Moving On

Chapter 46

Eighty Years Later

Both families had 'moved on' now they had reached an age where the Muggles were getting suspicious. Eighty years they had stayed in Forks Washington. Now they were in Scotland as far away from the United States of America as possible. Esme and Carlisle had been happy with only two children, Hadrian and Alyssa Cullen. Rosalie and Emmett had three children, Jasmine Esme Cullen, Sara Rosalie Cullen and a boy Carlisle Jasper Cullen. Alice and Jasper only had one child a little girl much to Alice's delight of course she had seen 'her' before she was born. They had named her Angel Luna Cullen, and that's what she was to her parents - their little angel.

Harry and Edward Cullen, Harry had taken his name after they married when they found out he was pregnant. Edward had wanted them married before the child came; he had wanted at least to uphold that one part of himself and his past. Harry had carried four children, two boys and two girls. Severus Edward Cullen, Elizabeth (preferred to be known as Lizzie) Lily Cullen, her sister Cassie Alisha Cullen and their last son Masen Harry Cullen. You could of course tell which ones Edward had named.

Hermione and Ron had three children, William Arthur Weasley, Charlie Harrison Weasley and a girl they named Emma Molly Weasley after both their parents. It really showed how much Ron missed his family when he named his children after them.

Neville and Luna had two children a boy and girl - twins. The boy they named Troy Frank Longbottom, the girl they named Athena Alice Longbottom. After Neville's parents who he never got to know, Luna had been lucky she had some memories of her mother and lots of her father. Luna wouldn't wish her fathers name on any child so she had allowed Neville's father to be named as her son's middle name.

Draco had only wanted one child to continue the Malfoy name, unfortunately the woman had borne a daughter Marissa Malfoy, so they had to have another finally Draco had the boy he wanted to continue the Malfoy name. He was named Lucian Draconis Malfoy and every bit his fathers son. Unfortunately Draco had been unfaithful and lost his wife whom he had gone to Hogwarts with Daphne Greengrass. She had since changed her name back and taken the little girl and changed her name. Marissa Greengrass hardly ever saw her father, her mother having poisoned her against her father. Daphne had been dead seven years now, they had found out upon coming back to the United Kingdom.

Fred had fallen in love with a Muggle girl named Daisy; she had got caught up in a car accident. She was far too gone to change; even with magic it just wasn't possible. The only thing Carlisle had been able to do was save the child - which he didn't hesitate to do. Fred had been devastated; the pregnancy had taken them both by surprise they had planned on changing her afterwards. Starting a whole new life together but it hadn't been possible. Thankfully with a daughter to look after and a big family he had pulled through and began living his life for the woman he loved. He had named his little girl after the mother she'd never know.

George had loved a vampire, who later they had realized was a Volturi member. Luna and Alice's vision hadn't picked it up until it was almost too late. They had seen her fleeing with baby Percy, to the Volturi of all places and telling them everything. Thankfully she had been so far 'undercover' she hadn't seen any Vampires of the Volturi and they didn't know. She had been quickly killed before she could report what she knew. If she had the Volturi would have killed every member of the Cullen and Potter clan and kept only Harry alive so the Volturi could create a whole new 'super' vampire race. In the vision Harry had fought them for as long as he could, eventually worn down and broken he had done what they wanted. Edward had wanted to go and kill Jane there and then despite the fact they had dealt with the threat. Harry had to calm him down and fast! Or them killing that guard would be for nothing and they would find out anyway. Every one of them knew Aro's gift, he would be able to see everything.

Needless to say after that they had been very careful not to bump into any other vampire they saw. Now though with the children all fully grown they didn't have to worry about such a thing.

So needless to say there was a lot of Cullen and Weasley's going around. They surprising or unsurprisingly were all magical. Every single children the Cullen's, Weasley's, Longbottom's and of course Malfoy's had borne were magical. They had attended Hogwarts under the guise of a 'gifted school' for children. They had no idea that Severus, Cassie, Masen and Lizzie Cullen were in fact the famous Harry James Potter 'the boy who lived's' children.

They had all stopped aging around seventeen years old, the same as Draco had done.

Severus, Cassie, Masen, Lizzie, Hadrian, Alyssa, Angel, Percy, Daisy, Troy, Athena, William, Charlie, Emma, Jasmine, Sara, Carlisle had all married and had husbands and wives of their own. To say they had left a lot when they moved from Forks was putting it mildly. They had left their jobs, their homes, their long life friends - so different from how the original Cullen clan felt about moving. Then again Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice hadn't become close to anyone until their lives changed irrevocably by the arrival of what they liked to call the Potter clan even to this day.

So it was they all became different ages once more, beginning life anew. The children moved back in with their 'parents' along with their significant others. Of course they had to say they were adopted in Edward and Harry's case, nobody could know the children were theirs biologically. Nobody was more relieved than Jasper when it was decided they weren't going to repeat high school again. It would just be too damn awkward for all concerned to be attending school with their children, parents, wife's, husbands, aunt's and uncles. So Harry, Edward, Hermione, Ron Rosalie, Emmett, Luna, Neville, Fred, George, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper and Alice were all pretending to be from thirty to thirty five the youngest they could be with grown up children. The children themselves were pretending to be from sixteen to eighteen years old along with their partners. Staying with their parents a few years before they would house hunt for themselves. Then the fun would start all over again.

Life had been odd at first, not living under the same roof with his entire coven. However, Esme and Carlisle had adjusted and brought his two children up. It had been Harry and Edward who had moved in together first, after they had married. It hadn't taken the others to split up and buy their own places, settle down, marry and find work. After their career had been in full spring they had all had children. There the children had found the ones for them, sixty years on here they were.

Needless to say the children didn't like Moving On very much.

The End.

But is it ever for a family of vampires?

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