Ok this story is all human!

SMC (the author of this story) had a seizure in school the other day and went to the hospital. She will be back soon but she asked me to type up this chapter and put it on here. So enjoy!


Fang POV

Okay I can do this! I thought to my self. I was sitting in my black escalade in my new school's parking lot. I was my first day at Westwood Preparatory School. Westwood Prep is an extremely expensive pre-k to 12th grade school in L.A. California. I used to go to public school but my parents thought it would be a good experience to go to school with people of the same "social class". I took a deep breath and opened my door getting ready for the first day of my junior year.

I stepped out of my car a smoothed out my black school uniform pants. Our school colors are black gray and sliver. Lively isn't it? Our uniforms are okay though. Black pants. Gray or Black long sleeved dress shirts with the school emblem on the pocket. Black and gray striped tie with the school emblem. I was wearing all black, of course. I slid my keys into my pocket and turned to face the rest of the student body. I walked out and leaded against the hood of my car. I took out my iPhone and texted my best friend from my old school, Carson.

Dude, I feel like I'm in a sea of School Girl Barbies and Kens.


My name is Nick Venom but people at my old school used to call me Fang. Get it? Fang, Venom? Anyway. I put my phone away waiting for him to text me back when a girl came up to me. She had on a gray school skirt on with black knee-highs and a grey short-sleeved blouse with a grey tie. She had mocha skin and wild curly hair that looked like it was trying to escape the rubber band that she had it tied back with.

"Hi! I'm Monique Pepper! You can call me Nudge though. You must be new here because I haven't seen you before and I've been going to this school since pre-k. I'm a sophomore you look older then me. Are you a senior? I'm head of the student welcoming committee here at Westwood Prep! I'll be your guide around campus! Its really great here I know you will love it. What's your name?" she said in one breath.

"I'm Nick Venom. I'm a junior." I said, shaking her extended hand.

"Whoa! Cool last name, Venom. Well let me explain to you how it works here at Westwood. You pick a click and you stay with it. Over there are the goths, emos, and emotionally-scared." She said pointing to a group of kids sitting in the shade all dressed in black. The looked pail and most had what people would call black "emo" hair. (AN in this story Fang has medium length hair that's kinda "skater" cut but its messy in the good super hot way) They wore black fingernail polish and eyeliner (guys included). I gave them a discussed look and Nudge giggled. "They keep to them selves I asked one of them if they had a pencil once and he hissed at me. Fa-reak! Ok now over there are the "populars" they are the jocks and cheerleaders." Nudge said point to a group of guys and girls the guys all had preppy hair and popped collars. The girls skirts where hiked up to the point where if they moved I would see their underwear. They had their ties off and their shirts where unbuttoned down to the forth button showing way to much chest. "The captains of the cheerleading squad are Lissa, and Brigid they are the queens of the slags. Lissa has red hair. Brigid has the unnatural looking blonde all the other girls are their little clones. Then the captain of the basketball team is Ari Batchler he's the one with the brown hair who Lissa is hanging on to. The one Brigid is hang on is Josh Omega the captain of the soccer team. They control the school they can ruin your life with the snap of a finger. No one messes with them, well except for Max." She warned. Who's Max? I wondered to my self but thought better not to interrupt Nudge.

"Okay that is the computer geeks. That's where I hang out. We really aren't geeks though we just care about our grades and like computers." She said pointing to a group kids hunched over laptops.

"Those are the wanna be gangsters" Nudge said nodding towards kids with "bling" and their pants down to their butts.

"Those are the skaters, and pranksters." She said pointing to a group of kids skateboarding by the fountain. As I looked around a car drove by. It was a black Lamborghini convertible with the top down. In the drivers seat was a guy with blonde hair who looked about my age. In the back seat was a little blonde girl in a booster seat. Then in the passenger side was another blonde girl girl. I didn't get good look at her but she looked around my age maybe a little younger. They zoomed past us and parked in a spot a few down from my car.

"And that good sir, is Angel, the little girl, Zack, the gorgeous blonde boy who is driving, and Max, the girl in the front seat, Bacardi. Yes, Bacardi as in the alcohol company. Angel is 4 and in preschool. Zack is 17 and a junior he's the football team captain." She said looking at him longingly. "Max is easily the prettiest girl in school, as you can see, but she doesn't flaunt it. She's so nice and stands up for everyone when they need it. She skipped third grade so she's in your class but she's only 15. (AN yes, I know their ages are different but I wanted Max to have an older brother and I didn't want it to be Iggy or Fang, so I made it Gazzy. Deal with it!) Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to be with her. Zack, and Max are kind of their own click. The click everyone wants to be in." She took a quick breath and continued, "Max and Zack are like the heartthrobs of the school, but they hardly ever date. Zack has only gone out with Lissa, Brigid, and his girlfriend now, Paige Noël." She sighed and looked down. She spoke up again, "Max has only gone out with this Iggy. But that didn't last for more then a month." She said pointing to a reddish haired boy sitting by the fountain laughing. "Every guy drools over Max, except for Zack because he's her brother and that would be gross, even Josh Omega and Ari." Nudge said as Max, Zack and Angel came out from behind the other cars and I got a good look at Max. She was gorgeous. She had long golden hair that was up in a high ponytail. Her skirt was short but not too short; just enough to show a little of her perfect long legs. She was in all black but her skirt, which was grey. She had beautiful green eyes that made me melt. She was holding one of little Angel's hands, who was in a black and grey plaid jumper with a short sleeved grey shirt under it and little black shoes with white socks. Angel had big blue eyes and perfect blonde curly hair. Holding Angels other hand was Zack, he had black pants on with a gray shirt on his tie was around his head and tied on the side. He had a pink Barbie book bag in his other hand. As they walked by a brunette girl ran up and hugged Zack. He let go of Angel and hugged her back. "That's Paige." Nudge sighed sadly. Paige let go of Zack and hugged Max. Then Zack said something causing all three girls to burst out laughing. Max's laugh stood out. It was beautiful it reminded me of bells. I felt a pang of disappointment when she stopped. Paige waved to Angel, Zack and Max and walked towards the other buildings. Max grabbed Angel's hand and backpack, that was sitting on the ground, and walked towards what I assumed was the elementary school with Zack beside her. As she walked I saw almost every guy look at her with lust filled eyes. I felt my hands curl into lethal fist and a growl built up in my throat. Zack noticed too; he put an arm around her shoulder protectively and glared at the other guys. Max just waved and said basic greetings as she passed.

Nudge was about to continue talking when the first bell rang. "Crap we have to get to class. Do you know your homeroom teacher?" She asked. I glanced at my class list.

"Mr. Baker" I said.

"Ok that's the English building class room 4. I'll see you after class." She said waving good bye and running towards the "computer geeks"

I sighed and grabbed my bag out of my car. My phone vibrated in my pocket.

Fang's a Barbie girl in a Barbie world life in plastic its fantastic.


I rolled my eyes and texted back



He texted back

Who's the one in the prep school uniform?


I scowled at the phone and put it back in my pocket.


I walked to the preschool building and kneeled down to Angels level. "Be good," I told her. "I will." She said taking her bag from my hand. Then she wrapped her little arms around Zack's legs he ruffled her curls. Then she gave me one last hug and ran off to meet with another group of girls her age.

"Ready to go to class?" Zack asked me.

"I guess, I heard we have a few new students. I so upset that I'm not in your Iggy's or Paige's homeroom." I said pouting. Zack laughed.

"You look like Angel when you do that." I punched him in his arm and he stopped laughing. He walked me to the English building, glaring at guys as we passed. When we were out side of the door he turned to me.

"Now listen Max any of these guys lay a finger on you, or even look at you the wrong way, I want to hear about it. Got it?" he said glaring at another guy as he passed.

"I can take care of my self." I sighed I gave him a one armed hug and opened the door to the English building. I went to my locker, grabbed my favorite book, A Lesson Before Dying, and went to homeroom I was the first one there so I sat near the window and started to read. I heard the door open and close and people take the seats in front of me. I didn't look up. A few minuets later it opened again and I new exactly who it was by the Click Click Click of seven inch platform stilettos.

"Get out of our seats." Said a winy voice of Lissa. I looked up to see Lissa and Brigid glaring at two other girls who were sitting in the seats right in front of me. The girls began to pick up their stuff. The door opened again but I didn't bother to look.

"Don't move." I said to the girls getting out of my seat and standing between them and the Slut Sisters. The other girls, who I assumed were new because I didn't recognize them, looked unsure but sat back down.

"Get out of the way bitch they are in our seats." Brigid said in her obnoxious nasally voice.

"First, no I think I'm fine where I am. Second I don't see your names anywhere on these seats. Third maybe if you weren't busy playing queens of the school, and snogging with your perverted boyfriends, you would get yourselves here in time to get the seats you wanted. So sit your witchy little asses in some other seats." I said glaring at them they flicked their hair and gave me dirty looks but I saw the fear in their eyes. They sat near the back and I turned to the other girls with a smug grin.

"Don't let them push you around." I said to them smiling warmly and holding out my hand to the one on the right. She had dark brown hair that was in silky tight ringlets, and blue eyes. "Thank you. I'm Saving. Saving Grace Jefferson." She said shaking my hand, her voice was high and child like, and her hand was significantly smaller then my own. I turned to the other girl she had bright red hair that was in French braids and lots of freckles. "I'm Lila." She said shaking my hand, she was clearly shy. "Nice to meet you both, my name is M-" Grace cut me off "I we know who you are! Your Max! Everyone knows who you are. Your so pretty." I smiled. They were here for about 30 minuets and they already know about me. Wow. I shook it off.

"Thank you. Do you want to sit with me at lunch?" I asked them they smiled and nodded I smiled back and took my seat behind them.

I looked around the room to find other people sitting in small groups asking about how summers went. I turned back to my book and continued to read. I felt a tap on my shoulder and let out a little yelp. I looked up to see a boy standing in front of me. He had olive colored skin and dark brown hair that looked like he just rolled out of bed. He was in all black and had his shirtsleeves pushed up to his elbows, showing his hard and muscular forearms. On one arm he had a small tattoo of black wings right above his wrist. His face was impassive but his dark eyes danced with amusement. He was gorgeous.

"Mind if I sit?" he asked glancing at the seat next to me.

"If you promise not to scare me like that again." I said. He just smirked and sat down beside me.

"I'm Max Bacardi." I mumbled my last name hoping not to draw attention to it. I offered him my hand.

"Nick Venom." He said shaking my hand. His handshake was firm but gentle and his hands were calloused. I smiled to my self and turned back to my book. The teacher walked in and started writing English notes on the board for his next class.

"That was nice of you, standing up for those girls I mean." He said after a few minuets of science. I shrugged. The bell rang and I jumped, knocking my books off my desk. I bent down to get them but Nick already had them holding them out to me.

"Thanks." I said blushing. He flashed me a crooked grin, exposing a set of perfectly straight pearly white teeth, but something caught my eye. His eyeteeth (canine teeth) where pointed and sharp looking; like fangs. (AN all human he's not a vamp just has cool teeth) I took my books and shuffled out of the room. Iggy was waiting for me leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. We went out for a little while but we both decided that we were better of as friends. Zack and Iggy are best friends. So he and I are close.

"Hey" he said taking my books out of my hands. I smiled at him.

"Hey your self." I said back.

"Hey Max! What class do you have next?" I heard Grace yell from behind me. She came up beside me still not noticing Iggy.

"I have Spanish what do yo-" she stopped talking and finally realized Iggy. She gave him a once over and her moth fell open forming a small O. Her eyes had longing and lust in them. I laughed. I turned to Iggy and realized he was looking at her with the expression.

"Iggy, this is my friend Saving." I said pointing to her. I realized that she was really small maybe four eleven; about ten inches shorter then me, and a little more then a foot shorter then Iggy.

"Hello. You can call me Grace. My first name is Saving, but I go by my middle name, Grace." She said giving him a shy wave. He smiled and held out his hand.

"I'm Iggy. It's a pleasure to meet you." He said he took her hand and kissed the top. I rolled my eyes.

"Come on, Grace I have Spanish too. So does Iggy. Lets get a move on." I said smiling that Iggy had a new crush. They both shook their heads and took their spots on either side of me. As we walked to Spanish I couldn't get my mind of Nick and his midnight eyes.