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Chapter 16: Family

The police man nodded as Jurad was loaded into an ambulance behind him. "It's actually a pretty large concussion." He told Inuyasha though Inuyasha doubted he could care less. "She did a number on him. You should be proud, most abused woman can't get themselves out."

Inuyasha nodded and looked past him. Another EMT had taken Kagome away and said he was going to look her over to make sure of her health. Then this portly cop had come up to him and started giving him a report on Jurad's condition. As if it was him Inuyasha was worried about!

"We'll just take him over to the hospital and when the doctor says okay we can bring him back to the station." the cop nodded. "Yup, we've been after him for a while. Got some good warrants for his arrest too." Inuyasha tried not to roll his eyes. "We had him for driving while under the influence, drunk and high I believe, but the sucker got away in the chase. One of the few that do. We also got him on possession, DUI, evading arrest..."

"Look, look, look." Inuyasha said. "That's interesting and I'm sure I would love to know how long he's going away but I'm more worried about Kagome right now."

"The girl?" The cop scratched his stomach. "She's over there." He pointed behind Inuyasha at an ambulance.

Inuyasha turned and saw Kagome sitting on the back while the EMT bandaged her bloodied and cut up hands.

"Kagome!" He called to her and ran over.

"Inuyasha. You done with your conversation?" she asked.

He sat beside her and inspected her face making sure there was nothing the professional could have missed. Used to this, the EMT carried on his work without insult.

"Are you okay?" he ignored her question in the effert to make sure she was alright.

"I'm fine." Kagome said positively. "Where's Kira?"

"She's not out of school yet, baby." Inuyasha said tucking her hair behind her ears.

"Oh." Kagome said amazed at how fast the entire thing had happened.

"You sure you're alright?"

Kagome nodded and the EMT finished his bandaging. "She's good to go. She can go home anytime."

"Well, she has to come to the station and fill out some paper work." the cop said having come up towards them.

"She can do that tomorrow." Inuyasha said taking her wrists and helping her up.

"How did I know you would say that?" The cop mumbled but Inuyasha didn't hear him.

"Are you absolutely sure you're okay?" Inuyasha asked again.

"Inuyasha, I'm fine." Kagome said with a slight smile.

"I was worried." He said obviously kissing her cheek.

"I know you were, and I have something to tell you." Kagome said.

Inuyasha wasn't really paying attention but was checking her over for anything the EMT had missed.

"Inuyasha, I will." Kagome said.

"You will what?" Inuyasha asked checking her arm.

"I will marry you."

He froze and stayed that way for a second. Then slowly, as if afraid that moving too fast would make her say, 'Just kidding!'. "You what?"

"I want to marry you." she said more sure of that than anything.

"Kagome, I uh..." he stumbled on his words. "Kagome, I know you uh...You don't have to decide now. I didn't mean...Just because Jurad..."

Kagome pressed a finger to his lips. "This has nothing to do with Jurad. This is about you and me. And Kira."

His mouth moved but no sound came out.

"There is no one in the world I would rather her call 'dad'." She placed a hand on his cheek. "And there is no one in the world I would rather call husband."

"Kagome." He whispered her name in reverence. "You've just been through such a shock. You're not thinking straight." he said that, but his heart was flying.

"Trust me." Kagome said. "This is the one thing I'm absolutely sure of."

She reached up and kissed him.

Kira was standing swishing her dress that was long and pink and made her feel like a princess. There was an old guy in front of mommy and daddy, but he was just going on and on and she was getting bored.

"As long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Kagome said and she looked like an angel in white.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man, and wife." He smiled at them as Kagome and Inuyasha glowed with happiness. "You may now kiss the bride.

Inuyasha pulled her foreword and slammed his lips into hers as the cameras from the multiple news and magazine people started flashing like crazy.

Kira knew she had to walk down the isle after the last bridesmaid. She had even practiced it the other day. But what child doesn't want to walk with her mommy and new official daddy? Now that the adoption papers had gone through.

Instead of following she maid of honor, she ran to her mom and through her arms around her dad's legs.

They smiled at each other. Inuyasha grabbed one of her hands and Kagome the other.

And together, a newly made family, they walked down the isle and out of the church.


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