A/N: We've all been watching, not a lot of inspiration for House/Cameron fans on the show lately, is there? So, I asked my friends at a House/Cameron LiveJournal community for suggestions of stories they'd like me to write that were related to my old stories. This one is set between the final chapter & the epilogue of Acceptance and was requested by greenescrubs. It's the day House & Cameron bring Devon home.

Disclaimer: I can absolutely assure you, I don't own House MD. If I did, there's no way the current season would be happening the way it's happening.

House groaned and rubbed his forehead. He didn't think he'd signed his name that many times in his life, never mind in one day. You know, it was no wonder people were going overseas to adopt kids; the bureaucracy was mind-numbing. And where the hell were all these rule-making, pencil-pushing bastards when these kids were being conceived and the abandoned? He sighed and rubbed his forehead again before checking his watch. He really didn't have time to get started on this rant again, not even in his own head.

He leaned back in the uncomfortable plastic chair and surveyed his surroundings. Why do these waiting rooms all look the same? They're so depressing. It can't be good for the kids either, and where had that thought come from? Dammit, I'm spending way too much time with Cameron. He shifted again in the chair. The hard plastic was numbing his ass and causing an ache in his lower back.

The door at the opposite end of the room swung open, and he straightened up in his chair. Awash in the cacophony of children's voices crying, shouting and singing, House almost didn't hear Devon's gleeful scream.


House found himself quite suddenly with a lapful of sweaty pre-school boy. He ran his hand over the boy's sparse hair and caught a glimpse of Cameron's watery-eyed smile from her spot behind Devon.

"Hey baldy."

"Greg," Cameron gasped.

"Owz, s'not nice to tease," Devon chastised him.

"Oh sure, gang up on the old cripple," House drawled, wincing when Devon squirmed in his lap. Cameron was busily tucking away paperwork and gathering bags. She layered her messenger bag and Devon's book bag on her shoulders, and then hefted his small suitcase.

She looked over at House, shifting in the chair out of discomfort, whether physical or emotional she couldn't be sure. Whatever the cause, his pained expression only served to ground her and reinforce that this was real. Greg House was settling down and starting a family. Her life was a fairytale; complete with stubble, grouchy attitude and slight limp and Cameron could hardly help but feel like the princess.

"Am I going to have to separate you boys?" she asked, watching House tickle Devon until he squealed.

"Aw mom," House whined.

"Cammin, no time-out for Owz," Devon said decisively. House grunted in agreement. Cameron rolled her eyes and House grinned.

House leaned down to Devon and whispered in the boy's ear. Devon nodded. He leaned his head next to House's and gave Cameron his best puppy eyes.

"Mommy, we go home now?"

Cameron smiled that same watery-eyed smile and pressed her lips together to hold back a sob. She didn't want Devon to be frightened or confused by her crying when this was supposed to be a happy day. She nodded, and House nudged Devon off his lap. He took the boy by the hand and winked at his wife.

"Told you you'd cry."

"Shut up."