Title: Secret Messages
Author: Sapphire Smoke
Fandom: M
Pairing: Parker/Sophie
Timeline: After 'The Juror #6 Job' and before 'The First David Job'
Summary: Sophie has a secret admirer, but how is she going to feel when she realizes her secret admirer is being admired by someone else?
Feedback: Give it to me, baby ;]

The Anonymous IM

It was one in the morning when Sophie Devereaux opened the door to her loft apartment and tumbled in the door. She wasn't intoxicated, she wasn't hurt; she was just exhausted. Her and the team had just finished pulling off a con that was quite a bitch to finish, and with all the stress it entailed Sophie was just ready to sit back and relax with a cup of tea and possibly a Marilyn Monroe movie.

She placed her purse on the table near the door and hung her keys by the side of the door. Turning and making sure the door was locked, she kicked off her shoes and took a deep inhale of breath. She flipped the light switch and made her way into the kitchen to fill the kettle with water. Rolling her neck and hearing a slight crack, Sophie closed her eyes and tried to imagine the stress just melting away. Unfortunately, her mind over matter techniques rarely work.

Sighing, she put the kettle on the stove and ignited the burner. Her feet then carried her to her living room where she fell less than gracefully onto her couch, grabbed her remote and turned the television on.

She flipped through the channels idly, wondering why nothing good ever seemed to be on at one in the morning. She was about to give up and force herself back up to go put in a movie when her computer made a chime noise across the living room. Furrowing her eyebrows, Sophie rose and went over to check the source of the interruption. She sat down in her computer chair and peered at the screen, seeing a little grey box appear.

[ Sophie? ]

It was an instant message, used through her email service. The email of the other person was unrecognized, barely anything more than just numbers and random letters. Sophie cocked her head in curiosity and placed her fingers on the keyboard, typing, "Who wants to know?"

[ Someone who's trying to talk to her. ]

Well, that didn't help any. Also, it was slightly creepy that the person wouldn't give her their name. Sophie looked back at her door, double-checking that it was locked. It was. Hesitantly she replied back, "Well this is her, who is this?"

[ I can't tell you. ]

The creepiness continues. "Why?" Sophie asked, and started drumming her fingers on her desk, getting a little nervous. Did she have a stalker? That was the last thing she needed tonight.

[ I don't want you to know. You'll laugh. ]

This was getting weirder by the minute. The kettle started to whistle, signaling the water being done. However Sophie didn't get up, she really wanted to know who it was. "Why do you think I would laugh?" she asked the mystery person.

[ Because I think I'm in love with you, and if you know who I am you'll think it's funny or something. ]

Sophie blinked and reread that last message. Nope, it did say what she thought it said. Was this some sort of joke? It made no sense what so ever. Sophie didn't have many friends, and also didn't know anyone else outside of the Leverage team that actually knew who she really was. So was it one of them? But that was ridiculous; none of them could be in love with her. Nate would be the most likely candidate, but his head was rammed so far up his own butt lately and plus, telling her over an anonymous instant message didn't seem his style. So then who was it?

"You're… in love with me?" Sophie typed. "Is this a joke?" The kettle was whistling quite obnoxiously now, and Sophie sighed and got up to go take it off of the burner. When she poured herself a cup of tea she returned, only to find this message and that the user had now signed off.

[ No. I think I am. That's just what I wanted to tell you and I did, so I'm going to go now. ]

Sophie let out a frustrated sigh and sat back in her chair. She can't believe whoever it was just sent that and signed off, just like that. What were they trying to do to her? Keep her up all night, entertaining the few possibilities in her head? Because that's exactly what she was going to do, and she knows it. You can't give Sophie a piece of the puzzle and expect her to not try to figure out where it fits.

She highlighted the email address on her screen and copied it. Pressing the 'compose' button, she pasted the email address in her recipient bar and started to type and email, just needing to talk to this person some more.

"Whoever you are,

If I'm going to be honest, I'd have to say that it upset me a little that you just left after telling me something like that. Do you expect me to just let it go? If you do, then you don't know me very well at all. I don't understand why you won't tell me who you are, though I'm sure you know you're only one of four possible people, maybe three because one of them I don't think would ever do something like this. Will you at least give me some sort of idea of who you are? Just a clue, please. I don't know why, but this entire thing intrigues me quite a bit. I've never had a 'secret admirer', and it sparks my curiosity. So please… just give me a little bit of an idea. I hope to hear from you again.

-Sophie D."

She hit send and stared at her computer screen for a bit. She takes a sip of her tea and contemplates the possibilities. Hardison is the computer person, he could easily find out her email and change is own, but then again, anyone could have asked Hardison how to do that. Eliot was tough, but Sophie had a sneaking suspicion he was a romantic at heart. However the way Eliot looks at her made it seem like he barely tolerates her, so she doubted it was him. Parker was… well no one knows exactly what Parker is, and she never shows much in the way of any kind of emotion to be sure either.

So who was it?

Sophie slightly hoped it was Nate, but she highly doubted that possibility either. Nate's only love right now is at the bottom of each liquor bottle, and he's desperately trying to reach it every day. He's gotten to the point of barely being tolerable himself, and truth be told he's probably wasted and passed out right now. Probably since his feet entered his house.

No one seemed likely at all, come to think of it. But then again, no one else even knows her name is Sophie, she always lies and tells people it's something else. Hell, even Sophie isn't her real name, but it's what the Leverage team knows her by because that is how she introduced herself to Nate so many years back.

Sophie was about to give up when her email alert popped up, with the address from her mystery person as the sender. Double clicking on it, she opened it up and read it:


You're really beautiful. The prettiest girl I've ever seen. Please don't stay up all night thinking about it. I know you'll get mad if you wake up and have dark circles because you couldn't sleep. I just wanted to tell you, just so you know. I know you don't like me that way, but I like you that way. Please go to sleep; you know how Nate yells when we come in late because we don't go to bed until really late.

-The secret admirer"

Well, it wasn't Nate, that was a start. Sophie reread the email a couple times, finding it odd in just the manner it was written. It wasn't fluid thoughts; more like sporadic random placements of sentences, plus the word 'the' in front of secret admirer instead of 'your'. Sophie blinked for a minute, suddenly having a better idea of who it might be.


But that was ridiculous, wasn't it? How could Parker possibly be in love with her? Didn't Parker like men, anyway? Then again, Sophie wasn't sure. Parker never really talked about herself much to figure out really anything about her. The only thing Sophie knew for sure was that she grew up in the foster system, but other than that… nothing.

But on the flip side, someone could just be writing that way to make it seem like it was Parker when really it isn't. Sophie rubbed her temples; she was getting herself confused. Deciding to deal with the whole thing tomorrow because in all honesty, the person was right about the Nate thing, she turned off her computer and climbed into bed, hoping tomorrow everything would make just a little bit more sense.