Chapter four or something I don't know

Fang POV

As Zack lunged for me my animal instincts kicked in. That was never a good thing.


I watched Zack lunge at Nick everything seamed to move in slow motion Nick sprang to his feet faster then humanly possible. Zack collided with Nick. Nick grabbed Zack by the shoulders and pined him to the wall Zack gave me a look that said, Get the humans out of here. I jumped to my feet. "Iggy! Grace! Go get Claude out here we need to break this up!" they nodded and ran into the house. I quickly shut my eyes and concentrated; when they opened again they were a glowing violet. The sight before me was horrifying. A crazed Nick had Zack pinned to the wall with a death hold on his neck. The pupils of Nick's eyes where black slits and the irises were blood red. Nick hissed and snapped out two beautiful jet-black wings. Then I saw his biceps flex, he was about to snap Zack's neck.

"Nick, calm down." I demeaned in a monotone concentrating extremely hard on his emotions. I felt his anger slowly melt away as his eyes returned to their midnight black. His eyelids fluttered then closed completely. He fell and bashed his head against the concrete floor. Crimson blood pooled around his head. Zack got up and rubbed his throat.

"Get him up to the red guest room. I'll clean up the mess." He said. I nodded and closed my eyes again. I felt my powers slowly change. I opened my eyes, which were now orange. I picked up a shockingly light Nick, blinked, and thought of the red guest room. When I opened my eyes we where there, ah teleportation, how lovely it is.

I laid him down on the bed and quickly ran to the bathroom. I got out the first aid kit and went back to Nick. I was about to clean the cut but all that was left was wet blood on his hair. I sighed and ran a wet washcloth through it trying to get out the blood. Once I got all the blood out of his silky black hair I slowly ran my fingertips long his cheek and through his tangled hair. I sat beside him and gazed at his wings for what seemed like hours. They were a beautiful pitch black with purple tints. I softly stroked the one closet to me and his finger twitched. His eyelids fluttered and he shot up. I jumped off the bed and went into a fighting stance, unsure if he was going to attack me like he attacked Zack.

"Max." he said. His eyes filled with regret and sadness.

"Max please, don't be afraid, I-I won't hurt you." He mumbled a line of profanities directed at himself and put his face in his hands.

"God Max I'm so so sorry. I didn't…theses things… You weren't supposed to…" he mumbled. I quietly walked over to him and kneeled in front of him on the bed. I stretched out my wings in all their 13-foot golden glory.

"Nick, look at me." I said wrapping my hand around his wrist and giving them a tug. He didn't look up.

"Please." I said softly. He raised his head and his mouth fell open.

"Y…you!" he stuttered out then he broke out in the most magnificent smile I've ever seen in my entire life, literally taking my breath away. He picked me up into a bone-crushing hug and jumped off the bed spinning me in circles.

"Your like me!" he whispered putting me down. I looked up at him and grinned. He turned his eyes back to my wings his eyes showed pure joy, and awe.

"They're beautiful." He whispered slowly rising one hand as if to ask permission. I nodded and he stroked my wing. He smiled again and looked me in the eyes.

"Fly with me." He said his eyes dancing with passion. I ran to my closet, slipped on a sundress with an open back. When I returned to the room he had a black Volcom zip up hoodie on with slits in the back. I grabbed his hand, we ran to the balcony burst through the doors and flung ourselves over the railing. One powerful down stroke and we were off. Soaring through the crisp night air. Up Up Up.

"Race ya to the clearing." Nick said pointing to a clearing about 800 meters ahead. I smirked closed my eyes opening them and they returned to their normal bright green. I shot forward and was at the clearing in two seconds. I landed and pulled my legs up to my chest, letting my wings cool off. Nick landed silently 30 seconds later.

"Your quick." He said. I smiled at him and patted the spot next to me. He sat in the grass and lay back, putting his arms behind his head. A gust of wind blew causing me to shiver. Nick tapped my shoulders. He handed me his jacket leaving him in a plain black t-shirt showing off his muscular arms and chest.

"You'll be cold." I said. He shook his head no.

"I'm cold blooded." He said dropping the hoddie in my lap. I slipped it on. It was big and the sleeves went about 6 inches past my arms, but it was warm and smelt amazing. I laid down beside Nick.

"How are you cold blooded and I'm not?" I asked.

"I'm part reptile." He said flashing me a smile showing off his fangs. I gave him a confused look. "2% bird 2% king cobra. One bite with these babies" he licked his fangs "and you would be dead in three seconds flat." He said looking straight up at the stars. Then we fell into a comfortable silence. We didn't have to ask one million questions about where we came from, what we were doing here, what kind of mutants we were; we already knew everything we needed to. He was a mutant as was I and we stuck together. I looked up at the twinkly stars and slipped my hand into Nicks. He hesitated but laced his fingers through mine and gave me a gentle squeeze.

Fang POV

After about thirty minuets of laying in the grass with Max, I decided that it was time to go back to the house before Zack had a nervous breakdown. I sat up and looked at Max she was fast asleep curled into a tight ball, hugging her goose-bumped legs to her chest with one arm, and clutching my hand, which fell asleep fifteen minuets ago, with death grip. I slowly pried my hand out of hers and picked her up bridal style. She was really light maybe 80 pounds so she would be no problem carrying home. Once I got in the air she cuddled up into my chest and rested her head on my shoulder. I quietly landed on her balcony and laid her down on her gold and white bed. I pulled down the blanket and her eyes opened. She yawned.

"Hey." She said in a sleepy voice.

"Go back to sleep." I said pulling the blankets over her and kissing her forehead. I walked to the door.

"Goodnight Nick." She said sleepily.

"Goodnight." I said shutting off her lights and closing the door behind me.

Time to face the bloodthirsty older brother.

Lord have mercy.

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