There will be no sequel or anything. I generally don't like sequels and I'm not sure where this would go anyway. I might right a ONE SHOT with Wendy but otherwise that's it. I am RE-WRITING scenes from Edward and other people's POV if anyone has any they particularly want to see.

"What does it take to say, what does it take to say, she's dying, Sophie's dying." Sophie - Eleanor McEvoy.

Week 4

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

Charlie POV

I'm watching the football when the phone rings. I'm not expecting any calls but I jump up anyway. It might be Bella or the hospital. Anything could have happened to her. I know Alice was visiting again today. She somehow managed to persuade all her teachers to let her have the day off.

I pick up the phone.


"Charlie?" Ask the voice on the other end. "It's Esme."

Suddenly I'm thrown into panic mode. "What happened?"

"You need to come to the hospital. Her heart gave out. You need to come say goodbye."

I let out a sob. My baby girl's dying. This isn't the way it's supposed to be. She's not supposed to die first.

"I'm on my way."

Edward POV

Charlie's sitting in with Bella. They haven't been able to get hold of Renée yet. Her mobile must be dead. Bella always aid she was no good with technology. They have her attached to all kinds of machines. The other doctors want him to switch of her life support machines but Carlisle persuaded him not to, although it didn't take much effort.

We're sitting in the family room now, discussing what to do, No asking Bella for her opinion because she's too weak to give it. They have her sedated.

"Her body's too weak to change her really. We could risk it because she's going to die anyway but...the decision is yours Edward. I have her on a ventilator to keep her breathing and we can keep shocking her heart but it's too late now to save her. We can keep her alive with machines but while her brain still works her body is simply too weak to cope." Carlisle tells me.

"Can't we get her a new heart?" Asks Alice.

Carlisle shakes his head. "The transplant committee won't give a transplant to anyone with an eating disorder, or anyone who they feel will misuse a new organ, because they feel that if they won't take care of a new organ they don't deserve it."

"That's horrible." Cries Alice.

"I know, but there aren't enough organs for everyone and they feel they should go to the people who most deserve them."

"What about all those murderers?" Asks Emmett, "Surely Bella deserves it more than them."

"We could take one." Whispers Jasper darkly. Everyone turns to stare at him.

"No. Besides even if you found someone of the same blood and tissue type, Bella's too weak for an operation. And it's immoral"

"She's dying, she's really dying." I whisper. They have her sedated. Attached to all kinds of machines.

"You have to change her Edward. It's what she wanted. It's what we promised the Volturi." Cries Alice.

"I know." I whisper.

"Do we tell Charlie?" Asks Emmett.

There's quiet for a minute. "Yes." Says Carlisle. "We'll tell him before we do it."

"What about the wolves?" Asks Jasper. Always prepared to fight.

"We'll have to talk to them, show them that his is Charlie's only daughter and that she's dying, Maybe they'll respond to that,"


Jacob, Quil and Embry. Are sitting on the other side of the room. Carlisle is sitting next to me and the others are all hovering around the edges of the room.

This is it. This is where we decide whether Bella dies or whether we can save her...sort of. If the wolves agree we'll change her. Into a vampire....what she always wanted. If they refuse...

We'll probably do it anyway.

"Quil, Embry, can we talk to Jacob alone? Bella's down the hall if you want to wait in there, her friend Wendy's in there right now but I'm sure she won't mind. "

They begrudgingly leave the room after Jacob's agreement. This will be easier without his friends distracting us. The rest of my family follow, leaving only Jacob and myself.

"Jake, Bella is everything to Charlie, I thought Charlie and Billy were friends, can't you see how much this would hurt him, can't you imagine how much it would hurt for Charlie to lose you?"

He bows his head.

"It's not that easy. It's wrong." He growls.

"Jake, please...this is Charlie."

He contemplates it for a minute.

"Fine. For Charlie. But if she kills anyone we will tear apart every last one of you."

I smile.

"Thank you Jacob. Thank you so much."

I rush out of the room to give the others the good news. We can do it, we can save her. As much as I didn't want this for her, as much as I wanted her to live a long and happy life, this is the better option. I can't let her die, not now. Not when she's so young. Not like this.

I find my family waiting outside Bella's room. Embry, Quil and Wendy are in there with her. As soon as I reach them, everyone turns to face me expectantly.

"He said yes!" I shout. This is so great, we can be together forever.

Jake catches up with us and walks past, going into Bella's room. I'm caught up in the moment when suddenly I hear shouting. For a second I'm afraid something has happened to Bella.


I rush into the room. Jacob is standing behind the door next to Quil while Embry is huddled over next to Wendy. Oh no, what did she do? Did she hurt Bella? I'm too busy worrying to pay attention to anyone's thoughts.

"You IMPRINTED!" Asks Jacob. Uh-oh. Suddenly I'm inside Embry's mind.

I walk in the room, to say goodbye to Bella, to the living Bella. We didn't know her but she was Charlie's daughter, the chief's daughter. And he is greatly respected. As I enter the room I see a girl. This must be the one the Cullens warned us about, the one who has been helping Bella. The one who made her worse. She turns to look at me and suddenly a million strings are holding me in place, tying me to her, as if gravity itself has shifted.

"It's not like it's something I can control." He yells back.

I turn to look at Wendy, who appears a little shocked by all this. I look inside her thoughts.

Werewolves? Imprinting? What kind of crazy is this? Are these guys delusional, is that why they're here? The guy standing next to me with the black hair is very good looking. I would do anything to be with him. I turn to look at him, out of the corner of my eye and it's like all of my anxiety, everything that was worrying me and causing me to have trouble eating, is gone. How does he do that? How does he calm me down and wash away my fears?

I'm torn between helping her and letting her sort herself out. On one hand I hate her for what she's done to Bella, even though I know this is probably where we'd have ended up anyway. On the other hand I feel like I have to help her, explain things.

"Wendy." I say. She turns away for Embry and looks at me. "This sounds crazy but Quil, Embry and Jacob are Werewolves."

She laughs at me.

"Jacob, do you mind phasing quickly, in the corner, I'm sure you won't hurt anyone." I ask.

Suddenly there's a giant, russet wolf standing in the corner of the hospital room. Almost instantly he phases back.

"See. Werewolf." Says Jake smugly.

What...What's happening? Am I going crazy? No, he was definitely a wolf. Does that mean they all are? That cute boy...Embry?

"Wendy. It's just the three of them." I say, reading her mind. "Embry has imprinted on you. It's a bit like having a mate."

She turns to stare at him. In the blink of an eye she has her arms wrapped around him.

"I'm never letting you go." She whispers.

It's weird seeing her like this, whenever I've met her before she's always been bitter and miserable, to me at least. Then again, Leah was completely bitter before Jacob. Every run in with the wolves and she was always the one to attack us verbally. I hear she's much better now, relatively speaking.

"Promise me you'll stop." He whispers back. She doesn't ask how he knows, but nods her head. I can't believe it could be that easy. I wish that the same could have happened for Bella. I wish that our love would have been enough.

For a minute I forgot everything. It's so heart-warming to see them happy together. To see someone's happiness. And then I remember Bella. She's dying. Quickly.

"I, the hunger artist, rarely disappoint my audience." The Hunger Artist by Kafka.

A/N: I don't go into a lot of description about her transformation...because it's boring.

Edward POV

I break away my gaze from Embry and Wendy. I walk over to the bed and take Bella's hand. It feels cold even against me skin. I turn to look at the heart monitor and I notice the blips on the machine becoming more erratic. Behind me there's a gasp and I know its Alice, I know what she's seeing without the ability to read minds.

"Carlisle!" I call out. He's at my side in a second, defibrillator paddles in his hands.

"Once I get her back, if I get her back, you need to do it. Quickly."

He presses the paddles to her body and shocks her. Her whole body shakes. He looks back up at the monitor but there's still no heart beat.

He shocks her again. It's so painful to see her like this, so see her whole body crying out in pain. This moment, more than any other in my life, is the worst pain I've ever felt. More than the transformation. More than the pain of killing those people, losing my parents. More than anything.

Finally Carlisle succeeds in getting a heartbeat. I breath out a sigh of relief. She's alive. For now at least.

"Edward, you have to do it now, there's not much time."

I lean over here and slowly sink my teeth into her neck. At the same time Carlisle stabs a needle directly into her heart. I'm not sure what it is at first, and then I realise its venom. Her whole body writhes with pain.

Did I make the right decision? Will she even make it?

Bella POV

Darkness...Everything is fuzzy...I can hear the beeping of machines...Where am I? Am I dead?

Suddenly I feel a stabbing pain in my neck.

Burning pain rips through me, filling my veins. Is this hell?


Slowly the burning begins to fade. My mind feels clearer than it has in a long time. As if now, I can finally see things for the first time. I regret what I did. Hurting myself like that. It seems so silly now.

I open my eyes and see Edward watching me. How long has he been here? Did he stay all that time.

"Edward?" I call out.

Instantly he's at my side.

"Bella? Are you okay? Do you need anything?" He asks.

"Thirsty." I croak.

He hands me a cup. I take a sip. It doesn't taste like water.

"What is it?" I ask, confused.

"Blood." He replies. For a moment I'm shocked. Then I take another sip. It eases the burning in my throat.

"Thank-you." I whisper.


Edward POV

Carlisle signs the death certificate, Cause of death: Heart Failure due to Severe Anorexia. This is it; we've signed away her mortal life, now only time will tell if any of our relationships can be restored.

I turn to Bella.

"Okay Bella, now lie very still while we sneak you out of the hospital." She giggles.

"Won't people wonder where my body went? She asks.

"Mysterious disappearance." I reply, smiling.

It's good to have her back. The old Bella back. It's good to see her happy. Carlisle was right. He's always right. She did heal, mentally and physically. She's still very thin, thinner than Alice, and I guess she always will be, but at least it looks a little less unnatural now, it doesn't look quite so severe. I guess it's the same as Esme. She was severely depressed before she jumped. And it fixed her.

As soon as we get Bella outside I lift off the sheet covering her and help her into our car.

"Where are we moving to?" She asks.

"Canada. Vancouver to be precise." I reply.

There's quiet in the car as she rests her head on my shoulder.

"I haven't felt happy in a long time, you know." She whispers quietly,

"I know." I reply. "And I know that's mostly my fault."

"No." She whispers. "Things weren't good in Phoenix. I thought here would be a fresh start, and for a while it was. But then...when you left. I couldn't cope." She buys her head in my shoulder.

"I'm so sorry I left you."

We pull up outside our house.

I help Bella out of the car and immediately Alice is there, hugging Bella.

"I'm so glad to have you back." She squeals.

"Alice, calm down." I tell her. She backs off and laughs.

"Alice, I'm so sorry for everything...for everything I said and did..." Says Bella.

"Oh Bella." Replies Alice. "It's okay, you weren't yourself."

She looks down, embarrassed.

We make our way into the house where almost everything is already in boxes. I'm going to miss it here, I really like Forks.

"Courage is when you're afraid, but you keep on moving anyway."

Courage Is...: The Strange Familiar.

I can't remember the last time I felt calm, reassured. The feel of his cold body against mine soothes me and washes away fear, any apprehension I still had. As he wraps his arms around me I rest my head, carefully, on his hard shoulder. I let my eyes fall shut. It will be good to finally get some rest from the nightmares. No more waking up in the middle of the night, afraid. No more waking up. Even though I can't sleep anymore I lie there with him and rest, it feels good not to be thrown into the world of nightmares.

I can see now that it was wrong to do what I did and that Edward and his family did love me. I glad no one the less because now me and Edward can be together, forever. And I'm not sure he would have turned me otherwise.

I turn around in his arms, letting the bed covers slide down slightly. As I straddle his legs, I lean in and kiss him fiercely on the lips.

"I love you Edward Cullen." I whisper.

He breaks away from me.

"Marry me." He says.

"What!" I ask, shocked.

"Marry me." He pushes me off and reaches over to the bedside cabinet, pulling open the drawer. He pulls out an old box and hands it to me. Tentatively I open it. Inside is the most beautiful ring I've even seen. "It was my mother's." He tells me.

I loop my arms around his neck and kiss him again.

"Yes." I whisper.

A/N: First off: A lot of people might be disappointed I killed Bella, but it just fit with the story, sorry. I know this isn't a happy ending she relapsed and died. Originally she lived, I wrote the ending with that in mind, but it didn't feel right.

Second, for anyone who wonder how Bella magically got better, looks at Esme. The vampire transformation fixes all injuries and makes you 'healthy' and apparently cures mental illnesses as well (Esme was severely depressed and suicidal but didn't go to the Volturi after Carlisle transformed her.)

Thirdly, there will be no sequel or anything. I generally don't like sequels and I'm not sure where this would go anyway. I might right a ONE SHOT with Wendy but otherwise that's it. I am RE-WRITING scenes from Edward and other people's POV if anyone has any they particularly want to see.

And finally, statistics:

One in five people with an eating disorder die, without proper treatment anyway. 10% die anyway in ten years, 20% in twenty years. Only 60% or less of sufferers actually make a 'full recovery'. 40-60% of High-school-girls diet. 50% think they're overweight. 40% of 9 year old have dieted. EDs have a higher mortality rate than all other mental illnesses, including Bi-polar. About 80% of the patients with EDs are sent home weeks earlier than the recommended stay. So basically, if you have an eating disorder and you don't stop, you will die.