Title: Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

Warning(s): Slash, of course. Definitely AU. Sexual content, language, some OOC, very minor blood play.

Author's notes: This fic contains spoilers for just about every Harry Potter book. Also, I am disregarding certain events that transpired in Deathly Hallows, including almost the entire ending. About Vampires: Since J.K. Rowling did not go into great detail regarding Vampire traits, I have taken certain liberties while writing this. I hope you all enjoy. Reviews are most welcome.

Summary: Can one lonely vampire return to his old past, and learn to trust again?

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

The vampire waited patiently, overlooking the surprisingly busy street. He paid no heed to the rain pelting down on him, soaking him through. He leaned over the edge of the rooftop, only a rusty metal bar separating him from plummeting down to his death. He was unconcerned as he gripped the bar, knuckles going white.

His sharp eyes scanned over the tiny humans hurrying below, trying to escape the rain. He pursed his lips as he spied a potential meal. He closed his eyes and allowed his mind to focus on the individual- allowed his senses to overwhelm him. For a brief moment, he stood completely still, uncaring for the wet droplets that cascaded from the top of his dark head down his cheeks and eyelashes.

He bypassed the noise of the crowd; ignored the steady rhythm of the shower. His own mind found a connection, grabbing onto it quickly, immobilizing the individual for the briefest of moments. But it was enough. He had seen.

Opening his eyes, he breathed in the fresh nighttime air and whirled around, heading towards the back of the building. He looked down. Apart from a few hungry rats, he found no other signs of life. Without even crouching, he sprang from the rooftop and landed soundly and quietly on the wet cobblestones.

He slowly reached into his inner pocket and pulled out his wand, aiming it at himself. Whispering a drying spell, he put the wand away and walked around to the front of the building. A nearby bell tower sounded in the distance and the vampire smiled.

Midnight; my favorite time.

He walked to the street, easily maneuvering through the crowd. He spied his target up ahead, skulking about from pub to pub. The air reeked of alcohol.

The vampire followed the unsuspecting man through a very narrow alleyway. He frowned in disgust as he watched the man take a piss, barely sober. He swayed from side to side as he attempted to zip his fly.

The vampire approached silently, wand in hand. The previous drying spell was inevident as the rain and wind thrashed his frame once more. He sighed at the inconvenience but did not attempt another. He focused on the stumbling man ahead.

"Wizard!" he hissed.

Alarmed, the man before him spun around and whipped out his own wand. His arm and voice clearly shaky, he asked: "Who's there? What do you want?"

His words were slurred and the vampire took pleasure at the fact. A lucent victim was preferred, but he would relish the long forgotten taste of wine and- he sniffed the air once more- bourbon. He smiled. Indeed, a fine meal.

The man looked frightened as he backed up against the stone wall, nowhere else to go. He stared at the unmoving creature, clad entirely in black, staring serenely back at him.

The vampire once more took hold of the man's mind, assaulting its most inner core. He always made sure his meal was worthy. The man froze as if shot, eyes glazing over.

Images flashed before his eyes. Images of torture, of abuse, of little innocent children, and finally, a most unforgivable use of Obliviate.

The vampire narrowed his eyes as he broke the mental connection.

"Of all the foul creatures that roam this earth, there is nothing worse than a pedophile." He paused at the look of surprise on the man's face. "You are very lucky sir. I have starved myself for such a feast as this."

He smiled wickedly.

The man, realizing the situation, shrieked in fright.

"Vampire!" he accused, flailing his wand.

"Yes," the creature said, and attacked.

The man had no chance of escape, even if he were sober. There was no retreat from the clutches of the Dark Creature. The fangs sank into the damp skin and the struggling ceased. True enough, the heavy tinge of alcohol colored the taste of blood.

The vampire groaned in appreciation. He closed his mind to the foul beast and drank. He had no wish to relive the man's disgusting follies. He licked his lips clean as he dropped the dead weight to the wet stone.

His hunger sated, he left the alleyway feeling rejuvenated, though a little empty, nonetheless. He sighed as he made his way once more through the small, indistinguishable town. The storm was not receding in the least and his night out was not as exciting as he thought it would be. It was still early but he had no desire to prowl the streets. His one goal had been fulfilled and he decided to retire early.

He walked through the old doors of the antiquated building and climbed the four flights up to his flat. He stood in front of his nondescript door and with a wave of his arm, disabled the multitude of wards that protected his existence.

He went inside where he peeled off his soaked clothing, leaving them on the floor. He went to the toilet and ran a boiling bath. As he waited, he flipped through The Daily Prophet, desperately seeking and hoping for any piece of news that may interest him. He didn't realize how pathetically lonely his existence was until he actually became interested in the drivel written in the more fiction-than-facts newspaper.

Finding nothing of consequence, he tossed it into the fireplace and went to his bath.

He stepped into the scalding water, barely registering the delicious burn. He cracked his neck and his back before sinking fully into the waiting water. He stared ahead, thinking of absolutely nothing.

He absentmindedly licked his lips in remembrance. He could still make out the tangy taste of wine in that vermin's blood. In fact, he noticed, he was feeling slightly affected. He relished the feeling and leaned his head way back, dipping his thick hair into the hot water.

He stayed in the tub for an hour, constantly using his wand to keep the water just the right scalding temperature. He closed his eyes and let his mind wander.

A full year he had stayed in the town. At first, it seemed like heaven. A small, but prosperous Wizarding village, as far away from London as possible and still in England. No one to recognize him; plenty of potential victims. He smiled at that.

If there was one redeeming quality to this curse, it was relishing the fact that he was purging the world, or at least England, from all the vile scum that littered it. The murderers, rapists, even the occasional Death Eater.

It gave him satisfaction, while at the same time, ensured his survival. He had to eat, and he found absolutely no problem with getting rid of the criminals at the same time. Of course, people became suspicious, as they are inevitably bound to do. He never spends a long time in one location. Certainly never as long as a year. He sighed. Time to move on.

Opening his eyes, he realized that seven years had past since he last set foot in London. Surely people have forgotten, moved on. He burned to return. Craved it. Yes, solitude and anonymity were nice, but he missed the familiar streets of Diagon Alley, missed the shops and old haunts. He even missed...

No. That was not even a possibility.

He sighed as he stepped out of the tub, wrapping a large towel around his thin frame. He wiped the fogged up mirror and stared straight through it.

He made his decision then. He would leave, tomorrow, at sunset. He suddenly smiled at the thought and proceeded to dry his hair.

A quiet rapping sound stopped his movements. He smiled and went to the living room window, unlatching it. A plump, snowy owl floated inside, landing on her familiar perch. She hooted, looking up at figure standing over her.

"Hey Hedwig. Enjoy your midnight snack?"

The owl hooted in response. The vampire laughed and stroked the owl's wet feathers.

"Yea, me too. Guess what girl? We're going home." He smiled as the bird cocked her head in acknowledgement.

Yes, thought Harry Potter. Definitely time to return.