Title: Discovery
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
001. Beginnings
Word Count:
PG / K+
Chiro finds a safe place, and possibly something more. Pre-series, Chiro-verse.

Author's Notes: Continued from "A Choice." Also posted on . Part three of series.

The teen sat up, holding is head, cursing his luck.

"Why is there scrap metal way out here," he growled. The pain of his wounds was starting to hurt more, as if it was echoing off his bones. Hitting his head had not done him any good.

He used the metal to help him stand, them looked at it. "Scrap metal my foot," he muttered, looking up and staring at the size of the thing. "It's a robot."

He leaned against it, using it is a crutch to support the majority of his weight. He looked at the sky, where the sun was just peeking out.

"If I stay here, those guys will find me. I gotta keep going." He slammed his hand against the robot in frustration. Something slipped, and he fell through a doorway that had opened. He landed on his back, and the door slipped shut as soon as his legs were inside.

Holding his head, he slowly sat up. He staggered to his feet, hands reaching out for a wall. Finding one, he slowly walked around the dark room, trying to find a way out.

"You have got to be kidding. Where is the door?"

A wave of dizziness came over him, causing him to lose is balance. He slammed into a console; his fingers trailed over the keys as he hit the ground.

"Ow…" Lights turned on overhead, illumining up the room. He held a hand over his eyes, shielding them from the brightness.

He slowly looked around. High-tech computers on the walls, consoles in the middle of the room. He turned behind him and gaped.

Five glowing tubes. Different colored water flowed inside each one. In front of them was a simple lever. He limped over to the tubes, curious. "Cool," he whispered. "I wonder what's in them."

He looked at the lever. "I wonder…" he whispered, and moved in front of the lever. With a gulp, he gripped the handle and pulled.

Green light filled the room, overwhelming him. He lost his balance and hit his head. His world spiraled into darkness. The last thing he heard were strange voices, asking what was going on.

He blacked out.