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Every one I realize it has been a long time, so I'll keep this short, Buffy has fallen to a depression that has made her realize that she wants her mate with or without his soul. She finds a way to remove said soul avoiding all loopholes to return it, forever freeing Angelus. After some very dark moments and angry fighting and one suicide by Vampire attempt, is where or heroine is left. She has a plan to do serious damage to those that have betrayed her. Nothing is known about the LA gang except they were put under a spell. Caedes are empathy creatures that are a cross between human, cat, and deadly viper. Okay that should be everything, I think. ENJOY!



Walls of white, seas of grey.

Hollow eyes reflecting back.

Wraith in thought and form.

Violent storms subdued in a haze of pain.

Betrayal from those who once guarded her heart.

Innocence fought so hard for dashed in an eve.

The call of the light is heard through the iron wrought bars.

Heralds of freedom still heard in the dark.

She is watched but never seen.

Reality, a delusion in her keepers' minds.

Who is she, does she know?

A force once so strong stilled by denial of one's being.

No longer fighting her bonds.

Standing no longer on firm earth.

Defeated by her allies.

She will remain.

She will never be again.

Waves she will not stop.

Hurt that continues ever on.

- A

Familiar manila paper was tucked in to the latest entry in his Watcher's Diary. It sat there in his book, in his home, mocking him. It was folded into fourths, Giles' noticed the irrelevancy of his observation before deciding to open Pandora's Box once again. Giles picked up the paper that haunted his both sleeping and waking realm. His hand shook as he unfolded it, fearing the worst. He breathed a small sigh of relief, it was not a picture. As he began to read the text he could feel his heart stop and then speed up, his hands shaking so badly that the signed A was almost missed. His hands barely stable reached for his phone. He needed to call Buffy to make sure she was okay and to get her back home.

The ringing of the phone woke Buffy. She stretched out on the hotel bed. She was almost back to sleep when her phone rang again. She got up searching blindly for the annoying sound. She searched through the clothes strewn across the floor. She finally found it behind the bedside table in the back pocket of her now useless jeans.


"Oh, Buffy, Good your up. I hate to cut short your time with father, but it's an emergency. It has to do with the Hellmouth, and well…"

Buffy became aware of saffron eyes upon her.

Of course he was up, that phone was as loud as hell. She mentally chastised herself.

His eyes followed the line of her body. She could already feel heat flushing through her. She tried to turn her attention to the watcher on the phone. She barely managed to catch the last of his babbled tangent.

"I will explain more when you arrive."

"Wait, slow down. What could be so bad that you need to call me, and not tell me?"

"Well it's just…" he stuttered.

"Giles out with it!"

"It's possible that Angelus might have returned."

She waited, making it appear as though she was falling into shock. Giles continued after awhile.

"Yes, well, you can see the severity of this situation. We will need you to come back. You might want to check in with the LA branch and see what happened. Be Safe."

With that he hung up. Leaving a storm of emotion crossing Buffy's face.

Back in Sunnydale fingers quickly dialed familiar numbers. All too soon the Scooby gang had been assembled. Giles had sat very quietly with his hands wrapped around a cup of tea to hide the shaking that would be too obvious a sign for one normally so reserved. As the gang had arrived Giles took note of their subdued air. He had not told them the cause of this meeting, merely that it was important. He watched with a critical eye as he noticed their quick glances at random sounds. The slight flinch at shadows, perhaps he was not the only one to be targeted. This was definitely not a good sign if Angelus was targeting a large group. History showed that he normally focused on an individual alone. This was not his usual MO. Nothing was going to follow any set pattern, which perhaps scared Giles more than anything else. While Angelus was scary and creative, he was to a slight degree predictable. With this gone every rule and every set precedent was lost. This was a whole new game that made Giles worry that their was something working with or influencing the Master Vamp.

Giles was more right than he knew. For it was not Angelus who was running the show. It was truly a whole new game.

Angelus smirked as he considered the possibilities that could be drawn from the mind of his Slayer. She had learned well from his written words and that made it all the more interesting to see what she took from it. He would not interfere in her plans, he was much to content to see what his future childe and mate could accomplish on her own. He would he surmised only step in when there was a flaw that could destroy one or both of them. These musings ran through his head as he watched his golden goddess.

The witch leaned against the werewolf, her eyes focused on internal thoughts. A dissatisfied grimace played across her face. The werewolf stoic as ever held tightly to the small red head. His eyes betraying both a concern and fear for her and a wild protectiveness from his wolf. The human stood behind the chair holding the ex-demon. His face was fearful and confused. The overly detailed one sat with a bored disinterest that was a norm for her. She was not concerned or overly frightened, just bored. Most likely thinking of how long until she could have sex with her human male. The paramilitary man sat rather relaxed. His face wore a look of confidence and silent query as he wondered about this latest threat, as that is only what could have caused a phone call from the Watcher. He was confident that whatever it was it could be handled by his strength and the group's combined talents.

It was then that Giles announced in a quite voice, "He's back."

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