Stella wrote a letter to mac when she was was a dare made up for her by none other than danny messer and lindsay monroe.

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They had all gone out for a night out, and at about 2 am they all went back to stellas apartment. They played truth or dare, and Stella's dare was to write a letter to mac confessing her feelings. this is one thing she would not do sober, yes she loves him but she doubts he would ever love her.

'Dear Mac,

I am writing this letter to you cause well, basically im sitting her in my apartment, drunk. At this point I have no idea how much Ive drunk but now were playing truth or dare (which by the way you should never play with danny!!) but anyway my dare was to write a letter to you telling you how much i love you! So here it goes.....Mac Taylor, I am in love with you, you are so god damn hot! I love you more than anything or anyone in the world, youve been there for me through everything, and when everything kicked off with frankie, all i wanted was you, all i wanted was to be in your arms, because you make me feel so safe, like nothing in the world can harm me, because your there, my guardian angel, my mac taylor, and I love you! you mac taylor own my heart, my heart has always been yours, i love you more each day, and if you dont feel the same way then please dont mention this letter...but if you do then i leave it up to you, my knight in shining armour, i love you mac taylor..

Forever yours,

Stella Bonasera


He read this the next day, he had seen her earlier, but she didnt seem like she knew anything about this, she wasnt acting any differently, so what should he do? he loves her, form the letter obviously she loves him from the looks of this letter.

what should i do? i love her more than anything in the world, more than peyton, and dare i say it i love her more than i ever did claire. god i shouldnt be thinking that shes gone, yes i miss her but the one person that has always been there for me is stella, god she is beautiful she is my greek goddess, i love her, but how do i tell her? how do i tell her how i feel? i love her, from this letter im guessing she loves me too, but is it real or was it just the drink, how will i find out, should i ask her...or maybe i could just kiss her, that it ill just walk right up to her and kiss her in the middle of the no no if i do that she might just slap me. but then again she might kiss me back, what the hell should i do? oh my god! i have no idea what to....

"Mac! Mac! Earth to mac!" mac looked up realising that the woman of his dreams was standing infront of his desk, staring at him with that stunning grin on her face

"Sorry Stella...I was just thinking"

Stella sat down now very interested, "Ooooh what bout?"

Should i tell her the truth? adn risk it all? well maybe shell love me back? "You"

Stella looked at mac shocked, "what?"

"this" he showed her the letter, and suddenly she looked nervous

"Im sorry, you wanst meant to read this, where did you..." she was cut off by his lips on hers, and with that kiss they put everything they felt towards one another, two soulmates finally together, two defenders of the city two lovers...3