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Summary: A few months after the final battle Fleur's Veela magic choose Harry as her mate. It doesn't quite stop there though, as Hermione is about to find out. H/Hr/F, Full three way relationship.

Very large helpings of fluf and/or mush. Be warned

Chapter 1

Hermione sat down on the small bench. Situated in a secluded area of the Delacour gardens it gave her a respite from the festivities and a chance to think things over. With everything that had been going on of late she welcomed the opportunity. It had been one thing after the next. Honestly though, when had it ever been different for her best friend Harry Potter?

For a while everything had moved in different direction. Right after the defeat of Voldemort Harry and Ginny Weasley had gotten back together. They seemed well on their way to their happily ever after when once again fate stepped in to throw Potter's life up side down.

This time in the form of Fleur Delacour - Weasley's Veela heritage. It threw a bomb on Harry's relationship as well as on Fleur's marriage to Ginny's brother Bill.

Fleur's full Veela powers, which had been assumed to be dormant had awakened and her magic had chosen Harry Potter as her true mate. From that moment on there was no-one but Harry with whom the French woman could be happy. In fact her sanity if not her life depended on Harry's magic accepting the magical bond that was trust upon it. Fortunately for Fleur his magic bonded with hers almost immediately and their union was a fact.

Unfortunately for Bill and Ginny this meant the end for their respective relationships.

Even though the Weasley's understood it all happened because of biological imperatives they had been upset, hurt and angry. Hermione couldn't blame them for feeling that way but she was angry at them for shutting Harry out of their lives. They'd always claimed he was like another son or sibling to them but when this happened, completely beyond Harry's control, they turned their collective back on him. Even Ron, Harry's best friend. It was one thing to be upset but after all they'd been through to give him the cold shoulder? It rubbed Hermione the wrong way.

Just like things had been beyond Harry's control, his new wife Fleur couldn't be faulted either. Fleur had certainly inherited her looks from her half Veela mother. -It wasn't hard for Hermione to admit that even she found the woman drop dead gorgeous,- but she'd never exhibited any other Veela trademark. Certainly, Fleur drew men in like no other but she'd never been able to use the thrall like the first Veela Hermione had ever seen at the Quiditch world cup just before her fourth year at Hogwarts started.

More often then not those Veela who didn't at least have one full Veela parent didn't show the Veela gift. Until recently this had appeared so for Fleur as well.

Nobody was absolutely certain why her gifts suddenly awakened but the most accepted theory was that Fleur's mate, Harry, had come of age. His magical core was now that of an adult male and Fleur's own unique powers had recognised and responded to this. Of course this had come as a shock to everyone, not in the least to Fleur herself. However, from then on there was no turning back.

Though Veela were not native to the British isle even there the ancient laws stated that every and all other unions were null and void when a Veela bond had been established. To do anything less meant a certain death for both the Veela and their mate. Once bonded the pair became depended on the other. One partner could literally not live without the other.

Harry had taken to it like a fish to water though. Hermione could not remember the time her best friend had been as happy as he was now. Fleur accepted him completely and seemed to understand him like nobody else could.

Hermione closed her eyes and lifted her head to catch as much of the gentle spring sun as she could. Breathing in the sweet fragrance of the Delacour gardens she relaxed a bit further and continued her musings.

The brightest witch of her age was grateful she wasn't the one in a relationship with a Veela. Everyone always believed those relationships to be so romantic but Harry couldn't even seem to think something without Fleur knowing about it and vice versa. They also couldn't seem to bear being too far apart from the other either. The one afternoon Harry and she spent together without Fleur, since their bonding, had proven that. According to her best friend it physically hurt to be apart. According to the Delacours' that at least would fade after a while. Probably within a year.

To be close to one's partner was one thing, Hermione believed, but she was certain such a relationship would drive her absolutely bonkers.

Maybe, Hermione mused, the reason why Harry could open up to Fleur this way so soon was exactly for those reasons. Harry had never known real love before and everybody, with the possible exception of herself, who he'd ever loved had died on him or hurt him in other ways. With the bond he and Fleur now shared there could be no falsehoods and should Fleur die so would he. His old fears of losing everyone he loved would not come into play.

All in all Hermione was rather happy for her friend. The boy who lived a.k.a. the man who'd won had finally found what he'd been looking for. In that she envied him because she didn't have a clue what she was going to do with her life now.

Everybody expected her to start a relationship with Ron after the war had ended and then either get back to Hogwarts for her final year or to take a job at the ministry of Magic in England. With an order of Merlin first class in her pocket she could choose just about any position she wanted. The trouble was she didn't have any idea what she wanted and Ron and she had been a bad idea right from the start. Luckily they had both recognised that little fact sooner rather then later and their break-up had been an amicable one. Ronald Weasley was now happily dating one Lavender Brown.

A career… the sensible, hardworking, Hermione of old would have started a career by now or collected her head girl badge with professor McGonagall. Trouble was, Hermione wasn't ready to take up anything serious or respectable yet. She felt that after seven years of fighting and a lost childhood she earned a year or so off. However aside from spending more time with her parents when they got back from Australia, she couldn't make up her mind about what she was going to do.

Suddenly the young witch started to laugh. Actually she did know what she was going to do. She was going to take up Luna's invitation. She, Hermione Granger, sceptic extraordinaire would go Snorkack hunting with Luna and her father.

"Something amuses you Ms. Granger?"

Hermione turned to the speaker in surprise. So lost in her thoughts she hadn't heard anyone approach but she was now looking at Mrs. Apolline Delacour, Fleur's mother. To her further surprise the woman seemed friendly for the first time since her stay at the Delacour estate. Up and till now the woman, if not exactly hostile, had been cold and standoffish to Hermione. This for no reason Hermione could figure but not wanting to create a scene that would mar Harry's wedding she had tried to avoid the woman as best she could. Not always an easy thing to do with her being Harry's best 'man' so to speak.

Hermione didn't bother to hide her astonishment at the woman's change of attitude. Tomorrow she and the rest of the wedding guests would be leaving the estate and it was unlikely they would meet again anytime soon.

Mrs. Delacour sat down at the bench next to Hermione and chuckled ruefully at Hermione's expression. "I think I owe you an apology Ms. Granger. I haven't been the hostess to you that I should have been."

Hermione shrugged her shoulders and tried to be diplomatic. She wasn't as successful as she might have wanted. "This is your home Mrs. Delacour. You do as you believe is best."

"Nonsense, I have been very rude to you, while you did nothing to warrant such behaviour."

"Then why…?" Hermione's voice trailed of but the question was clear to the woman sitting next to her. 'Then why did you treat me as you did?'

"I'm afraid I put you in the same category as the Weasley's and Harry's other so called friends. After all my son in law did for them, they certainly judged him quickly, for something not his fault. Even when Fleur was married to Bill they never truly accepted my daughter which hurt her and it did not help my opinion of them.

I think I attributed the same negative characteristics to yourself since they are your friends as much as they are Harry's. However both my daughter and her new husband assure me you have been nothing but supportive and helpful to them both. I have been able to observe as much myself. I hope you will accept my apology Ms. Granger."

"I do, thank you Mrs. Delacour."

"Please call me Apolline. As my son in law's closest relation I think we needn't be so formal."

Hermione nodded her acceptance and was about to reply when Apolline Delacour's expression turned thoughtful once more. "I'm no seer but something tells me we'll be seeing a lot of each other."

Again Hermione did not bother to hide her curiosity. "What makes you say that Mrs. Delacour?"

At this question the older woman merely lifted one eyebrow.

Hermione chuckled. "Sorry, Apolline."

The older version of Fleur nodded her approval before answering the question. "Let's just say I sometime get a hunch about something and I've learned not to ignore those."

Seeing Hermione's worried look the French lady hurried to reassure her. "Do not worry, I don't think it involves anything negative."

Hermione let out a sigh. "No offence Apolline, but I've had my fill of prophecies, predictions and what not. If I don't hear about those for the rest of my life I won't mind. I'm pretty sure Harry will feel the same about that."

"Indeed, he gave a somewhat similar response. Alas I do not control this anymore then a seer can really control what she sees. But let's not worry about it until we have to. If we have too. Today is for feasting, family and friends. All else can wait, would you not agree?"

At Hermione's nod Mrs. Delacour continued. "Could I perhaps persuade you into staying a few more days? It would give me a chance to make up for my less then hospitable behaviour. I also believe Harry would enjoy your company a while longer. No matter the bond he and my daughter share, he is still trying to settle into a strange country among people he doesn't know…"

"I'd love to Mrs. Delacour." Hermione agreed, pleasantly surprised and temporarily forgetting to address the older woman by her first name.

"Splendid, how long do you think you'll be staying?"

"Four or five days, maybe?" Hermione suggested carefully, trying to gouge the half Veela's reaction to this.

"You're welcome to stay longer then that."

"Thank you, but I've decided to take a friend up on her offer to join her on an expedition. We leave in two weeks and I have a ton of arrangements to make and I also want to start making preparations for my parents return."

"I understand. What is this expedition about?"

"We are going to look for the Crumple-Horned Snorkack in Sweden and Finland."

Hermione couldn't help but laugh at Apolline's perplexed reaction. "The Crumple-Horned Snor….what??"

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