N94:Here's Your Sneak Peak On Lost Without You.

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"I was your best friend you perv" I yelled and walked out the door. I walked down the path of the drive way all my anger heating my face, tears rolling down my face.

"Bella wait Bella" he yelled. I kept walking not even close to the end of the drive way. He grabbed my wrist. I pulled away and looked at his face. The front door was open with all our friends faces shocked and smiling.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen I can't believe you. You actually thought I was going to sleep with you, when you hardly knew who I was. I don't know how you can go on using all those girls at school. Fuck you Edward. They have feelings too" I yelled and kept walking. He grabbed my wrist again and pulled me toward him.

"Bella I'm really sorry I mean I-" he said looking deep into my eyes. I cut him off.

"God Edward I'm disappointed in you" the tears rolled on and on as I yelled at him.

"You aren't the boy I fell in love with. I thought I loved you, but apparently I was stupid and totally wrong. You weren't brought up this way. You were brought up to respect woman. What would Elizabeth and Edward say about this? They would be way more disappointed than I am right now. You fucking jerk" I yelled louder.

"Don't call me, don't text me, don't even look at me, I don't want to see you, you are officially not my best friend anymore" I threw the bracelet he gave me on the floor and walked to my truck, not even looking back.

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