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"Savanna Reid-Morgan put that down," Derek gently scolded his two-year-old daughter. She was holding a lighter he and Spencer used to light candles.

"No, Papa," she cried as she took off across the living room. Moving quickly Derek reached his daughter and took the lighter from her hands. Her face crumbled and she started to cry as she dropped to the floor.

"I was jus's pwayin wif it," she whined.

"We don't play with lighters. They're dangerous and can hurt little girls, do you understand?" Nodding Savanna sniffled as she looked up at her father.

"Wuv you, Papa."

"I love you to, kiddo," Derek said picking her up and kissing her. Placing her on the ground he patted her bottom as he spoke. "Why don't you go play, Daddy's almost done making lunch. Beaming at her father the toddler scampered off to her room to play with her toys. -----------

Walking into the kitchen, Derek slipped his arms around Spencer's waist and placed a kiss on the back of his neck.

"Hey, baby boy," he greeted.

"Hey, what did Vanna do now? I heard you two in the living room.

"She was playing with the lighter and she threw a fit when I told her to give it to me," Derek explained.

"Ah the joys of the 'Terrible Twos'," Spencer muttered.

"MMM, yeah," Derek agreed.

"Lunch is ready, call Savanna, will you?" Spencer requested as he put the plates of grilled cheese and carrot sticks on the table.

"Vanna Bug, time for lunch," Derek called into the hallway. A moment later both men heard the sound of running footsteps and the little girl came running into the kitchen.

"I hungy, Daddy. Hungy, hungy, hungy," she repeated rubbing her stomach.

"Well, let's wash your hands then we'll fix that, how does that sound?" Spencer asked helping her climb up on the stool placed in front of the kitchen sink so she could wash her hands. Turning the water on he set it so it was warm, but not to hot then he squirted some soap on his daughters' hands. "We have to sing the clean hands song," he reminded her. They began singing. "Top and bottom, top and bottom in-between in-between, all around your fingers, all around your fingers, makes them clean." Walking over to the table Spencer helped her climb into her seat and get settled in her booster seat.

"Do you want juice or milk, sweetheart?" Derek asked.

"Milk, pease." Nodding Derek filled a sippy cup with milk and after screwing on the spill-proof top he placed it in front of his daughter before settling down with his own lunch. Lunch was going well until Spencer noticed that Savanna hadn't eaten any of her carrots.

"Eat your carrots, Savanna," he reminded.

"No," she answered.

"Eat your carrots," Spencer repeated.

"No, yucky, wan cookie," she whined.

"No cookies until you eat your carrots," Derek added in.

"Wan cookie!" she shouted.

"Savanna, don't shout," Derek told her.

"If you eat your carrots, I'll give you a cookie, but if you don't eat them you don't get a cookie," Spencer explained.

"I wan a cookie!" the toddler yelled as she pushed her plate so hard it fell off the table and hit the floor. She chose that moment to burst into angry tears.

"Savanna Grace Reid-Morgan! We don't throw our food on the floor, you've just earned a time out, young lady," Spencer said getting up from the table and walking over to his daughter and lifting her from her chair.

"No, Daddy, I wan a cookie!" she shouted as she kicked and squirmed trying to get out of her father's arms. Spencer winced as one of her arms flailed and hit him in the face.

"Savanna, that's enough, listen to your father, we don't yell or hit people," Derek scolded as he started picking up the discarded carrots.

"Mean Daddy, mean, papa," the toddler cried as her father carried her over to her pink time out chair in the corner of the living room and placed the child in it turning the chair to face the wall.

"You'll sit there and think about why we don't throw food on the floor and why hitting is wrong. Don't get up until I say so," Spencer said.

"I be good," she whimpered.

"Nope, too late, stay put," Spencer said walking away and rejoining his husband at the table.

"She'll grow out of this, right?" Spencer asked dropping his head into his hands.

"Yes she will," Derek said reassuringly. They continued to eat the sobs and sniffling of their daughter drifting over to them. After two minutes they got up from the table and made their way over to the little girl. Turning her chair towards them, Derek spoke.

"Do you know why your in time out?" he asked.

"Cause I throwed my carrots on the floor and I hitted Daddy," she answered.

"And do we throw our food on the floor or hit people?" Derek questioned. Savanna shook her head.

"Are you ready to be a good girl and eat carrots?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah, can I get up?" she asked.

"Yes, but apologize to your Daddy and I first," Derek instructed.

"I sorry, Daddy, Papa." As she was speaking she held out her arms for a hug which both men happily gave her.

"Okay, time out is over," Spencer announced as he lifted her from the chair and placed her at the table with fresh carrot sticks. -------------

The rest of the day went by uneventfully and it was finally time to put Savanna to bed. Once the little girl was tucked in and sleeping soundly Spencer and Derek made their way to their bedroom and settled into bed.

"I can't believe she's already two years old," Spencer said wistfully.

"I know it seems just like yesterday we were bringing her home," Derek answered. "I want another baby," they said in unison. Their eyes met and held.

"Really?" Derek asked hopefully.

"Yeah," Spencer said softly. "I want another baby, but I was afraid to bring it up."

"I do to, now the question is how?" Derek asked.

"Adoption?" Spencer suggested.

"Maybe, but I was thinking of using a surrogate. Don't get me wrong, I love Vanna Bug, but I want a biological child, you know?"

"I know, I do to," Spencer said. "So how do we go about getting a surrogate?"

"I have one in mind and I think she'd agree," Derek answered.

"Who?" Spencer wondered.

"Garcia," Derek replied a huge smile crossing his face.

"So we talk to her tomorrow?" Spencer checked. Derek nodded as he yawned.

"MMM hmm."

"Okay, night, Der," Spencer said kissing his husband as he settled in for the night.

"Night, pretty boy," Derek responded returning the kiss as he got comfortable as well. --------------------

The blonde technical annalist squealed in excitement as she threw her arms around her two friends.

"Of course I'd love to help you add to your family. The only major question is who's going first?"

"Derek." "Spencer." Garcia laughed as both guys answered simultaneously. Both men stared at each other for a full minute before Spencer broke the silence.

"I think you should go first. Your the one that thought of Garcia in the first place.

"Are you sure?" Derek asked.

"Of course I am," Spencer answered.

"Then it's settled. I can't believe your allowing me to be a part of this part of your life," she said with a hug grin.

"We love you, and we wouldn't want anyone else, baby girl," Derek said hugging her.

"Derek's right," Spencer said joining the hug. They continued to talk about expanding the boys family until their break was over. All three of them were excited at all the new and wonderful things to come.


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