summary ;; their story is one of hands clasped and hearts pounding and endings so fast it makes your lungs ache.

a / n ;; just a little something to chip away at the wall of nothing that I've been slowly building up.



Their story is one of hands clasped and hearts pounding, pages filled with four-letter promises pulled into orbit by the gravity of their eyes locked together. They're young and chic and in love like you wouldn't believe, couldn't believe.

They could write fairytales and trashy romance novels on them--

--or Shakespearean tragedies.

The sort that end with a spine-cracking fall. And suddenly it's just Eri standing alone, fingers corpse cold and curled around nothing but air, pages wadded up in trash bins, and the universe is spinning out of control because the gravity of them is



Their story is one of waking up with an asphalt hangover, pressing fingers to their eyes and not knowing how long they've been shut. It's one of incoming text messages, all out sprints, and not being able to get the sound of static out of their ears.

It's not love because their hearts aren't beating. But the hollowness behind their bleached white ribs is less complete when his fingertips scrape her cheek in a caress of sorts, but it's all too fleeting and their feet pound the pavement in tandem with the ticking down of the secondhand.

She feels like she's breaking a promise, but in Eri's skin it's easy to revel in the shallowness of the moment.

But one day they wake up with the pop of gunfire in their ears and



Their story is of a fortnight and a half gone and back again, of lives picked up where they ended.

Eri's left gasping on the doorstep because there's grave dirt caked to the bottoms of her shoes, yet here's Shiki alive and well and glasses pushed clumsily up the bridge of her nose.

Days that didn't happen race across her eyelids and disappear. And, for the first time, her gaze falls on the boy beside her, headphones blaring j-rock and techno with the careless casualness of close friends.

"This is Neku," and she knows and nods and steps aside.