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The distinct sound of feet thumping on the carpeted floor rang familiar to Horatio Caine's ears. Trying to suppress a smile, he found it nearly impossible. The smile inched it way up his weathered face, and dared to stay awhile.

The thumping continued loudly from the second floor of his house. Louder it grew, as did the smile on his face. With a shake of his head, he got up from his leather recliner and walked to the stairs. Any moment now! He thought to himself.

The familiar sound of feet scuffling, and mock insults being thrown around, met Horatio's ears. In a matter of seconds, two figures came flying down the stairs. Masses of brown hair, and thatches of blonder hair, came speeding through the room. Horatio leaned against the living room hall with arms crossed and an amused smile playing itself across his face.

"Boys?" Horatio said, and cringed at the sound of the two figures hurling to the ground with a thud.

Immediately the two people stopped in their places, a young man, and a boy on the verge of becoming a man. Ryan, the older one of the two stopped with his arm locked around the younger boys head. Kyle, the younger, stopped also and stared at Horatio. Hesitantly, they both smiled, and sprang to their feet.

"Sorry Dad." Ryan offered, his hand on his neck, rubbing it sheepishly. Offering a hand, he helped Kyle off from the floor.

"Yeah, sorry Dad!" Kyle said following his brothers' actions. Horatio knew from the look of it, they were not sorry at all. Every moment they got together, they scuffled, roughed it up, and teased each other.

The two brothers were in fact, not at all really brothers. Ryan was Horatios first child; He had gotten married to a Woman named Marisa. Marisa died when Ryan was 2 years old from a car wreck. The weeks following her death were as unbearable as any death of a spouse could be. Ryan constantly ached for his mother, the nights were filled with his pitiful cries and the days were spent in his father's arms.

When Ryan was 8 years old, Horatio had got together with a woman named Julia years ago, and the result of their relationship was Kyle. Horatio never regretted Kyle being born; he gladly took on the responsibility of being a father again. Julia soon left him, and he took custody of Kyle. When Kyle was born, Ryan was more then happy to have a new brother!

Ryan was now a handsome man of 25 years old, and loyally worked along side his father at the MDPD Crime lab. Kyle was a bright boy at the age of 17. The two were as inseparable as any brother could be. Kyle now worked along his father and brother at the lab as a ME assistant.

Horatio merely beamed from where he was standing at his two sons. He never imagined himself so lucky to have such a family. Through the pain, he managed to overcome the grief of Marisa's death, and Julia's break up. In light of all the situations, he always appreciated the support of Ryan and Kyle.

"You two need to settle down!" Horatio laughed. Moving away from the wall, he walked to the kitchen.

"Like that will ever happen." Ryan chuckled throatily, and rolled his hazel eyes. Kyle slugged Ryan in the arm; sadly it had no affect on the older brother.

Laughing, Kyle said. "Yeah… that for sure." Horatio just responded by shaking his head and mimicking Ryan by rolling his eyes.

Ryan and Kyle looked at each other and sadly shook their heads.

They followed their father into the kitchen, and sank into the sturdy oak chairs that surrounding the very oak table. Kyle casually leaned his head on his hands, and continued staring at his father.

"So, what's up Dad?" Kyle asked, his eyebrows rose slightly over his eyes. Horatio quickly averted their questioning gazes, and decided to look at the ground. Ryan arched his eyebrow at his brother, and shrugged his shoulders. Quietly, Ryan rose from the chair and sidled up to his father.

"Dad, what is it?" he voice was laced with heavy concern. Horatio's heart squeezed at the concern in Ryan voice. It never escaped his attention how caring his goofball sons were.

Sighing, Horatio reluctantly met Ryan's gaze. "Frank Tripp… he informed me this morning… that…" Horatio said, emotion quickly coursed through his body. Fear clenched the two men's heart, at their father's difficult display of emotion.

"Dad. What is it?" Kyle quickly got up from his chair, and evenly asked his dad.

Not wanting to beat around the bush, Horatio said. "Franks dying." He admitted, the salty tears burned his face, as they ran down it.

Ryan slumped to the kitchen floor. In agony, he held his hands on his face. Frank was dying? Not Frank Tripp, the big Texan they all knew and loved. Bitterness surrounded Ryan's heart at the though.

"Why?" Was the only word that escaped the two brothers mouths.

Clearing his throat, Horatio difficultly said. "They found cancer." The last word brought a fresh spew of tears to the older mans face. Horatio rarely showed such emotion, but when it came to close friends and family the tears took over.

Frank and Horatio had been in many a case, and had always cherished each other's friendship. If Horatio need help, Frank was there. When Frank needed something, Horatio was there.

Disbelief showed on each of his sons face. Gathering himself, Ryan forced himself off the floor. Walking to the phone the phone rack, he picked the phone up off the hook. Turing to Horatio and Kyle, his face was blanched, as were there's.

"I'm going to call Calleigh." Ryan said, referring to his southern girlfriend. When he needed someone to talk to, she was the girl. "I'm going to go over, and talk to her. His voice was almost robotic.

Horatio merely nodded his head, and drew Kyle to his chest. Kyle offered a squeeze of support, but in truth he needed one himself too. Frank was a close friend of the whole family; they all worked together, and were apart of each other's lives.

Ryan was soon out the door, and the sound of his car speeding down the road met their ears. Kyle departed to bed, and Horatio sat in his recliner.

Thoughts played through his head, some people had great seasons of their lives, but he felt like this was going to be one heck of a season.

Enjoy everyone!