Moving On

Chapter 1

When Harry should have been at Hogwarts he was going through intense training. Only a few people Dumbledore trusted was with him, Harry was stuck with them. He had tried to get away from them to no avail. The house was protected heavier than Gringotts and Hogwarts put together. It only led up to even worse curses put on him for longer for his troubles. The only people that came into contact with him was Shacklebolt, Moody two he hadn't known before Knott and Hillson they were brutal. Instead of dating anyone he was being cursed left right and centre they kept telling him 'it was to keep him strong for what was to come'.

Cruciatus after Cruciatus was aimed at him, they all knew Voldemort's favourite curse. Eventually he could stand up while the curse was cast on him, of course they just moved onto other curses after that. They didn't stop using the spells until I got the proper sheild up for it, so they would just hit him again and again. The only curse Harry they hadn't had put on him was the killing curse, obviously too scared too.

Meanwhile the world around him changed, there was only three Weasley's left, Fred George and Ron. Harry would have gone mental if he knew, as far as Ron was concerned Harry had abandoned them, until he heard people talking. Then he knew his friend was in training, as the time went by he realised the Headmaster as keeping things from them. War had changed Ronald Weasley he was no longer the Quidditch immature boy he had been.

Sirius and Remus were sent on the most dangerous missions that involved going underground they didnt know anything about their favourite godson. If they had no doubt they would have been back up in a flash undercover be damned. They wouldnt hear about it until it was over. Harry didnt know his godfather survived, the messages Sirius and Remus had sent him didnt reach him, Dumbledore took them and burnt them. He hadnt wanted his tool knowing that his godfather was back it would blow his plans.

As for Hermione, she had lost her parents and had been very lucky to escape with her own life. Everything was going down hill, they were loosing the war, only Dumbledore never seemed to give up hope. Neville and Luna had gotten together, but they had both lost what was part of their family, Luna her dad. Neville his grandmother. St. Mungo's had been raided and Nevilles mother and father were finally given peace at last, the killing curses had been cast on them. No one knew that it was Lucius Malfoy that had given them a painless death.

If Shacklebolt hadn't lost his wife that night Ron and Hermione were at Hogwarts - they would never have known their friend was alive.

He had disappeared after getting on the train at Hogwarts all letters returned unopened. It had broken Ron and Hermione more than anyone realised. They had done everything together and now…one of their own abandoned them.

"Get that Potter brat out to fight now!" snarled Shacklebolt grief did strange things to people he was taking it out on Dumbledore.

"Calm down, I'm sorry but he isn't ready, we let him go now he will run you know this we have to break him" snapped Dumbledore.

"This is insane!" snarled Shacklebolt "He's ready! Get him out there! I want my wife avenged!"

"She will be, just a few more months then we will get him to kill Voldemort, be extra hard on him…but remember no killing curse if he survives I want it cast then" said Dumbledore his voice cold and hard.

Ron was about to gasp, Hermione held her hand over his mouth muffling it so they were not discovered.


"We need to tell someone!" whispered Hermione her brown eyes full of fear.

"Who can we tell?" asked Ron looking back just as fearful.

"I don't know," sobbed Hermione, she had no one to talk to her family was gone.

"What about Snape?" asked Ron.

"Huh" was all Hermione could say, she was completely stunned.

"Dumbledore is ruining Snape's chance of being free from Voldemort, if we play our cards right he might help" said Ron a strategy already working away around his head.

"You really are a Slytherin" said Hermione shaking her head but the idea had merits.

"But we have to be sure, because if Snape is on Dumbledore's side we will be oblivated as soon as" said Hermione.

"Don't worry, conjure up a bottle pour the memories into them and set them in your drawer with instructions to yourself to view them" said Ron his face cold and hard.

"Then lets do it" said Hermione she had nothing to loose. Hogwarts students were dwindling and families were dying. Everything she once knew was gone, if she had Ron and Harry perhaps it wouldn't ache so bad.

They did what they needed to do, strengthened their Occlumancy barriers and walked towards Snape's quarters.

They knocked, groaning they walked away obviously Snape wasn't in.

Two steps later a voice said 'In'

"Sir" said Hermione acknowledging him, she never said more than she had to, it had freaked the teachers out, her hand no longer rose at every question asked. Her essays were just what was needed and no longer. She hardly smiled and she had changed. it had taken her too long to realise it was a real war out there and that her friend was a part of it. She had failed him once she wouldn't do that again.

"Granger, Weasley what can I do for you" he was in no mood for company.

"Do you want Voldemort gone?" asked Ron.

Snape sat there stunned at the question.

"Would you go to any lengths to make sure he died" clarified Ron, his face giving nothing away.

Ron too had changed, his whole family had died, and his little sister Ginny had joined Voldemort. Only Fred and George remained, they hadn't been the same either.

The caretaker had died in an attempt to stop Death Eaters entering the school, a brave foolish move. However, the sixth and seventh years as well as the Teachers defended Hogwarts and the Death Eaters were either dead in a pit or in Azkaban.

However, Voldemort's armies just kept on rising, Vampires, Trolls, Giants, some Dementors anything evil. However, the Werewolves stayed out of it joining neither light nor dark.

"Why would you ask such a thing?" snapped Severus.

"Because Harry's being held hostage" said Hermione.

"What?" yelped Severus taken aback looking shocked.

"We need help," said Ron "Obviously" he had become quite the sarcastic bugger.

"Or we wouldn't be here" finished Hermione what Ron wanted to say.

"Just say for instance I belived your obscured notion how would you prove this?" asked Severus.

"You have a pensive, we will show you the memory" said Hermione, her wand out at the ready.

Narrowing his eyes, he realised they must be telling the truth, the last he had heard Potter was being trained, the Headmaster had told him this much. Of course swearing him to an oath so he couldn't speak about it. Suspecting he didn't want him to tell Voldemort but now getting out of the pensive it was because he didn't want the light side to know he was alive.

Alive that's it, if Dumbledore really was doing what it implied Potter was probably past help.

"Will you help us?" asked Ron his irritation showing just slightly over his perfected mask.

"I will," said Severus smoothly. "I will call some people and look into it"

"Fine," said Ron.

"Do not try anything, just get on with your day, I will follow them if he even suspects you know I wont be able to protect you" said Severus his eyes completely onyx.

"We will wait three weeks, then WE get involved" said Ron, that was graduation day, the day they finally left Hogwarts for the last time. Hundreds of more pupils were supposed to be attending now there were hardly any the classes were shockingly empty.

Severus acknowledged it with a nod before going back to his 'grading' which was becoming quite tiresome. He was fed up with living here, he couldn't wait until Voldemort was killed and he couldn't be tortured through the mark until I go insane.

If he left it would just be like signing his own death warrant, which was why he was still spying. Thankfully Voldemort didn't know Severus was a vampire, the other vampires didn't even know. Thanks to Severus cloaking himself, he wasn't the only one, Lucius Malfoy did as well. They were both spies but Lucius never entered Hogwarts unless it was to cause mayhem - second year getting the headmaster suspended.

Here we go my first twilight cross over phew never thought i'd get it out of my head. will harry survive? or die before he meets his soul mate. will he be turned? by someone or Edward? if you vote that he survives of course! R&R please.