"Not got a hammer around here?" The Doctor shouted, stretched out over the console attempting to reach controls on either side at one time. "It's like I've always said 'always keep a hammer in your TARDIS.' But did anyone listen?" He looked around the control panel, as he tried to steady himself whilst the TARDIS shook from side to side, the sound of the engines turning to a screech. "Well, do you see any hammers? So no, they didn't listen. When will people learn? Just listen to the Doctor."

"You are just as I imagined Doctor." Kalis' pained voice echoed around the room. He looked up, still frantically working at the controls, the central pillar pulsing.

"Imagined me?" He said, puzzled.

"Of course. We all heard the legends of the Doctor." Kali continued. "Not that the Elders approved of course. You were referred to as a bad example."

"Well," he shrugged playfully, "that's me I guess."

"So confident, so compassionate. Always doing what he can for others."

"No arguments there." The Doctors' legs almost gave way beneath him as the TARDIS lurched violently. "Sorry, this might get a bit bumpy." He threw a lever and twisted a dial, as if trying to ignore the conversation.

"But under all of that, so lonely." Her voice was faint now, but the Doctor was sure he could hear a hint of compassion in her voice for the first time. "Even before we were all gone, always so lonely. They said that was why you took to travelling with humans, to see if that was what your life was missing."

"Just made a change, that's all." The Doctor lied through gritted teeth. "Those robes, the whole superior race thing? Got a bit old after a while."

"You are saying you are glad we are gone? Glad Gallifrey was destroyed?"

"No." The Doctor stopped, looking up to the domed ceiling. "Not at all. If I could bring you all back.."

"I know Doctor. But there are some things not even you can change. That's why you continue to do it, isn't it?"

"Continue to do what?" The TARDIS' shaking had calmed now, though the Doctor noticed the light of the column was beginning to dim.

"To travel, to search for knowledge. To just be you, the Doctor. The one who fixes people."

"I guess so." The Doctor shrugged. "It's what I do best after all."

"But sometimes," Kali said softly, "you can't fix everything."

"I can fix this." The Doctor said convincingly, although in his head he wasn't sure whom he was trying to convince.

"No Doctor. You have done enough. You have saved the humans, so now there is no more reason to keep this TARDIS alive. It is time to let me go. Your TARDIS will once again be the last in the Universe, and you the last of the Time Lords."

"No. Not again. Has it occurred to you that I might not want to be the last?" The Doctor cried, his emotions bettering his logic. "I can re-energise this TARDIS using my own, undo everything the humans did, fix the chameleon circuit! It might take some practice, but I'm sure you'll be able to control the TARDIS yourself one day! You'll be able to travel the Universe again!"

"It's not what I want Doctor." Kali replied. "How can I experience the Universe like this? I'll still just be an echo." The Doctor looked up at the column with sad brown eyes. "I'm not you Doctor. I can't take every bad situation and find good in it."

The Doctor felt the TARDIS begin to shake again and quickly scanned over the instruments.
"No!" He cried. "You can't! You can't let go, we'll be sucked in to the Rift!" He turned from the console, towards the handrails, intending to go to some of the equipment set in to the outer wall.

"Not us Doctor." Kali replied, as the room was soon filled with the familiar sound of engines, a powerful screeching which echoed around the Doctor. After a few moments, the Doctor looked around in realisation as his surroundings began to change. One console room was changing to another, though the walls were pulsing, the Police Box doors fading from solid to transparent.

"No! No no no!" The Doctor looked to the console, but knew that it was useless at the moment as it faded in to existence. Looking around desperately, he ran towards the doors, but stopped, knowing better than to open them mid-materialisation.

"Thank you Doctor." Kalis' voice was so distant now, echoing through from her TARDIS to his own.

After wait seemed like an eternity the roar of his TARDIS engines stopped, the console room complete around him. He quickly threw the doors open, ready to stop Kali from doing whatever was she was doing, ready to save her. He wasn't too late, he knew it.

The old, disguised hinges creaked as he pushed them outwards. He moved to step out, but soon stopped as he saw the nothingness around him. There was only the distant shine of nearby stars and the large shimmering tear in space, the Rift. The Doctor rubbed his eyes, his head low as he sighed and closed the door. Striding towards the console, ideas were rushing through his head. He could fly the TARDIS in, find Kalis' TARDIS before it vanished completely and pull her out. Or he could try and pull her consciousness from the heart of the TARDIS in to his own, or maybe..

Or maybe, he thought, maybe he should just let her go.

A sullen look on his face, the Doctor looked up to the column of his TARDIS, placing his hand lovingly on the console before pressing at switches, firing the engines in to life. He moved from one section of the console to another, no sense of urgency, no spring in his step. He pumped the bicycle pump a few times and pressed a few more buttons before reaching for the hammer hanging from the console. He paused for a moment before hitting one of the controls. The machine lurched as he replaced it, before he looked back up to the pulsing column.
"Just you and me then old girl?" He smiled slightly; throwing a lever as he headed off, back in to time and space. On his own, again.


The silver corridors reflected the light from the various pieces of equipment around her. How did she get here? This place seemed so familiar, yet so different at the same time. Everything did, including the man who was striding down the corridor towards her, his long brown coat trailing behind him.

"Hello!" The man grinned. "I'm the;"

"The Doctor." She interrupted. She hadn't meant to, something had just compelled her. "You're the Doctor."