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Chapter 1: New

Julia ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She didn't know where she was going and it was pitch black outside, but she couldn't let him catch up to her. Who knew what he would do now? Kill her that much was obvious. Tears ran down her cheeks and her chest was heaving up and down quickly as she pushed herself to keep going.

She just couldn't believe they were gone. They were dead.

It had started out as a good day. She aced her chemistry exam, did well on her speech in English class, and even got asked out by her crush. She was just an ordinary high school student having a normal day.

She went to her friend's house that night, just to hang out and gossip, like the usual teenage girl. She had dinner there and they finished their homework together, so by the time she made it home, it was already late.

All the lights were out when she had entered, so she figured everyone was just asleep. As she made her way upstairs, however, she had noticed how eerily silent the whole house seemed. It made the hairs on her neck stand up as she scanned the rooms in the darkness. She crept as quietly as she could into her parents' bedroom. She could make out their forms on the bed, but if she didn't have the feeling in her gut that something was definitely wrong, she would have accepted this and gone to her room. Instead she had flicked on the lights and screamed at the sight in front of her.

There was blood all over the place, staining the otherwise light colored surroundings. It was obvious that her parents were bludgeoned to death and the sight made Julia feel sick. The blood soaked into the sheets and splattered onto the floor.

Tears leaked from her eyes, wondering what monster would do such a thing to innocent people. Her question was answered as the culprit made his presence known from behind the door.

He was a tall, dark-haired man with a very sinister look in his eyes. Blood was splattered on his shirt, but Julia knew it wasn't his.

"Lookie what we have here…" he said snidely as Julia's stomach twisted into a knot. He eyed her up and down and grinned maniacally. "Now, we can't have you going around telling the cops what I've done. Looks like I'm gonna hafta keep you quiet." He took a step towards her and she bolted out of the room as fast as she could. The man caught on to what she was doing and ran after her. He jumped from the second floor to the first; skipping the stairs to cut her off before she could make it down all the way. She squeaked in surprise.

"Nice try, baby doll," he told her. "You're not getting away that easily."

"Why would you do this?" Julia pleaded to the man as tears poured down her cheeks. Her voice was weak and cracking but she tried her hardest to sound brave and strong.

"Why?" the man asked. "Because I felt like it."

Julia widened her eyes. She realized she wouldn't get out of this alive if she did nothing. She decided to take a chance and maybe it could work. She delivered a swift kick to his lower area and succeeded in hurting him. He doubled over in pain and began cursing at her. "You little bitch! I'm gonna strangle you!"

She leaped over his body and found a lamp nearby. Without thinking, she slammed it on the man, his head colliding with the piece of furniture. He went down hard.

Julia was breathing heavy now. Not only were her parents killed but she might have actually killed this man as well. There was a large cut on his head and blood was spilling out onto the floor. She backed up until her back hit the wall and slid down onto the floor, finally breaking down and sobbing into her hands. What was she going to do now? She had no other family nearby and she was only sixteen. She wasn't old enough to get her own place yet.

A sudden movement caught her eye. The man was alive! He was struggling to get up.

"Damn it!" he cursed. "You're dead, bitch!" He got up, despite his injuries, and advanced towards Julia again. She scrambled to stand and ran out of the house, the murderer hot on her trail.

She just kept running. Her chest was burning and her body was begging her to stop and take a break but she wouldn't. She couldn't.

"Help!" she yelled out as she ran through the streets. "Someone please help me!"

"No one's gonna save you now!" the man yelled from behind her.

She turned a corner and continued yelling for someone. "Help me!" Her heart stopped when she saw she had hit a dead end down an alley. There was nowhere to go. She was trapped.

The man's maniacal laugh caused her to jump and she whipped around to see he was right behind her. He didn't have that playful smile anymore. He was angry and ready to kill.

"You sure know how to piss a guy off, don't you?" he asked as he stepped toward her, grabbing her arm roughly.

"Help!" Julia tried again. The man placed his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams, slamming her head against the brick wall behind her. The impact caused her to see stars and she could feel a headache coming on.

"You're really startin' to hurt my ears, you know that?"

Julia sobbed against his hand. She reached up and managed to move his hand away from her mouth before looking up at him with her dark blue eyes. "Please, just let me go…"

The man shook his head. "No can do." Then, in the blink of an eye, he wrapped his large hands around her neck and squeezed as hard as he could, suffocating her. She coiled her hands around his wrists, trying to pull him off, but it was no use. She could see the world around her slowly fading. It seemed liked the end for her.

Suddenly, there was a loud gunshot and the man instantly dropped Julia in pain. She collapsed on the floor and just managed to catch a glimpse at her savior before her world went black.

"Hey, wake up," a voice said. It sounded so far away, and Julia could barely hear it. Everything was black around her, like she was dreaming.

A sudden jerk woke her up fully, however, and she slowly opened her eyes. The pain in her neck was so overwhelming that she almost wanted to be in that sleep-like state again just to make it go away. Her hand went directly to her neck, almost as if to cover the pain. She took in her surroundings and saw that she was in what seemed like an abandoned warehouse. Someone was hovering over her body, and Julia jumped before realizing that this man was not the murderer who had been pursuing her. He had blonde hair and intimidating blue eyes, and she quickly realized that this was the man who had rescued her.

"Geez, you've been out for like three days," he said.

Julia groaned as she sat up. She had been lying on blankets that were put together to form a bed and found that it wasn't comfortable at all. "Where am I?"

"It's just an old warehouse," he replied. "I've been living here."

Instead of responding, she continued to look around at the small space. It was rather creepy to look at in the dark, which reminded her of more pressing matters. "That man!" she exclaimed facing the blonde in front of her. "What happened to him?"

"Dead," the guy replied. "He was pretty messed up before I even got to him though. Was that your work?"

Julia nodded slowly. "He murdered my parents," she said quietly. A few tears sprang from her eyes as she remembered seeing their beaten bodies in their own home. She covered her face in her hands and couldn't stop the sobs that racked through her whole body. "He was trying to kill me too because I had seen him there." She tried to explain. "Why did you save me?"

He shrugged. "So what's your name?"

"Julia Ferris," she replied quietly. "You?"

He hesitated. "Mello."

Julia tilted her head to the side. "Mello? Is that like a nickname or something?" Despite the traumatic events, she felt silly sobbing in front of him, and so she wiped her tears with the back of her hand again as she waited for him to respond.

"Right, well enough formalities. I think you're good enough to go back home or whatever."

Julia's eyes widened at the thought of returning to her house. "No, please don't make me go back! I have nowhere else to go!"

Mello sighed in annoyance. "Look, I can't be stuck babysitting when I have important things to do. Sorry, but you're gonna hafta go. You're gonna hold me back from catching Kira and that is the most important thing right now."

Julia paused, making sure she had heard the words 'catching Kira' correctly, but decided to wait to question him about that later. Instead she shook her head frantically. "I won't hold you back! I promise! I can help you with anything. I had the highest marks in my class and I'm pretty clever. I'm sure I could be of use to you and if I'm not then you can abandon me. Just please, don't leave me alone now." She pleaded with her eyes and hoped it was working. They were glistening with tears again. Even though he wasn't much better off than she was in this shabby abandoned warehouse, at least she wouldn't be alone.

Mello seemed thoughtful as he watched Julia for a moment. Was there really any use for her? It's not like Mello had anyone else to help him at the moment. And if she was as smart as she claimed to be, maybe she could be of some benefit. "Okay, we'll see how it works out," Mello told her. "You can stay."

After two days, Julia still couldn't believe she was living with a young stranger. He had given her his make-shift bed, which only caused more neck pain, while he took to lying against the wall at night to sleep. Julia felt extremely weird not going to school and knowing she couldn't go back home. She didn't know how long it would take for her to adjust to her new life.

Julia sat up, groaning. Another sleepless night. Not only was her bed uncomfortable but she was also having nightmares of her parents' dead bodies lying in their bed. The man would always chase her down and actually end up killing her in the dream.

She shuddered, trying to rid her mind of the horrible thoughts as she looked around at her new home. Mello was nowhere to be seen at the moment, but she could see a newspaper right next to her. Mello must have brought it in for her, because on the headlines was the story of her family.

She picked it up and scanned through the words that were printed in black and white. Julia could feel more tears stinging her eyes as she began to read the paper, talking about how the parents of the family were horribly murdered. Julia imagined the whole event in her mind, which only caused her to cry more. She could picture her father trying to protect her mother and being killed first. Shortly after, her mother would die, not being able to guard herself. And all the while, no one had been there to save them.

Near the end of the article, it mentioned how the Ferris' had two daughters: the oldest was in Florida attending college while the youngest, Julia, was gone. It was speculated that either the murderer had taken her with him or she was killed somewhere else, since her body was yet to be found.

Julia tossed the paper aside, taking in a deep breath and trying to control her emotions. Mello wasn't exactly comforting with her situation and she didn't want to annoy him more than she was sure she already was.

While thinking this, Mello came into the warehouse, carrying a bag from the local market. He had a blank look on his face and Julia couldn't read his thoughts.

"Crying again, huh?" Mello asked, taking in her puffy and tear-stained face. "I take it you read the paper then."

Julia only nodded.

"Are you going to the funeral? I read that it's tomorrow."

"No," Julia replied shaking her head. "I can't. My older sister's gonna be there. We don't get along at all and besides, she'd probably have to take me in or something since I'm a minor. I'd be better off just staying here with you and letting the world forget about me entirely."

"What do you have against your sister?" Mello asked her. He took a seat across from her and seemed almost interested in their conversation.

"There's nothing actually wrong with her, but ever since I can remember, I've always been compared to her. 'Julia, why can't you be like your sister?' 'Rose never behaved like this when she was your age.' There's only so much I can take. She's always been better than me at everything. I think it would just be best if she and everyone else just thought I was dead."

Mello shrugged. "Whatever works for you." He then dug into the store bag and pulled out a small box. Upon closer inspection, Julia could see that it was hair dye. "I got this for you. We're gonna be here for a while and I figure you don't wanna be cooped up in here forever. People will recognize you as the dead people's daughter and I know you don't want that."

"Black?" she asked. She pulled on a strand of her light brown hair. "I like my hair color."

"Just do it."

Julia reluctantly agreed and by the time her hair was completely black, she couldn't even recognize herself. She looked like a completely different person.

"I like it better this way," Mello said offhandedly.

She looked at him in surprise and blushed. "Black is actually my natural hair color. I haven't worn it like this in a long time."

"At least the hair dye will serve its purpose for now."

Julia was feeling extremely antsy the next day. It was the day of the funeral and Julia wanted to go, but she didn't at the same time. She knew that made no sense, which was why she didn't voice any of this to Mello.

He was very observant though. She knew he could tell what was she was thinking and what she wanted to do. She didn't find this fair, as she had a hard time reading his thoughts, but she figured she'd be able to in time.

"Just go already," Mello said suddenly, snapping Julia from her thoughts.

She turned to look at him and gave him a surprised look. "Go where? I didn't say anything."

"You wanna go to the funeral so just go already. I can practically smell the desperation."

"I…uh, I can't," Julie replied looking down at her hands. "They'll probably be looking for me and I don't wanna see my sister."

Mello rolled his eyes at her. "Fine, I'll take you tonight so you can say goodbye or whatever. That way you won't accidentally run into anyone and I'll be there to protect you."

This was surprising. He was actually being really sweet to her and Julia found that she liked it a lot. "Thanks Mello. I really appreciate it."


It didn't take long to get to the cemetery. For some reason, Julia felt really nervous. Mello was there with her, so it wasn't because she might be caught. It was more like knowing that this was it. This would be her final goodbye to her parents and her old life. She would become a completely different person after this night and she wasn't sure if she was totally ready for that. Still, she knew it had to be done, and following Mello around would almost secure her safety.

"I hate cemeteries," Mello complained as they walked side-by-side to find her parents' graves. "Creeps me out having all these dead people around."

"Same here," Julia agreed solemnly. She was getting ready to give up looking for her parents graves among the nearly identical stones, until her eyes landed on the two that had 'Ferris' carved into them in large, bold letters. They were laying there, side by side even in death, and a few tears sprang from Julia's eyes.

"I'll just give you a minute then," Mello said, already walking away from her. He didn't seem to be one for tears. Julia felt that maybe it made him uncomfortable, but she couldn't help it.

She watched him go for a moment before turning back to the graves and crouching down in front of them. She wiped the tears with the back of her hand hastily and tried to hold in a sob. "It-it's not fair…why did he have to take you fr-from me?"

"Julia?" a voice asked from behind her. It wasn't Mello's voice, and she whipped around to come face to face with her older sister. She was crying as she stepped towards the surprised brunette. "You're alive? When they didn't find your body, everyone assumed you were dead!"

Julia still didn't say anything, even as her sister wrapped her arms around her. She could see Mello leaning against the nearby tree watching the little reunion and Julia narrowed her eyes at him. He only shrugged. Apparently, the concept of avoiding her sister was just lost on him.

"What are you doing here?" Julia asked.

"I just wanted to see them again," Rose replied. "You know, when the crowd isn't around. I didn't recognize you at first but your boyfriend over there told me what you were doing here."

Julia stared at her in disbelief. "My…boyfriend?"

Rose nodded. "He's kinda scary…though you never really did have good taste in men…"

Julia narrowed her eyes. She knew Rose was going to put her down about her choices in life like she always did, but this time she wasn't going to take it.

"Just stop it."

Rose eyed her in confusion. "Excuse me?"

"I just want you to know that I'm leaving now, so just pretend like you never saw me. I died when that man chased me down the alleyway after witnessing him murdering our parents."

"Julia, what are you talking about? You're not dead."

"I might as well be, 'cause you're never gonna see me again. My life went downhill when that man laid his filthy hands on me. I'm moving on and living a new life now, and I'd appreciate it if you'd let me do that. Goodbye." She made to move away from her and back to Mello when her sister placed a hand on her arm.

"Please don't go," Rose pleaded.

Julia didn't answer. Instead, she moved her sister's hand from her arm and continued walking. She faced Mello and as seriously as she could, she muttered, "Let's go."

As Julia stepped forward, next to Mello, she realized she really was leaving her life behind. She felt that the old Julia really had died that night. This was a new Julia, and she was getting ready to live almost like a fugitive. Yet somehow, this seemed better than facing a life with her sister and without her parents. She only hoped that she could adapt fast enough, or she really wouldn't have anything or anyone to cling to.