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Chapter 15

With a sigh Fleur closed the door to her sister's bedroom behind her and leaned against it. The mild headache which had plagued her for the past few days was definitely increasing in intensity. All things considered this was not surprising.

Gabrielle was home now and even though she knew her younger sister would recover fully it hurt to see her usually vibrant sister in her current state. Pale beyond believe and unable to stay awake longer then an hour or so at a time. There were also Gabrielle's fears. The young Veela did not understand why she had changed and was scared of it happening again-terrified even.

Matters were not helped by their grandmother who once again did not seem to know when to back off and leave well enough alone. Through her meddling several healers and researchers were clamouring for attention. Wanting to study first Gabrielle's unprecedented transformation and when word had gotten her own unusual triad bond too. She should have known this would happen sooner rather then later but the timing once again left something to be desired. Gabrielle needed to recuperate in peace. She wasn't some test case and neither were she and her bondmates.

Luckily her parents had quite quickly drawn firm lines. The only ones with access to Gabi were her primary healers and her family and friends. After yet another big scare things were relatively peaceful again. But how long would this last? How long before her gran and other Veela officials would be clamouring for their attention again -demanding their cooperation. How long before people would realise Harry Potter was once again part of something unusual and the reporters would be knocking on their door.

And it wasn't as if they did not have enough to deal with anyhow. Her father had not resolved the Ruven situation yet. Hermione was still loosing sleep because of her nightmares which was causing Harry to worry more and more too and it seemed their relationship was once again put on a backburner because of all the problems. Rather predictably the current bunch of trouble started right at the moment all three had started to make a few steps forward. Had the situation been even a little bit amusing Hermione would undoubtedly blame it on Harry but there was just nothing to laugh about!

Fleur rubbed her forehead as her headache started to intensify further. Damn it-it was like some mad writer was penning out their story making sure their happiness just kept being postponed for the sake of a dramatic storyline.

She had not realised she had stopped in the middle of the hallway until she felt two arms around her which gently pushed her forward. She did not move far though as she moulded herself against Hermione completely-seeking comfort there. At that moment it was something she needed badly.

"Rough day love?"

Letting out a sigh again Fleur replied. "Rough day, rough week. Longing for the day we'll have some actual peace and quiet."

Hermione nodded in understanding even though Fleur could not see it from her position. Pressing a soft kiss against the side of her bond mate's head she gently started to guide Fleur out of the corridor.

"Where are we going?"

Hermione chuckled but did not answer. It would only be a matter of moments anyhow before Fleur realised where they were headed. "It occurred to me just the other day just how you've been taking care of us all without regards to yourself Fleur. You're always there for me, Harry and the rest of your family. Making sure we're alright. It is time we.. I… take care of you Fleur."

The seductive tone in Hermione's voice sent pleasant shiver through Fleur. It mingled pleasantly with the surprise she felt at Hermione's behaviour. Though it was not nearly as pleasant as the feelings that were elicited by Hermione's lips moving down her neck with a few soft kisses. She did not notice arriving at their bedroom but she was unsurprised to find them there.

Hermione was taking charge leaving no doubts about what she wanted. Fleur did not know what prompted this change of behaviour but she liked it. She had wished for exactly this-for months now. So she eagerly cooperated when Hermione directed her to remove her clothing with her hands. She complied immediately while swearing above and below that if anyone or anything were to interrupt them now she would rip them a new a new one!




Later that evening the three very content and sated partners were laying cuddled together on their bed. Fleur in the middle with two partners slightly draped across. Both Harry and Hermione wanting to physically connect with both her and the other. She did not realise her headache was gone.

"We have got to do that again." Hermione said. Even though Fleur was unable to see her expression with the way Hermione's head was placed on her shoulder-Fleur was now familiar enough with the feelings Hermione was emitting as well as her tone of voice to know the younger witch was grinning lazily.

"This was something wasn't it? But just wait till you take Harry inside you…"

"It gets even better?" Exclaimed an eager Hermione.

Both Fleur and Harry laughed as they again felt the eagerness and excitement coming from their third. All pleasant tiredness and laziness immediately forgotten as their hands started to roam again.


Two days of uninterrupted fun did a lot to restore Fleur's spirits. Especially since Gabby was recovering nicely. However this did not make any of their other problems go away. Too much interest from reporters and demands from Veela experts would not go away. Even Apolline and Alain were loosing their patience with Cecile and her crowd.

A phone call from a near desperate Philip Granger brought the answer to their problems. It seemed Hummer or Dini as she was now called had attached herself to the Granger family and had surprised everyone by giving birth to four little Humdingers. As young as they were they were disappearing and reappearing all over the place. They and their mother were creating havoc in the Granger home and her father was at the end of his wits. Hermione's father had nearly begged his daughter to come home to help.

It seemed to be the answer to most of their problems. Even though everyone knew Hermione was a Muggle born it was unlikely magicals would think to look for high profile wizards like Harry Potter with them any time soon. And if they did not tell anyone but Fleur's parents and her sister where they were going it would be a long time before anyone would be aware the triad had left the Delacour estate.

Perfect as this idea seemed Fleur did not want to say goodbye to her little sister who still wasn't allowed to leave her bed. Especially as Gabby did not want her big sister and Harry to leave. Luckily her parents had a solution which they all hoped would soften the blow for the teen.

When they told her they were leaving the young girl immediately burst into tears.

"No, you cannot leave. I'll be all alone."

Close to tears herself Fleur wanted to cave in. Apolline who was present soothed her youngest daughter. "No, Gabby. We have invited your cousins Manuel and Lisanne to stay over. They were very eager to see how you are doing and to stay. For some reason Manuel was quite eager to leave school a bit early."

This seemed to cheer the little girl up quite a bit. Her two cousins were also her best friends. Still she was confused. "Madame Maxime allows this?"

"Their parents allow this and their opinion counts more heavily. Still there are only a few weeks left in the year and they are both at the top of their class. Madame Maxine has allowed for it, reluctantly but she allowed it."

Even though it seemed to mollify the youngest Delacour somewhat Gabrielle still did not want her older sister to leave. "No, you must not leave. Grandmother will not leave me alone if you are gone."

Fleur and Apolline exchanged immediate frowns. Something about the way Gabrielle had said this. "Honey are you scared of your grandmother?"

Gabrielle seemed to think she had said too much as she turned her head away while mumbling something the other two witches did not catch.

"Talk to me Gabby." Apolline said gently yet sternly at the same time. "Do they bother you?"

"They keep asking me about what happened and I cannot tell them anymore. I've told them everything over and over and grandmother keeps saying I should be thanking the goddess. She won't leave it alone even when I'm tired. She only stops when Fleur or you are with me. It is like all she cares about is that, not about me."

Anger stirred through Fleur again. Couldn't the woman leave things alone? Bad enough she still hounded Fleur and her partners. Annoying as that was they were adults and could deal but damn it- Gabby was just a school girl. She had enough on her plate without have religion pushed at her.

"Oh Gabu." Came a stricken voice from the door. Cecile, seemingly close to tears herself, "I am so sorry. The Goddess is important to me but not so important that it makes you afraid of being with me."

With three quick steps she was at her granddaughter's bedside and carefully grabbed her hand. "I promise no more talk about the Godess unless it is what you want."

"You really promise that?"

"Yes, little one." Turning a teary gaze to her older granddaughter. "You too Fleur. Nothing is worth jeopardising our relationship. I'm sorry it took your sister telling me she's afraid of me to open my eyes."

Fleur looked at Cecile with obvious distrust. Also with unwillingness to immediately forgive the woman for hurting her little sister.

Apolline, noticing her youngest nearly drooping with fatigue sternly interjected. "You and I will have be talking ourselves mother!" Apolline had always tried to make allowances for her mother's believes. Trying to play mediator between her mother and her daughter. She was done though. Her mother had taken it too far and she could only hope the woman would now truly stop her attempts of pushing her granddaughters toward her own beliefs.

Cecile nodded in compliance. "But first… please, I probably don't have the right to ask but can I speak with you and your bondmates?"

Warily and still a bit angry Fleur moved her hands through her long hair. "What good is talking to you if you do not listen to what we say?"

"I'll listen Fleur. I'll listen. I promise."

Apolline nodded with grim satisfaction as grandmother and granddaughter left the room together in search of Fleurs' mates. Now to inform Alain and to have a hearty little chat with a few healers.


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