A/N: In my last story I used a different song for (almost) every chapter, in this one each chapter is a line from Eleanor McEvoy's "Sophie" with other songs and quotes added to break up the longer chapters. I wanted to do this story with either Alice or Leah because I like them both better, but I didn't want this to be one of those "all-human" stories because the reason I like twilight is the mythical creatures...

Set during New Moon, after Edward comes back. Before I start I'd just like to say the Bella will display tendencies of both Bulimia but also Anorexia, sometimes referred to as Bulimirexia but more properly referred to as ED-NOS (Eating Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified).

I'm not endorsing Eating Disorders or condemning them, people are free to believe in what they want to believe in as long as they aren't hurting other people.

Summary: In New Moon, instead of finding Jake, Bella found an eating disorder and Jake went off with the Pack and became an Alpha.

I have also written a one shot that fits along side this story about what happened to Jake.