A New Outlook Final

What gets me about boxing is that you have two guys in the ring who have no reason to fight… Get them to drive around in the ring and eventually there'll be an accident and a real reason to fight – Jerry Seinfield

Donavon had always hoped that two participants would come to the club to settle a score. Sure, most fights were entertaining to watch but add personal scores and that would add to the fight. He wasn't sure what their problems were and to be honest he didn't give a shit.

Tony was like a tiger circling his prey. But his prey had specific assertive defense tactics. A marine target was never easy prey. Gibbs waited… He had hoped that somehow the fight would be ended before it started. But the noise of the crowd had awoken something in him. He was angry with his Senior Field Agent. Gibbs hated the stupidity that Tony had displayed and it usually got someone killed.

Tony felt the punch to the stomach. "That's for Jenny," Gibbs said as he held the agent up and struck him above the eye. "Your stupidity got her killed," he said. Their voices were barely audible to anyone else.

Tony just managed to duck beneath a third punch. The others felt like a car had hit him. It suddenly felt like he wasn't fighting Gibbs anymore. It was just another fighter. He went straight at the ribs and pushed Gibbs against the pylon but was maneuvered around. "I don't blame you for holding me responsible for that," Tony managed to say before getting slammed to the ground.

"That's for lying to me about running undercover ops," Gibbs lifted Tony to his feet. Tony felt blood coming out of his lip and nose.

Tony kicked at the kneecap and pushed his boss up against the wall again before driving his fist into Gibbs' face. "You acted like you weren't there when I needed you most. I know I was responsible," Tony said.

Gibbs hit Tony in the diaphragm muscle and Tony fell to the ground gasping for air. The people's chants seem to fade in and out but there was no way in hell he wanted to quit. He used one hand to climb to his feet. "Did I say stop or pass out or tapped out?" Tony asked as he spat out some of the blood that had been gathering up in his mouth.

"DiNozzo," Gibbs almost sighed. Hell if he wanted to be punished this way. Then he'd do it. If this what he really wanted. Gibbs shoved him backwards with such force was that he almost fell over. The spectators had cleared a path for them so Gibbs was able to shove Tony against the wall. Tony didn't seem to be fighting at all. "You want it this way?" Gibbs asked dangerously. The predator had his prey up against the wall. Safety was no longer a concern. All the stupid things DiNozzo had ever done was fuelling his fire. All the times Tony had been so flippant about his personal health and safety. Of all the times he questioned whether Gibbs cared for him it finally came to this. Gibbs laid into him. Caution for his Senior Field Agent was out the window.

Tony slipped down to the ground, barely conscious. Gibbs watched him go down and prayed that was where he would stay. Tony tried to draw in deep breaths to get the oxygen through his body. "Stop," he managed to say. Tony's body screamed at him to stop.

Donavon helped the younger man to his feet. "Now can we go?" Gibbs asked with a sarcastic undertone.

"You're free to go now," Donavon said as he pointed to the door. "You know I really hope you will come back Agent Gibbs. You're really a good fighter," he said with a slight grin.

Gibbs turned to face the man after making sure Tony was steady on his feet. "You know we know where you are," Gibbs warned.

"Agent Gibbs… We're the people you depend on… We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive the ambulances, we guard you while you sleep… Do not fuck with us," Donavon said still grinning.

"Are you threatening a federal agent?" Gibbs asked as he grabbed the piles of clothes and shoes.

"Not at all… I'm just quoting Fight Club movie Agent Gibbs," he responded.


"You look like you've gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson my dear boy," Ducky said as he cleaned up Tony's face a bit. There was the usual round of concussion test questions. "So what happened Anthony?" Ducky asked.

"He fell down," Gibbs answered. He was relieved once Tony's breathing had returned to normal. The flat answer made Ducky face him. "Is he alright?" Gibbs asked.

"There appears to be no major injury from this fall," Ducky said.

"Can we have a moment alone Duck?" Gibbs asked and waited for the ME to leave autopsy. "Well?" Gibbs looked at Tony. "You want to tell me why the hell you're going all rebel on me for?"

"I know you hate me for everything Boss… And I don't blame you," Tony stood up and waited for Gibbs to say something. "I know I screwed up over the last year or so and that got Director Sheppard killed," Tony bowed his head down. "I needed you Boss but you just turned your back," he said.

"Is that what you thought DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked with a shocked tone. "I was giving you some space and not having a go at you because you were doing enough tearing yourself apart without me adding to it," he told him. "I was angry at first but listen to what I'm about to say… None of it was your fault," he said flatly.

"I wish I could believe that Boss," Tony responded.

"In time you will DiNozzo. But I swear if you ever go off the rails like that again you'd wish you worked somewhere else… You got that?"

"About what you said Boss," Tony said uncomfortably.

"I was angry… I think we both needed to let off some steam," Gibbs responded.

"Boss. You know I really want to thank you for not backing down in the fight," Tony said.

Gibbs slapped him at the back of the head. "Just don't forget that you belong here on my team," he said.

"Thanks Boss," Tony said with a smile as they left autopsy. He was smiling because of another thought running through his mind.

I am Jack's sense of belonging.

A/N: Hoped you enjoyed the little ride. Now for those who don't understand the last line. In the movie Fight Club... the two main characters found a book in an old house that had poems written in the third person about Jack's organs and that. ANd occasionally through the movie, they say things like I am Jack's...