Title: Rules of Attachment

Author: Daish

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing Reid/Morgan AKA smor

Rating M/NC-17/FRAO

Summary: The first rule of attachment? Don't get attached.

Warnings: Slash, strong sexual content

Genres: Drama/angst/Romance eventually

A/n the quote that Morgan says about getting attached is made up by me. It just works with the story, please read and review. Once again, this is slash, don't like, don't read! No flames! You've been warned.

"Morgan! Oh god please don't stop," Reid cried out as his older lover slammed into him with a powerful thrust.

"You feel so fuckin good, Pretty Boy. So close, baby," Derek grunted as he pulled out and thrust back in hard crushing their mouths together as he did so. Reaching between there bodies, Morgan took hold of Reid's straining cock. A gasp escaped Reid's mouth at the touch.

"Oh yes feels so good," Reid moaned. Reid didn't know whether to buck into Morgan's hand or slam down on his cock so he settled for alternating between the two sensations.

"How close are you baby?" Morgan whispered in his ear.

"I'm so close," Reid ground out.

"Me, to, come with me," Morgan commanded as his orgasm began to rip through him as his hand sped up on Spencer's cock. The hand that wasn't pumping his lover was scratching across his lovers back and he bit down on the younger profiler's neck to try and muffle his moans. There would be marks on his back and neck but right then Reid didn't care. Reid was so caught up in his pleasure that he didn't register what he was screaming out as he came.

"Oh fuck yes! Morgan! I love you." His body shook with aftershocks. Once he had regained his breath Derek pulled out and cleaned Reid up without even acknowledging the declaration of love that had come from the other man. Reid thought he didn't even hear it until as he was reaching for the door knob, Morgan said,

"No strings, remember? The first rule of attachment is to never get attached, good bye, Reid. See you tomorrow," Morgan said as he walked out of the apartment.


The closing of the door sounded like a slam in the quiet apartment. Feeling utterly humiliated and heart broken Spencer pulled on a pair of boxers and crawled on to the couch and pulled his favorite blanket around him, not bothering with a shirt. Once the door had closed the tears began. Unable to contain them he began to sob uncontrollably. He was so caught up in his pain that he never registered the knock on his door.


Emily and Garcia pulled up in front of Reid's apartment. They were coming to see if he wanted to go hang out and maybe get a couple of drinks. JJ was on a date with Will so it was just Garcia and Emily. Garcia who reached the door first knocked on it. Waiting a minute she knocked again.

"Reid, you home?" she called through the door. Emily listened intently.

"Hey Garcia, do you hear that?" she asked softly as she tilted her head towards the door. Mirroring the other woman's actions she listened for a moment.

"Is that crying?" Garcia asked worriedly.

"I think so," Emily said. That was enough for Garcia to pull out the key that Reid had given to her. Everyone on the team had keys to each others places in case of emergency. Turning the key in the lock Garcia was alarmed to discover that it wasn't locked. Turning to Emily, she asked

"Do you have your gun?" Nodding Emily pulled it out and trained it on the door as Garcia opened it. Just as her training taught her to do Emily scanned the room with her eyes, taking everything in while still holding her gun in front of her.

"FBI," she identified herself. Catching sight of her friend huddled on the couch Emily immediately put her gun away and hurried over to him with Garcia hot on her heels.

"Reid, its Emily can you hear me?"

"Emly?" came a small voice.

"Yeah it's me, Garcia's with me. Are you hurt?" Emily asked softly trying to get a look at her friend who was curled in on himself. The blanket he had wrapped around him had slipped and Emily reached to pull it back up. That was when she caught sight of the scratch marks on his back and the bite mark on his neck.

"Pen," she called. Garcia looked up at her name. Emily jerked her head downward and Garcia followed it with her eyes. Her blood began to boil at the thought that someone had hurt her Reid.

"Who hurt you, sweetheart?" Garcia asked softly.

"N-n-no one," Reid stammered as he tried to sit up. Noticing his struggle Emily reached to help him. As he sat up the blanket slid down more, revealing him in only his boxers.

"It's okay you can tell us," Garcia reassured.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of Emily added. "If someone sexually assaulted you we need to get you to the hospital, please Reid?" Emily begged with tears in her eyes.

"No one assaulted me it was consensual," Reid admitted softly. Both women stared confusedly at their friend.

"Then if it was consensual, where is the other guy and why do you look like your favorite puppy just died?" the tech annalist wanted to know. It was no secret that Reid was gay he had confided in both Emily and Garcia and JJ had found out when she saw him with a guy.

"He left it's a "no strings" thing the first rule of getting attached, never get attached," Reid explained bitterly through sobs. "Plus I accidentally told him I loved him," he explained.

"Do you love him?" Emily wanted to know. Reid nodded as fresh tears made their way down his face. Unable to watch someone she loved dearly cry Emily pulled him into a hug and Garcia hugged both of them. Reid's words kept running through her mind. She knew she knew them from some where but she couldn't place it. All of a sudden it clicked. She'd heard Morgan say that when he was talking about some of his escapades. It didn't surprise her that Morgan was at the very least bisexual. A growl came from Garcia's throat.

"That god dam bastard! I'm gonna fuckin kill him," she snarled. The two behavioralists looked up in surprise. Garcia rarely swore and if she was swearing it meant she was beyond pissed.

"Garcia?" Emily asked tentatively. Ignoring Emily for the moment, Garcia turned her attention to Reid. Reid locked eyes with Garcia. Silent communication passed between them. Reid could read the question in her eyes, "Is it Morgan?" Reluctantly he nodded.

"I'll kill him," she repeated.

"Will someone tell me what the hell is going on?" Emily requested.

"Morgan's the guy, Garcia said angrily.

"What? Morgan's the guy who you were with tonight?" she asked looking at Reid.

"Yeah," he answered.

"You're sure this was consensual and he didn't hurt you physically Baby Cakes?" Garcia questioned.

"Yes it was Garcia. I guess I'd better explain how it all started. Well a few months back he invited me out for a drink. Needless to say we both got pretty drunk and started making out. We went back to his place and well you know," Reid blushed.

"Did the Horizontal Tango?" Garcia asked with a smile. The red on Reid's cheeks deepened and a small smile came to his face.

"Yeah, that. Well then it became a kind of routine whenever we'd had a tough case or one of us just needed release we would go to one or the others place. It was usually here. He made it clear it was a no strings thing and I was okay with that at first, but…" he broke off.

"But what, Spencer?" Emily prompted. Reid looked up at the use of his first name; he could tell that Emily was really concerned she usually called him Reid.

"Then I realized that I was falling in love with him. I tried to ignore it, but I can't. I love him and I know he doesn't love me," Spencer said resignedly. "He made that perfectly clear when he left here tonight," he finished trying not to start crying again, but failing miserably. The two women tightened their hold on the younger man.

"He doesn't deserve you," Emily said.

"No, he doesn't," Garcia agreed. Reid tried to give them a smile but it looked more like a grimace. Finally about half an hour later they noticed that the sobs had stopped and the tears had slowed considerably.

"I guess we should go," Garcia whispered.

"Yeah I guess so," Emily replied as they tried to disentangle themselves from the sleeping man.

"Should we put him to bed?" Emily wondered. Garcia nodded and prepared to help lift him off the couch but was stopped by a small voice.

"Stay, please?" Reid begged. Both Garcia and Emily's hearts broke at the vulnerability they saw in the young profilers face. He looked so vulnerable when he was awake, but even more so when he was asleep.

"Of course we will, Baby Cakes," Garcia soothed as they settled back on the couch with Reid in-between them.

"I'll set an alarm so we don't over sleep since you gave me a lift to work my ready bag is already in your car so we'll both have clothes for work tomorrow," Emily said as she pulled out her cell phone and set an alarm.

"I have half a mind to go kick his ass tonight," Garcia whispered.

"No, save it until tomorrow," he needs us more right now," Emily argued, jerking her head at Reid who was leaning against Garcia and had his hand touching Emily to reassure himself that they hadn't left him.

"Yeah your right, but tomorrow all bets are off," Garcia snarled. Emily nodded in agreement. SSA Derek Morgan was screwed. A pissed off Penelope Garcia was something not to be messed with.


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