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I couldn't believe I was crying like a little baby about my virginity. I wished I could just get it over with but who. I just hoped Alice or Jacob didn't find me in my room. Just great it had to be one of them. I heard someone come in I knew it was late.

"Alice I'm ok don't – oh hey Edward" I said wiping my eyes.

"Bella what's wrong" he said concerned like always when I cried. Me and him shared a room I knew him since 12th grade. We met in Biology I met Alice then too. We became good friends, great friends. Alice was dating Jasper Hale, Rosalie's twin brother. While, Rosalie was dating Emmett who is Alice's and Edward's brother.

"Nothing". I knew he didn't buy it.

"Bella come on I know you only cry when you're upset". Damn him and Jacob, my best friend since birth, only knew that.

"I'm not really upset but- oh just never mind" Why would I talk to him about this. I knew I needed sleep but before I could shut the bathroom door to change he stopped it with his foot.

"Edward I need to change"

"First you have to tell me what's wrong" he smiled.

"Fine ugh you're lucky you're my best friend"

"Ok now tell me"

"Well promise not to laugh"

"Why would I laugh if it hurt you" he was good.


"I promise now stop distracting me Bella tell me"

"You know how I'm a virgin"

"Yeah and"

"I don't want to be anymore"

"You don't have a boyfriend though"

"Duh don't you think I know that I just want it to be gone" I was crying now great making him worry more.

"Um well ok I'm going to ask you something you have to try not to be angry if I ask you"

"Okaayy" I was confused what was it going to be.

"I could be your first if you want ok never mind" he was so nervous.

"No, because we are best friends and I don't want to ruin our friendship"

"Trust me it won't and I rather be your first than some jerk who would just dump you" was he serious. I don't know he's my best friend but no one is home and no one would know.

"Ok" I was blushing I just knew I was. He looked up a little surprised.

"Are you sure?" of course I would be happy I guess but what about him I just didn't want to use him.

"Yes" before I could finish his face was so close to mine.

I could see his emerald green eyes staring at me with passion his forehead on mine. I decided to make the first move since it was my virginity. I leaned closer to him and he leaned down so he could touch his lips to mine. His lips were warm and soft as he kissed me. He picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

It felt a little weird to be kissing my best friend this way but I had this spark when his lips touched mine. He pulled away for a second looking into my eyes. I just nodded. He kissed me sweetly and passionately he reached for my shirt. I pulled away so he could take it off. I felt him stare at me I was going to cover up.

"Your beautiful, Bella" he kissed me again his tongue sliding on my lower lip causing me to moan. I felt so good. I needed more I tugged on his shirt. He lifted it up I could see his well built chest perfect. I seen it before of course we were roommates but it was different in this new light. He started to kiss and suck on my neck causing me to moan. He walked into our room and laid me on the bed.

"Bella are you sure about this we could stop"

"I'm sure"

He started to take my socks off then he slowly unbuttoned my pants. His hands were shaking a little, I was nervous too. He lifted my lower back so he could take my pants off. He kissed my legs. He kissed me sliding his tongue to mine. My hands were sliding down his chest to his pants. I unbuttoned them and slide them off. He threw them somewhere around the room.

We were breathing heavily. He unclipped my bra, massaging my breast gently. He kissed the side of my breast and sucked lightly causing me to moan loudly, good thing no one was home.

He started to kiss me down on my stomach, my core was there. I didn't know what he was going to do. Then it hit me. He was hovering over it.

"Edward you don't have to"

"I'm going to be your first everything" he was taking this too seriously. He never talked that way. Ever. I wasn't going to stop him, but I had to let him have his fun too.

He lowered his head and he started to kiss my thigh and the sides of where my underwear was. He placed his hands on both sides of my hips and carefully removed my underwear. He lowered his head and I couldn't see him anymore. I was getting anxious and more nervous. I went to look and he pushed me down.

"Just relax" I couldn't nothing was happening.

Then I felt his tongue licking my thigh. It felt like nothing I ever felt before. He kissed and licked my core.

"Edward" I cried his name out loud. I could feel his breathing on me and pleasure surrounded me. His tongue slid into my hole massaging my inside. I couldn't handle it anymore I needed him. I brought his head to mine kissing him roughly. He knew what I wanted he came closer to me trying not to put his weight on me he pulled away for a second.

"Bella it's going to hurt I'm going to go slow ok" I nodded. I knew it was going to hurt I've heard many stories of course.

He pushed in me very slowly it only hurt a little. He held me tightly being careful not to hurt me. He pushed in a little more and it hurt like hell. My nails dug in his back causing him to flinch. Tears came down me face. He rubbed my back trying to soothe me. He kissed my shoulder and neck calming me as I sobbed into his neck. He waited a couple of minutes before he went deeper, I could feel that he was all the way in. He started moving slowly in and out the pain decreasing in the process. It started feeling good.

I pushed him into me telling him to continue. He moved in and out in a pattern. I pulled him closer my legs wrapped around his waist my hands pulling him tighter to my body. He moved faster and harder. Pleasure wrapped around my body he was kissing my neck.

"Edward" I screamed his name.

"Are you ok" he was worried. I just nodded so he would keep going. He pushed in me harder, causing new waves of pleasure. I thrust myself, so I could meet him half way. The friction was so powerful.

I felt my climax. I was breathing heavy. I moved my hips in circles and came to my climax. He just laid on top of me still inside. I rolled onto him so I could breathe. I kissed him lightly.

"Are you ok, Bella" he said pushing my hair back, looking me deep in the eyes.

"Perfect" that was last thing I said before I fell asleep.

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