A/N: I have this faint idea in my head. I don't know how it will turn out, because I am writing this as I go along. So we'll both see!


Once upon a time, a girl met a boy

Upon first glance, the boy looked so livid

What had she done to annoy

Him? The memory was so vivid

She demanded the reason

As to why he exhibited such hate

The boy was considering treason

But it would hurt, she was his soul mate

He warned that he wasn't good

The girl chose to ignore

It, choosing not to do what she should

The boy was sure she would abhor

Him, when she found out what he was

She got help from a friend

The truth was revealed, but she does

Not stay away, she cannot bear it to end

She fell into his world of unreal

Of monsters and myths, of vampires

It was an adventure so surreal

She was an object of his utmost desire

As the boy had told the girl before

His family was different from others of his kind

A coven showed up and it was all out war

His family tried to make her hard to find

The tracker found the girl and led her to her mother's

But at an old ballet studio she was found

By her love and his brothers

She was screaming in pain, lying on the ground

They found out he had bitten her

The venom was racing, burning on the inside

The girl's vision began to blur

She heard an angel and believed she had died

But in a hospital she awoke

Her love told her she should go with her mom

The girl felt as if she were going to choke

She told him that it was he she couldn't stay away from

And so the boy stayed

He surprised her by taking her to prom

The time hadn't come to where he had to bade

Her farewell, for now all was calm

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