The word was half mumbled into his desk phone, his mind on other things. Like the murder of seven men in the span of six weeks.

"Aaron Christopher Hotchner!"

Hotch flinched. Haley. God, she sounded like his mother when she did that. "Yes, Haley?"

"Where on God's green earth did your son learn to say shit?"

Hotch's head shot up. "He swore?"

"He is five years old, Aaron, where on earth did he learn to say words like that? It most certainly wasn't at pre-school."

Hotch closed his eyes racking his brain for where Jack could have learned a word like 'shit'. "Can I talk to him?"

There was shuffling, then Jack's little voice. "Hiya Daddy!"

"Hi Buddy," Hotch said his voice unconsciously softening. He adored his little boy. "Mommy says you said a bad word."

He could almost see Jack bite his lip. "It just came out."

"I'm not mad," he hastened to reassure his son. There was no way Jack was going to tell him anything if he thought his dad was mad at him. "I just want to know where you learned it."

"From you."

Hotch's entire body froze and he felt his eyes flutter shut. He'd said it a few times, mostly accidentally, but he hadn't known Jack was listening that carefully. Or listening at all for that matter. It was a sad slip of the job. Sometimes things were that bad. He was suddenly simply glad Jack hadn't chosen a harsher word to use in front of his mother.

"Jack, you can't use words like that, okay?"

"But you do!"

"And I shouldn't," Hotch replied sternly. He wasn't sure he was going to swear ever again. He'd taught his son bad words? What kind of father was he? "I need you to promise me you won't say words like that again, okay?"

"But Daddy! I want to be just like you!"

His heart was melting. Crap. "Then you can say those words when you look just like me, but right now, John Bradshaw, you do not use those words, hear me?"

"Yes Daddy."

Hotch found himself smiling at the absolutely dejected tone of his voice. "That's my boy. Make sure you apologize to Mommy, okay?"

"Okay. Love you Daddy."

"I love you too, Buddy."

I have a little series of these. So they're going to be a bunch of mini-oneshots. Which is why I don't feel anywhere close to terrible about how short this is. I decided instead of putting them all up at once, I'd do it in little pieces.

They're all actually based on the song "Watching You" by Rodney Atkins. It's the cutest song in the world.