D: All right, here's the deal. I've changed the title of this story to 'Original J's S' so that I could use the title "Joker's Shadow" in my second attempt. I haven't decided whether or not to delete this first attempt yet so I'll leave it up as it is. In the meantime, look for "Joker's Shadow". I've started it already but haven't uploaded it.

We'll be changing the plan of getting the chapters up though. Rather than putting them up every other day, as the previous one, I'm gotta try to update a chapter a week. I hope to make the chapters longer with more detail, and I want to avoid going over fifty chapters. And I'll also try to keep the Joker in his original personality, but like the first attempt, I'll be bringing in his past self as well. I'll add this at the beginning of the first chapter so I can avoid having readers telling me that I'm completely destroying the Joker's personality. No one knows what he was like before he became the Joker, so I think I have a right to create and lead his past personality. Oh, and as a second thought, I'm going to be using pretty much the same ideas, but I'm going to mix them better into the story rather than have them be completely random.

I'm hoping my beta reader will return to her little "duty" of being my beta reader, but I'll be paying better attention to things on my own so my writing should be better.

And again, if I fail in uploading once a week, I want to apologize beforehand since I am a senior in high school, and I'm preparing for college and trying my best to get through high school. So, don't be angry with me. As for the author notes, I'm gonna limit those a great deal more because some where incredibly, and unnecessarily long.

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Anyway, look for "Joker's Shadow" by lordlink13 for my second - and hopefully better - attempt. I'll post it ASAP, after I get all the reviews I can get from the above question.