Sneaking out

I sighed as the sunny sky came to play in the living room. I really need to see Jacob. My sun. I missed his smile, his hugs and the fun we have with each other. Sadly Edward's jealousy issues have made me forbidden me from seeing Jake. A single tear fell from my face. I can help it! My boyfriend won't let me see my friend! That is something to cry about. My phone rung and it said 'Jacob' A smile came on my face as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Hello?" I said smiling

"Hey Bella!" Jacob said.

"Hi Jake what's up?" I said.

"Want to come over?" he asked. I thought about it. I can be a good girl and stay here and wait for Edward or I can be a bad ass girl and sneak off to hang out with Jacob? A or B. Come on Bella he is waiting on you.

"Sure Jake just meets me outside my window. I said and hung up. I smiled as I put on my flip flops and jacket.

I grabbed my house key, window key (I know it's weird), and cell phone. I waited for Jake. I saw a brown figure and he held his arm out. I sighed and jumped in his arms. I giggled as I landed in his arms.

"Wow and I didn't get hurt." I giggled. He laughed a little too and we were running off into the border of La Push. We reached First beach and sat on our rocks.

"So Bella what made you come over?" he asked. I laughed.

"Well I decided to be a bad ass Bella and sneak off to see my best friend who my boyfriend forbidden me to see like a warden and keeps and eyes on me which is sometimes unnecessary." I said through clenched teeth with anger flowing.

"So Bella Swan escaped her protective obsessive boyfriend to see me? I think I am going to cry!" he said feign happiness. I laughed at the joke. He laughed as well.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging. We played in the sand and walked along the beach. We also cliff dived with him this time.

When the sun settled we sighed and took me back to my window. When I opened the window I hugged Jake.

"Thanks for the wonderful day Jake! I know I might get in trouble but it's worth it when I hang out with you." I said. He smiled warmly and happily.

"Thanks Bella. That means a lot to me. I will text you later." He said while jumping and transforming into the familiar wolf. I smiled and went back into my window. I smiled as I put the picture and different types of flowers he gave me on my dresser I grabbed my bag and went to my shower.

I took my shower and put on my pjs. I still had Jake's jacket. Oh well I can get it later. I looked at it once more before putting it on. I took a deep breath of the smell. It smelled just like Jake. A combination of summer and spring citrus in the most wonderful way. I walked back to my room and put the jacket up. I went into my closet and saw a box with 'Bella' on the side. I opened it and gasped.

Inside was a photo album of Jake and I. I smiled as I sat on my bed looking through the book. I giggled at the different pictures.

"What's so funny love?" he asked. I jumped. Edward was sitting in the rocking chair with a hard look on his face.

"Oh nothing." I said.

"So where were you today?" he asked. I froze. Oh fuck.

"Um nowhere." I said quickly.

"Are you sure? I wonder who the girl I saw walking with a werewolf was. Holding hands. Oh well I guess it's just me." He said rocking in the chair. I froze still.

"Wait a minute that girl was my girlfriend! Bella why did you sneak off to see him after I have told you not to!" he roared.

"Jacob is my friend and you are not my warden so chill the fuck out!" I yelled back. I sat on my bed pulling the covers on my head. I let silent tears fall down my face.

"No I will not calm down! For now on when Charlie leaves I will be here all day just to watch you." He said and jumped out of my window. That stupid bastard. Who told him he can tell me what to do. Some gentleman. Real gentleman let a woman have some space with her friends. I texted Jake.

"Hey Jake"

"Hey Bella what's up? 

"Ugh my boyfriend he is once again forbidding me to see you. Jackass. 

"Figures I swear the guy needs therapy.

"I know but I had fun sneaking off to see you and hanging out with you."

"Aw thanks Bells. I will txt you later ok?"

"Ok love you Jake."

"Love you Bells."

I closed my phone and silent cries came back from being hidden. I will see Jacob Black no matter what.