In order to vent about Season Four, I've started writing an alternate version with two new characters.

Sam and Dean deserve some loving, so they're gonna get it.

You'll get Rose and Norah's background as the story progresses.

So for now, try to accept them.


It wasn't the time for this—it couldn't be the time for this. In all of the years that they'd been a team; in all of the years that they'd been close and they'd helped each other; in all of the times that they made decisions that defined the relationships they had with each other, nothing could have ever prepared Rose and Norah for what they were about to say to Dean in his final minutes.

"We're not human." Norah said slowly.

Sam turned to look at her. What was that? Had Norah just said that they weren't human? This coming from the girl he used to get chased by when they were 10. This coming from the girl that used to call him Super Nerd and flirt with him constantly. Norah was Sam's first love, but he'd never made a move for her because she was his business partner, and she'd made him understand long ago that their relationship would stay purely business.

"What do you mean, not human?" Sam asked her.

Rose walked into the room wringing her hands. "We're…well over the years Norah and I have just called ourselves, 'The Fallen'."

Dean looked at her. "And what the Hell is that supposed to mean, Rose?"

Rose bit her lip as she noted the anger in Dean's voice. He was looking at her like they'd never met before, and it was almost like they hadn't. She was no longer young woman who had told him that she loved him, and been told that he was not the kind of man that could settle down. She was no longer the young woman that he told everything to, because the trust was about to be tested.

"We're fallen angels." Rose said. "I know it sounds ridiculous, Dean, but it's true. There's this huge master plan going down and we're going to get called in to do battle soon, and you have to know before you go."

"This is bullshit." Dean told her, throwing up his hands. "I can't believe that I have less than 10 minutes to live, and you're telling me that you and Norah are angels, Rose! What the Hell is wrong with you? The joke's not funny!"

"It's not a joke, Dean." Norah protested. "Come on, would we lie to you?"

Sam shrugged. "Apparently you've been lying since we met."

"They're not lying." Ruby said as she waltzed into the room.

Norah took Sam's hand and he let her. Norah was aware enough to know how Sam felt about her, but she was too scared to pursue him. Sam Winchester was a diamond in the rough, and he wasn't her diamond to have. He was the man she was supposed to protect, and she was a 'Fallen'…she couldn't become romantically attached to him like Rose had become to Dean.

"What are you talking about, Ruby?" Sam asked her.

"That's not Ruby, Sammy—that's Lilith." Norah told him, and stepped in between him and Lilith. "What the Hell do you want, Lilith?"

"She wants Dean." Rose said, walking up to Dean and taking a deep breath.

"And I'm going to get him." Lilith replied.

Norah laughed. "No you're not."

Norah held up her hand to exercise her angelic powers, and Sam and Dean watched in astonishment as Rose raised her hand too. Lilith laughed a little, her hair blowing a bit and then she raised her own hand and sent Rose, Norah and Sam up against a wall before pinning Dean to a table.

"You are one right, ugly bitch." Dean said, and then he looked at Rose and smiled sadly. "And I should have believed you, Rosie…you glow—you're beautiful."

Rose smiled sadly and nodded, knowing that Dean was referring to his most recent 'gift'. He'd been seeing demons in their true form, and now he was seeing her and Norah before he was taken from them.

"I love the feeling of your pain." Lilith said as tears started to spill out of Rose's eyes and Norah struggled to be free of Lilith's hold. "Hello, Sam."

Norah watched as Lilith kissed Sam softly, holding onto his face, and didn't know what the pang in her heart was all about. She didn't love Sam—she couldn't.

Don't get attached, Norah. She chided herself mentally. Stay unattached.

"So is this your master plan? Killing us all? Dragging my soul to Hell? Then what?" Dean asked.

Lilith rolled her eyes. "Humans are so demanding and boring."

Rose shook her head and told Lilith to stop as she went to the door, but Lilith just winked at her and then let in the Hell Hounds. Norah, Sam and Rose watched as Dean was torn apart in front of them, and then resisted Lilith's power as she tried to fry them with her white light. Sam came at her with the knife but she left Ruby's body, and Rose knelt down next to Dean's body and stroked his hair.

"Rosie…Sweetie…you couldn't have stopped it." Norah told her sister, kneeling down next to her and rubbing her back with her hand.

Sam looked over at Dean's body on the floor and slowly made his way over to it, dropping down to the floor, tears streaming down his face. His brother was dead, and Lilith had gotten away—not to mention his two best childhood friends had just told him their deepest secret.

"I love you." Rose whispered to Dean's dead body as Sam picked up Dean's body a little and cried as he cradled his dead brother's head.

Norah went to hold Sam, letting him bury his head into her and stroking his hair with one hand while she held Rose's hand with the other. The three of them sat there a little and cried before Norah and Rose both found someone talking into their heads.

We need to meet. The voice told them.

They both looked at each other and nodded—first they had to take care of Dean.