Title - End Game

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - anyone you recognize isn't mine.

E/O Challenge word - broken

AN - season 4, death!fic. I've been playing with this idea a bit. Might be able to make something longer of it one day.


Castiel stares down at the body before him.

Green Eyes stare back.

Careful of blood and grime, he closes those Eyes.

A keen reverberates through air and minds.

Horror, grief, loss, pain, rage.

It morphs into a scream.

Joy, elation, triumph.

The final Seal is Broken.

Dean Winchester is Broken.

A Seal cleverly hidden in Human Form.

Lucifer Rises as Sam Falls within himself, his anchor torn away.

Castiel watches the End, the body of their Salvation at his feet.

-= end =-