CHP. 1

The Last Night Together

BPOV(Bella's Point of View)

It was the night before Edward and I's wedding. I was in total bliss! We were just laying in my bed(Charlie still didn't know about this) in silence just enjoying each others presences. I couldn't stand the silence any longer so i decided to try to start a conversation or something.

"I love you Edward Anthony Mason Cullen" to me thats always a good conversation starter between me and Edward.

"As do I you Isabella Marie Swan soon to be Cullen" we both laughed a low chuckle.

"Can I tell you something? Well I mean give you something?"

I groaned. He knew how much I hated receiving gifts from him or any of his family, well technically our family soon. The only type of gift I accepted from him are hand-me-downs. So far he's only given me one hand-me-down and has bought me a car because my truck died.

" can I?" he asked, interupting my thoughts.

"Fine." I grumbled not really wanting to except a gift from him.

"As long as it's a hand-me-down though, nothing else!"

"Trust me love, my father gave it to my mother the night before they got married. When I give it to you though, you have to promise me you will wear this at our wedding tomorrow."

"I promise" I spoke in a soft tone.

"Now close your eyes, and don't open them until I tell you to and no peaking what so ever. Even if you feel somthing different or anything, you can't look. Got it?"

"Got tt" I did what I was told and in a matter of seconds i felt somthing cold and small go around my neck.

"Now. Open your eyes and look down"

Before I opened my eyes I pulled my hand up to feel what was around my neck. I found it and took it into my hands. I opened my eyes to see what rested what reseted in my palm.

I gasped in shock at what it was. I was a beautiful silver locket with a gold heart on it and another dimond heart in the middle. It was the most gorgeous piece of jewelry I've ever seen. I opened it and on one side was a picture of Edward and I holding onto each others waist. My head resting was on his chest while I was looking at his face and he wass looking into the camera, smiling that gorgous half smile i absolutly adore. On the other side it said 'Edward and Bella together forever'. I looked up to Edward with tear filled eyes.

"This is a-a-amazing. It's s-so b-b-beautiful." I stuttered.

"Yeah, it was my mother's my father gave it to her the night before their wedding too. The only thing I changed is the engravement. I thought it would be proper for me and you, so that I will always be in your mind."

Right now i was crying low, gentle sobs.

"B-but you are always in my thoughts and never forget that. You go-" I was cut off becaue Edward's lip were suddenly on mine.

He was being very gentle yet passionate at the same time. I was all too soon running out of breath. Edward could hear my heart racing and he knew what that meant. He knew that it was time to pull away so the human can breathe. I sighed and looked up into his eyes, they looked full of love. I was hoping that mine did too.

" I wish that you didn't have to leave tonight. I'm going to feel so alone without you."

He let out a chuckle so low that I almost didn't hear. " I know, I wish I didn't have to leave either. I wish I could stay hear but I can already hear Emmet, Jasper, and Carlisle out there waiting for me."

I groaned." Why can't they go without you?"

"Well because first of all, it's my bachalor party and second of all, by the sound of their thoughts it sounds like they aren't goin to lemme skip out on this."

"Your making it sound like you want to go." I pointed out to him until I finally realized that his eyes were almost black. "Ohhh...sorry I didn't realize you were umm...thirsty."

"It's okay. I will still see you tomorrow. That's soon enough isn't it?" His face looked concerned for a minute but before I could tell for sure he composed his face again.

"Yeah tomorrow afternoon, you know Alice, she won't let us see each other until I am walking down the ailse with Charlie." I almost forgot Charlie was in the house until I heard him snore loudly. " Well it's ok i guess, but im going to really miss you and the whole time your gone your the only one that is gonna be on my mind. Now get going before they do somthing disastrous to the house and wake Charlie up."

He kissed me lightly on the lips and forehead.

" I love you" I said before he jumped out of my window and into the darkness.

I heard him say "I love you more" and heard someone else laugh. Which I immediatly assumed to be Emmet.

I grunted just realizing I wouldn't be able to see him until 4:30 in the afternoon tomorrow. That's way too long. Wait, I shouldn't be thinking of things like that. I should be thinking of tomorrow, for how long I've been waiting for this day. I didn't realize I was lost in thought until I heard something loud in Charlie's room.