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It was sixty years and three months late that they lay in hospital again, beside one another. They had 4 children; three girls and one boy their names were Hope, Jack, Alicia and Grace.

Hope was fifty nine years old; she had dark curls like her mother and the eyes of her father. She was married to a man called Jacob Stanley and they had three children naturally whose names were Seeley (a thirty two year old man with a wife and two children), a girl called Elisabeth (a blonde woman who at the age of thirty had no husband but had one little girl called Marie), and last but not least was twenty six year old Tiffany who had a fiancé named Nicholas and a baby on the way. Hope also had her step son Michael who was just over 40 years of age with a wife and five children; first was twenty year old Diane who with her boyfriend was due their first set of twins the following spring, the second was Lindsay who was 18, Tia who was 15, Leo who was 12, and six year old little Cassandra.

Fifty seven year old Jack had married three times and had a little girl who sadly passed away along with his first wife. He was a handsome man but very into his work at the F.B.I and was now the director. He had made his father and mother both very proud.

With dark curls and dark glasses; Alicia was fifty two and had had a successful modelling career much to her mother's dislike. Although throughout everything Temperance was always there for her little girl no matter what. Alicia had divorced her husband twenty years ago and they had two daughters; Temperance and Joy, whom she doted on so much that she never felt the need to get remarried until she met her now fiancé; Jay Smith.

Grace was the youngest of Temperance Brennan's children, at the age of forty five she was the mother of seven children, and the wife of Robert Miller. They had twenty one year old Arianna, eighteen year old Roxanne, fifteen year old William, ten year old twins Jade and Amber, seven year old Gia and five year old Samuelle. Robert Miller also had three children from a previous relationship who often visited which were thirty year old Tina (who had three sons; Liam, Jethro and Anthony), thirty four year old Thomas (who had two daughters; Katie and Jen, along with two sons called; Reuben and Robert), and thirty five year old Chrissie who had six children; eighteen year old Michaela, fifteen year old Jaydon, eleven year old Susie, nine year old twins called Nikita and Sarah as well as her five year old son Angelo.

With their family surrounding them in the hospital room it was June 12th, 2074. The rooms were white and both the loving couple was laying on pod shaped beds with their hands interlinked and their wedding rings showing proudly. Not a dry eye filled the room, today was the day that their life supports would be turned off at the same time. The future held many cures, and one advance in technology allowed the prevention of death even in old age. It meant that the happy couple could pass together instead of years apart, and that they had time to see their family all together again.

At seven pm that night, both passed away with smiles on their faces surrounded by the ones that loved them the most. Their family.

Both lovers would walk into the sunsets of heaven with each one holding the others hand and heart. To meet God, they would both grow their wings and live in peace with each other. One day the entire family would be together again, but until then; the loving couple would watch over each and every member of their large family with even bigger smiles on their kind faces.

Booth turned to Temperance and smiled happily as they sat on their cloud high above the sky, watching their family happy below them, "See I told you I would never leave you" he said softly