Love We Can't Conceal

Love cannot be explained in just mere words. It comes within the heart. It a value that shouldn't be taken for granted. You shouldn't let anyone or anything, for that matter, get in the way of this. If it's your desire, if it's destined, don't hold back. Let fate take its place and watch everything else come into place.

Taylor Mckessie was leaving East High ready to just relax for the weekend. Her whole week of school was stressful. She had to study for test, do projects, scholastic decathlon, et cetera. She deserved a break. She was walking out the building; she heard a familiar voice call her name.

"Taylor! Taylor wait!"

She turned around and saw that is was Chad Danforth running. She was surprised and wondered why of all people, he would want run after her.

"Taylor…" Chad managed to say trying to catch his breathe.

Taylor slightly laughed. "I'm sorry, Chad."

"No…" Chad looked at Taylor in amazement. She was so beautiful to him. But of course, he seemed he would never say it out loud. "It's ok. Are you in a rush?

"No. I was just on my way home."

"Oh well I wanted to ask you if you can help me with something."

"Ok, what is it?"

"Well….you know we have that history exam in a couple of weeks and…."

"Yeah, and you want me to tutor you," Taylor cut him off, raising an eye brow.

"Well… yeah…I mean you don't have to."

"Sure, Chad, I'll do it."

Chad looked at Taylor as if she has just lost her mind. Normally she wouldn't care and tell him no or look at him as if he was a waste of her time. But he has showed her that he is more than that and she knows and sees that his demeanor has changed. He's not the cocky, self centered, immature guy she has known and gotten used to in the past. He is more sensitive to others and he is really sweet.

"Thanks, Taylor," Chad smiled.

Taylor didn't say anything. She just smiled.

"Well I have to go to basketball practice."

"But today is Friday," Taylor frowned in confusion.

"Not my call. It's the coach's," Chad shrugged.


"Well we can start Monday, right?" Chad asked.

"Yeah that's fine." Taylor said looking down.

Neither one of them knew what to say. It felt so awkward at the moment because they are keeping something from each other that will hurt them if they keep it in any longer and they are trying not to slip. Chad debated whether to just come out and tell her, but what if he gets rejected? He might as well just leave it alone. But on the other hand, Taylor wanted to know if he was just being nice to for her to help him or was he truly being genuine.

"Ok well I will see you then," Chad said.


Taylor started to walk away but Chad grabbed her hand and pulled her slowly towards him. He kissed her cheek then let her hand go.

Taylor was shocked. She didn't know why he did that. Maybe it was on impulse. Maybe is was something more he wanted to ask or tell her and without words, he tried to show her..

"Thanks Taylor. I really do appreciate it," he whispered.

She wanted to say something but she couldn't so she just nodded. He smiled then walked away.

Taylor was stunned. She has never been this way before. Maybe it's something that is destined to happen. Maybe she is jumping to conclusion. Well whatever it is…its going to be very interesting!!!!!