor. The Doctor reached for his Sonic Screwdriver, but stopped as an image appeared on the screen. It showed a large dome, floating in space. Arching over the transparent dome were wide silver bands, presumably holding the different sections of material together. The image rotated on the screen, as the Doctor placed his Screwdriver back in to his pocket and pulled out his glasses instead. He pressed the screen with his finger, and the image zoomed in through the dome. No buildings inside as such, he noted. The various corridors and rooms that he scrolled past were all directly inside the dome structure. At first he had thought it may be some kind of colony, but they were normally set out like a traditional city, with simulated air, gardens, little shops. This was different, much more functional, nothing wasted on aesthetics.

Suddenly, the screen flashed red, large text appearing in the centre.


"What?" The Doctor exclaimed, wondering if the system had discovered the TARDIS. "A little late." He muttered, touching the screen again. A red dot had flashed up on the maze of corridors. "Maybe not." He answered himself. If his sense of direction was right, and of course, it was, the TARDIS had materialised in the other direction. Which meant that this was something new, something that needed investigating.

Just in time, he was starting to get bored.


"Officer Jaran Sir," The security guard addressed his superior, whose uniform matched his own, a deep blue, except his sleeves were adorned with a single red stripe. "I've run a deeper scan, and it appears there's something else here, something that the system didn't pick up."

"Forget about it Ortel." Jaran barked as the pair made their way down the corridor. "Probably a glitch, you know how the system's been lately. We deal with what it has detected first."

"Yes Sir." Ortel nodded, returning the small square device to his pocket. "Were there any details on the report?"

"If there were, I'd have told you." His tone was aggressive, with a tone of annoyance. A tone that most of the guards had become used to from Jaran. "You know these scanners are minimal. The entire budget went on those temporal systems, or what ever it is Haim calls them. You know his philosophy; as long as they can study their big crack in time, it's fine. God forbid we actually have systems in place to look after him and his precious researchers."

Ortel sighed as the corridor was filled with silence once again, the only noise from their heavy boots on the mesh flooring. He could tell it was going to be a long day.


She looked up, blinking a little as the light shone straight in her eye. Instinctively, she reached to her neck, although she was unsure what for. A sense of unexplained relief swept over her and she felt a cold metal rectangle on a chain. It was rather thick, for a necklace anyway but seemed rather light. She looked at her hands, alive with a strange tingling sensation. They seemed to be marked, think lines burnt in to the skin. However, she had bigger things to worry about right now, like where she was. And who she was.

The silver corridors seemed familiar to her, but she was unsure why. To be honest, she was unsure of everything right now. She suddenly tensed up as a sound of footsteps echoed from around the corner. Subconsciously, she straightened her white top. Very plain, she thought, as was the long flowing skirt she wore.

"Why did I even choose this?" She said softly to herself, slightly shocked by the sound of her own voice, a sense of shock that she couldn't quite find a reason for. For the first time she noticed her pale blonde hair. It was rather long, flowing down to beneath her shoulders. Why did it seem so new? How could everything be so familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time?

The girl didn't have time to ponder her questions, however, as the footsteps became louder and a tall, skinny man wandered around the corner, a small silver device held out in front of him. His focus seemed to be on that, rather than where he was going, his eyes staring through his glasses at the glowing blue light at the tip of the wand. It would have been a puzzling sight, if it hadn't had been so familiar.

Suddenly, the man looked up, pressing a button, which appeared to turn the device off. He looked up, surprised as he clocked her, before walking forward, placing both the device and glasses in the pocket of his long brown coat.

"Hello!" He grinned. "I'm the;"

"The Doctor." She interrupted. She hadn't meant to, something had just compelled her. "You're the Doctor."

"Er, yes, I am." He replied cautiously, struck by an uncharacteristically wave of uncertainty. "And how do you know that? Slight psychic ability?" He looked up thoughtfully, interrupting the girl before she had a chance to speak. "Haven't met you in the future have I? My future, I mean? You wouldn't believe how often that happens."

"I don't think so." The girl replied quietly, visibly un-nerved by the Doctor, and her own knowledge of him. He was looking down at his own suit and coat now, curiously.

"I'm not wearing a name tag, am I? Always forget to take those things off. Well, not that I wear them much anymore. Had a bad experience once." She was staring at him, her expression one of confusion and annoyance all in one. "Slitheen, electric name tags, long story." He shrugged. "So, let's just ignore the fact you seem to know me. Your turn to introduce yourself! And I'll let you. Certainly don't know your name."

The girl looked back nervously. Who was this Doctor? He was so odd, so erratic, yet so familiar.

"I don't…" She started, when a voice flashed in to her mind.


"I'm Moira." She said, attempting to sound as confident as she could.

"Nice to meet you Moira." The Doctor smiled. He too, was attempting to make it as genuine as possible, but something was bothering him. Did she know him? She knew his name, but apparently hadn't immediately recognised him. Maybe it was some kind of latent psychic ability. The Doctor just hoped it was that simple. "So, how did you get here?"

"That's what we want to know." Barked the voice of Officer Jaran as he and Ortel walked down the corridor towards them.

"Well, I'm the Doctor, and,"

"It's her we are interested in." Jaran snapped. "You're just some kind of researcher, no doubt. We don't care about what you're doing here."

"Makes a change." The Doctor smiled, looking over to Moira. She hadn't made an attempt to answer the question. Did she even know?

It appeared that the security officer's patience had run out.

"You're coming with us." He barked, stepping towards Moira as his partner walked to her other side. "I'll take you straight to Haim. He likes mysterious happenings like this. A young girl appearing out of nowhere would be just up his street. Although he'll probably just say it's because of that crack in time. It always is after all."

"Hold on!" The Doctor shouted, rather surprised. "A crack in time?"