Loose Ends

Over the next two weeks, Parker seemed to be acting a bit strange. At first Sophie thought it was just because she's Parker and she's always acting a bit off, but if there was one thing Sophie was good at it was noticing when someone was hiding something. She knew she wasn't cheating on her or anything, she was pretty much always with Sophie and she never came back with that guilty look that she had after she had her one-nighter with Peggy. But Sophie couldn't figure out for the life of her what it was, and it was starting to bother her. Not just that she couldn't figure it out, but because that since Parker was hiding it, it had to be bad.

So she did the only thing she knew how to do: she spied on her.

Maybe it was wrong, maybe she should have just trusted Parker and let it go, but she loved her… and she didn't want to be in love with someone she didn't really know.

Well, it made sense in her head at least.

So that's why she was in Hardison's house, staring at him expectantly, waiting for his answer.

"You're kidding, right?" he asked her.

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" Sophie responded, but then revised so she sounded less bitchy. She looked down and sighed, shrugging a bit, trying to play it up just a bit. "Look I…" she scuffed her shoe on the floor and then looked back up at him. "I'm just scared something bad is going on… maybe she's in trouble, you know?"

Sophie didn't think Parker was in trouble. But that didn't matter; what mattered was getting what she wanted. Just clearing everything up.

Hardison looked at her like he wasn't sure if he should trust her, which he probably shouldn't, but she gave him a pleading look and he sighed. "Fine, but if Parker finds out, you forced me at gunpoint."

"Deal," Sophie said.

Hardison sighed again and muttered, "Can't believe I'm gonna do this…" under his breath before he sat down on his computer. Sophie sat next to him and watched as he fired up his programs.

"How late do you want to go back to?" he asked her.

"Just like… three weeks," Sophie responded and watched as he typed a bunch of stuff in. There was a bunch of screens and a lot of numbers that looked like code for awhile before suddenly there they were.

"There you go," Hardison said. "Parker's call records and text messages from the last three weeks." He shook his head before getting up. "And I'm leaving because I don't want to know, and most definitely don't want to be involved anymore than I already am."

"Thanks, Hardison," Sophie replied as she started to scan them over as he left. He muttered something that sounded an awful like 'don't thank me', before leaving, making her feel a bit bad.

She was spying on her girlfriend. And sure, she could make it valid in her head by saying she was worried she was in trouble or something… but that would be a lie, and lies don't work all that well in your own head. She didn't know what it was, just knew it would be bad. So then why is she even looking for it? Why was she bloody cursed with curiosity? Can't she just let it go and be happy?

Nope. That would be too easy, wouldn't it?

God, a lot of text messages from Peggy. Parker said she hadn't talked to her since they got back together, and she believed her. She told Parker she didn't want her to lose her friend, but Parker explained to her that she didn't want her to not trust her.

Look how well that plan worked out.

But Parker was true to her word: a lot from Peggy, none to. A lot of missed calls as well. Sophie only debated a half a minute before starting to read the text messages Peggy was sending. Damn curiosity.

"Alice please call me."

"What's going on? I thought you said you two broke up."

"Are you angry with me? I thought we had a nice time together…"

And then there was one that made Sophie blink a couple times and reread it just to make sure she read it correctly.

"Why did you have sex with me again if you were gonna do this? I thought things were done with her. What the hell, Ali!"

Why did she have sex with her? AGAIN? And… Ali? Seriously? Her name's not even Alice, you stupid slut, so stop shortening it.

Sophie blinked, reading the text again. Nope, it really said again. Again. She didn't realize how much she hated that word until just now.


This is why Parker had been acting weird, why she looked a bit weird when Sophie said they never broke up. She had cheated; she had actually cheated on her. Oh my god.

Should she break up with her over it? She should, right? She should break up with Parker because she cheated on her. That's what the normal response is, right?

Maybe she didn't know she was cheating, but she still did. And that's the point, isn't it?

Wait, there was a text message to Peggy… from today. Sophie clicked on it and read:

"Meet me at my house around two, okay? We'll talk."

"Fuck," Sophie said before getting up quickly, the seat pushing back so far it falls over. Hardison came back into the room, hearing the crash. She looked at her watch, it was nearing two.

"What's up?" he asked her, noticing her demeanor. She was looking like she wasn't sure what she was supposed to do.

"I gotta go," she said, before leaving the apartment. He tried to call after her, but she didn't answer. She just walked out, walked out of the building, and out into the street where she got into her car.

Sophie took a breath and tried to calm down. She had to calm down. It was okay, it was, right? Parker didn't know, so she can't blame her for it… can't break up with her for it. And she's wasn't talking to her anymore… until now, though. She invited Peggy over her house. And that… god she kind of just wanted to go over there and slap the woman.

It wasn't like she didn't trust Parker – she did – she just didn't trust Peggy. Parker was impulsive and reckless by nature, and having this woman come over didn't seem like it would be such a great idea in the long run. Peggy wanted her, that was clear. Sophie also doubted she would just sit down and take the fact that Parker was now with her again willingly. She was bound to try something.

So that's why she was now outside of Parker's apartment, knocking on the door. Deciding against breaking up, though she was still a bit angry. Instead she decided on trusting her and seeing where it'll lead.

When Parker opened it Sophie peered inside, expecting to see Peggy… but didn't. She looked down at her watch again, it was only two fifteen.

"Hi Sophie," Parker greeted her, smiling and with a light kiss on the lips. But Parker looked nervous, though obviously was trying to hide it. That didn't make Sophie feel any better. "What are you doing here?"

"Thought I'd come over for a bit, you don't mind do you?" Sophie asked her, trying to gage her reaction.

"What? No. No, why would I mind?" Parker asked, and Sophie inwardly groaned. Parker's trying to hide Peggy. Damnit.

Normally when faced with this kind of situation Sophie would demand to know where she is and possibly hit the other woman while blaming Parker for hiding her, but she thought better of it this time. Parker was probably just scared of how she would react if she found Peggy, which of course could lead her to possibly jump to bad conclusions. But Sophie was pretty sure she knew what was going on, so she didn't penalize her for it. She did know she could be a bit of a psycho every now and then.

Sophie just gave her a knowing look before walking into her apartment. She looked around and when she didn't see anyone, headed to the bathroom.

The door was locked.

"Parker," Sophie started, turning to face her. "Why's you're bathroom locked?"


"Parker," Sophie repeated her name again, this time firmer. She just wanted her to tell her the truth.

Parker looked positively terrified. "Please don't be mad, Sophie? Okay? I just wanted to talk to her to tell her I'm still dating you."

Sophie turned from her and banged her fist once hard on the door. "Peggy, get out here."

The bathroom lock clicked as it unlocked and the door opened slowly to reveal Peggy, who looked halfway between scared and attempting to look intimidating. Sophie just gave her one look and said simply, "Get out."

She didn't want to fight. Well, she did actually but she didn't think that would be very good for Parker. But instead of leaving Peggy crossed her arms over her chest and said just as simply, "No."

"Guys, please don't fight," Parker said, worrying at the possibilities. Like she should.

Sophie cocked an eyebrow at her and took a step forward, making Peggy take a step back. "Excuse me?" she asked. "Did you have a problem hearing what I said? Get out of my girlfriend's house."

"No, she has yet to explain to me why she fucked me and then ignored me after she told me you two broke up," Peggy responded, looking angry now. She turned to Parker. "And why did she calling you Parker, Alice?"

"Sophie!" Parker exclaimed, terrified she was going to get furious by finding that out. She didn't even address Peggy, finding this matter more pressing. "I thought we were broken up, I didn't mean to—"

But Sophie didn't let her finish, all she did was look at Peggy and say, "It was a mistake, obviously. Now I'm sorry if you still have feelings for her but she's mine. It's that simple, so can you please just go? Now," she stressed. "Or I'll make you go, either one."

Not that Sophie could take her, or much of anyone really. The only thing that ever made her intimidating was when she had a gun pointed in someone's face, but Peggy seemed to understand what she was saying. Parker however, looked positively dumb stuck that Sophie didn't kill her.

Peggy looked at Parker and just shook her head at her. "I thought you were different," was all she said before she walked out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her. Sophie was sure she could faintly hear crying.

"Sophie?" Parker asked, like she didn't know if she should even say her name.

Sophie finally turned and looked at her and let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding. "Why didn't you tell me?" she asked her.

Parker looked down at her feet. "I just… I was afraid. I didn't want to lose you." She looked up at her. "I'm sorry… again."

Again. Sophie hated that word.

But she did love Parker.

"Stop trying to hide stuff from me, okay? Just be honest. Otherwise no, we're not going to make it as a couple. Alright?" Sophie told her, looking at her seriously. "I did think about breaking up with you… wanted to for a bit. But I… I know you didn't mean to fuck it up this time so I'm just going to let it go, okay? Never happened."

Parker just nodded mutely; stunned that Sophie would even say that. Sophie gave her a small smile and came over to her, wrapping her arms around her girl. She kissed her on the forehead and decided to tell the truth to her too, "And I'm sorry… but I had Hardison hack into your phone."

Sophie expected Parker to be mad, but instead she just giggled. "I know, Hardison already texted me apologizing. Said you did it at gunpoint."

Sophie stepped back and looked at her in disbelief.

God, that boy has no backbone.