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Mortimer looked into the mirror and sighed. Were had all the years gone? He was 65 years old but what had he accomplished out of that? Some might say that Mortimer was a successful scientist with 2 adoring children and a lot of cash and yes maybe that was true but in Mortimer's head all he saw was that he was a failed scientist with two unplanned children, a failed marriage and a lot of his father's cash that he had inherited. He had not done half of the things he had wanted to do in life always thinking he had time to do them in. putting it off and putting it off until … now when there was no time left. And who could call him a successful scientist when he had not made one discovery? He remembered when he was determined to find the cure for cancer. He remembered back to his younger days when he was in love.

He hadn't always been this pessimistic. He was happy once. When he was younger he fell in love with the most beautiful woman ever, her name was Bella Goth and despite the age gap he pursued her eventually winning her heart and taking her down the aisle making her Mrs Goth. making her his. He had never thought he could be happier but then Bella got pregnant and had a daughter Cassandra. Mortimer was content in life and became a devoted father and husband.

Bella wasn't as content in life though. When she was younger before she met Mortimer she had dreams and ambitions. She wanted to go to college and have a career and be independent but now she was just another housewife whose only goal in life was to make sure her husband and daughter were happy. She kept her thoughts to herself though and eventually she settled into family life

15 years later Bella became pregnant again. Mortimer was ecstatic, over the moon "a miracle!" he proclaimed but Bella wasn't so sure. She was worried how she would cope with two children and a husband who was soon to be elderly. Nine months later Alexander was born. Mortimer was happy, his family was complete. However he was busy at work a lot of the time and he didn't notice Bella's change in mood. The resentful looks she would shoot at the baby and how more and more depressed she was becoming.

She had post-natal depression but she never knew this and instead she just thought she was an awful mother and a bad mother. Soon she couldn't take it any more and when Alex was just 6 months old Bella ran away in the middle of the night leaving a note saying sorry. That's all it said and Mortimer would spend hours looming over it trying to figure it out what was she sorry for? Had she cheated on him? Or was she just sorry for leaving? He couldn't understand why she left. She had everything here. All the money she could dream of, a loving husband who looked after her and 2 beautiful children Mortimer was devastated when she left. He didn't get out of bed for weeks leaving Cassandra and the butler to tend to the house and Alex. Divorce papers arrived one month after Bella left. She just wanted a quick divorce and didn't try to take any of Mortimer's money instead insisting it was to go to the children when Mortimer died.

Eventually after many years Mortimer's heart healed. He still missed her and he knew he would never love anyone like her again but he had accepted she would never return. He sometimes wondered where she was. He hoped she was happy. He never held any resentment towards Bella he couldn't but he did wonder why she left. She had been gone for eight years and Cassandra was now in her twenties. She had just recently left college and was planning to marry the neighbourhood womanizer Don Lothario.

Mortimer shook his head in disapproval he had hated their relationship from the word go but whenever he had complained to Cassandra she got angry with him. When she announced she was to marry him Mortimer nearly had a heart attack. She had warned him though if he didn't support this wedding 100% she would disown him. Mortimer had no choice and backed off he played the part of proud father perfectly even though everyone knew his true feelings. Alex was now almost nine years old and one of the smartest children you would ever meet. He knew 7 different languages and was 2 years ahead at his top private academy school. Mortimer's heart swelled with pride whenever he thought of his brainy son.

Mortimer looked into his wrinkled, tired face and sighed again. No matter how much he loved his children and how proud they made him he always felt there was something missing. A deep, dark hole inside of his chest and now matter how many times he tried to fill the hole … he just couldn't. He thought that when he started a relationship with Dina Caliente that he would immediately fall in love with her and the hole would just go away but it didn't. They had been dating for almost a year but they didn't have 1/10th of the connection he had with Bella however he was determined to make it work and was planning on asking her to move in with him tomorrow.

Tomorrow was the wedding of Cassandra and Don. Mortimer was dreading it. He knew Don was only using her for the money. He figured that out when after mentioning a pre-nup Don had hit the roof accusing Cassandra of not trusting him and threatening to call off the wedding if she mentioned it again. Mortimer knew that as soon Don got her down the aisle and married her then he would dump her leaving Cassandra heartbroken. Maybe he wouldn't be that cruel. Maybe he would wait a few weeks first get a flash holiday out of her as well as her money. Mortimer didn't know but what he did know was that tomorrow would be a day to remember.

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