Chapter 13: Friend

It was weird. She couldn't remember how she had gotten there but for whatever reason, it didn't even seem to matter. If she had been thinking with her right mind then she would be beyond confused but there was a calm feeling surrounding her.

She looked around and saw a familiar looking kitchen and living room. It wasn't much but being here made her feel happy, like she was at home. Why was it so familiar?

"I think being here was the only time I was truly happy," a voice behind her said. She whipped around, startled that someone was in the room with her. When she saw who it was, her face broke into the biggest smile she had ever managed.

"Mello!" She ran towards him, arms outstretched, and engulfed him with a hug. He reciprocated the hug tightly, holding her for a few long moments before letting her go. "I'm so glad you're okay! I don't know what I would have done if Takada had killed you!"

"Jules, remember when we lived here?" Mello asked, changing the subject. Julia took this moment to fully take in where they were. When it finally hit her, her eyes widened.

"This is where we lived before joining the Mafia! I loved living here with you! Wait…what are we doing here? Where's Matt?"

Mello took Julia's hand in his and led her to the dining table. He took her by the waist and placed her on the table so she could be eye level with him. Julia could see that Mello's face was like porcelain, which was bizarre. She placed a hand on the side of his face. "What happened to your scar?"

"Thinking back on it, I think this is where I fell in love with you," Mello continued as if Julia hadn't spoken in the first place. He leaned forward and captured her soft lips with his own. Mello sucked on her lip for a few seconds before letting go. "I wish I could have told you that sooner."

"All that matters is that you said it," Julia replied, trying not to cry. "I love you so much." Instead of trying to be delicate she crashed her lips on his, wanting to fully taste him. "God, I love you," she mumbled against his lips. "We can spend the rest of our lives together without worrying about Kira or Near."

Mello placed his hands on Julia's shoulders and pushed her slightly away from him. Julia wasn't having it and tried to kiss him again, not yet having had enough of him. Mello wouldn't cave. He needed to talk with her, not kiss her like he wanted to so badly.


That snapped her out of it. "W-what?"

"We can't be together."

Her face went to that of confused to angered in less than two seconds. "What the hell do you mean we can't be together? After all we've been through and you finally admit that you love me?"

"We'll be going different ways soon," Mello started to explain.

Julia quickly cut him off. "I'm going where ever you go."

Mello glared at her. "Over my dead body!" His eyes widened at his own choice of words. He cleared his throat before continuing. "You're not going with me. You'll be doing bigger and better things soon enough. And I know you'll have the courage to move on."

Julia didn't understand what he was talking about. She had been trying to put on a brave face but what he was telling her was slowly breaking her heart. She was becoming an annoying faucet again and she hated it. It seemed all she had been doing lately was crying. "I don't want to move on."

"Moving on doesn't mean forgetting about me, Jules."

"Why are you talking like this? You're talking to me like you're dead or something."

"You know how I hated Near so much that I refused to work with him? I let my anger get in the way and things could have turned out so much differently. When you get the chance, don't make the same mistake I did."

Julia furrowed her eyebrows. He wasn't making any sense.

"Just remember what I said, Jules." Mello then turned around and made his way towards his old bedroom. When he entered, there was a blinding light that flashed into her eyes causing her to squint.

When she opened her eyes fully, she saw nothing but white walls around her. There was an annoying beeping sound in the background causing her already splitting headache to hurt her even more. She was sure her head was going to explode. Not only was there an incredible pain in her head but the rest of her body was practically immovable. She opened her mouth to cry in pain but her throat was so dry that no sound came out.

"Try not to move," a voice said next to her. She tried to turn her head to look at who it was, hoping it was Mello since she had just seen him. She found that she couldn't so she moved her eyes, the only part of her body that didn't hurt at the moment. When she moved her eyes to see her visit, she couldn't get a good enough look but saw more white. White? The only person she knew who looked like that was…

"N-ne-Near…?" she croaked. The effort was overwhelming.

"It's surprising you're even alive right now," he responded. "You've been out for two weeks."

"W-wh-what h-hap-happened…?"

"After the shootout with Takada's body guards, they found that you had in fact survived. Turns out Matt had taken most of the fatal gunshots himself which proved to save your life. Once they found out you were still alive they decided they would question you once you had recovered."

"M-Mello?" She whispered.

"Kiyomi Takada wrote his name on a piece of the Death Note."

Julia gasped. She regretted this decision however as it racked her body with more unbearable pain. Tears leaked from her eyes and she tried to sob but it came out as pants instead. She really was a mess.

"If…it makes you feel any better, Kira has been put to justice. I wouldn't have been able to do this without Mello."

It didn't make Julia feel better in the least bit. Mello and Matt were both dead. She had somehow managed to survive and now she had to live without them. How would she be able to?

"Not that you'll believe me but it wasn't my idea. It was Mello who realized that the only way to surpass L would be if we worked together to defeat Kira. He knew that kidnapping Takada would give me the evidence I needed to solve the case. Kira was Light Yagami."

Julia managed to calm down a bit upon hearing Near's explanation. She couldn't believe the only person she ever loved was gone forever.

"I'm sure you are unaware of this but before he was killed, Mello contacted me in regards to what would happen to you after this whole ordeal." Julia was silent now. She couldn't even picture Mello phoning Near up for anything, let alone to talk about her. "He told me about how well you work with other people. Now that the Kira case is over and the fake L has been put to rest, I've decided to take my rightful place as L's successor. And upon Mello's wish, I'm asking if you'd like to join me."

Julia was stunned. Mello had really wanted her to work with Near? His worst enemy? She never would have imagined that something like this would happen. That he would actually be propositioning her. But if it was what Mello had wanted, then she would surely do it.

Julia tried to reply but when she did she whimpered in pain. Her eyes were getting heavier. This conversation must have taken a lot out of her and she could see the world around her fading black.

It had taken a long time for Julia to recover from all her wounds the night Kiyomi Takada was kidnapped. She had lost a lot of blood from all the gunshot wounds and needed a blood transfusion. After the surgery, she had to regain her strength so she would be able to start a new chapter in her life. With Near.

He was very cold towards her at first. She assumed this was just his personality since he was the one who asked her to join him in the first place. He wouldn't talk much to her and was always preoccupied with his toys or building something.

He gave her simple jobs to do at first like going through files of different criminals and giving her opinions on them. She wasn't very good at figuring the crimes out so he eventually used her as the face of L. If he needed to meet with an official, he would send Julia in his place to discuss business.

They surprisingly worked well together.

Three years later, it seemed a new Kira had resurfaced.

"Can the Shinigami just stop dropping their damn notebooks?" Julia complained next to Near. She was building a house out of Tarot cards beside him on the floor as they talked. This was usually what they did when Near wanted to discuss the latest mystery to solve. Her small house hardly compared to the massive city that Near was building with the same cards. "I'd be happy forever if I didn't have to hear about Kira again. Ruined too many lives."

"This Kira is nowhere near the same level as Light Yagami," Near responded. "Not even a threat."

Julia eyed him. "If you say so."

Suddenly, two familiar people entered Near's headquarters. Julie recognized Halle Lidner easily but the other man she didn't really know. She knew he had worked previously with Near however. Halle Lidner no longer annoyed Julia. They were nowhere near best friends but she no longer felt the animosity she had previously felt.

"What is it now?" Near asked, not taking his eyes off his cards.

"You already know what's going on in Japan, right?" the man asked.

"I know," was Near's simple reply. "But right now, more important than that, is that if you knock over my Tarot card tower, I'll be pissed."

Julia could vouch for that. One time last year, she had accidently sneezed which caused a whole tower to flutter to the ground. He was so angry with her that he didn't talk or look at her for two weeks. If she had to give him a report, she was forced to email it to him.

Halle Lidner and the man, Rester, she thought it was, looked at him in surprise. They just didn't know him like Julia did.

"Near, it's gotta be Death Notes," Rester said. "Why aren't you doing anything?"

Near finally looked up from his work. "I'm thinking of what L would do." Julia watched Near as he placed his L finger puppet on his index finger and began looking through his deck of cards. Near frequently did this; trying to figure out L's way of doing things.

"That's a relief," Rester admitted. "But this Kira won't fall for the same bait L used last time."

"Please don't refer to him as Kira," Near said simply. He began twirling a strand of white hair between his fingers. "It's insulting to L and to Kira. He will be known as C-Kira. Cheap Kira."

Near then began explaining his theories on this new C-Kira, about how with the evidence provided, it was just an uninspired murderer who had the same powers of Kira but didn't have the drive or intelligence to surpass him.

He had come to the conclusion that acting like L meant to only take the cases that interested him and frankly this case wasn't worth it.

After Lidner and Rester left, unsure of what to make of Near's decision, he turned to Julia.

"I'm curious as to what you think," Near told her after an hour of silence.

Julia shrugged. "Whatever makes you happy, Near. I just go with whatever you say. You never disappoint."

The white-haired man didn't say anything. Instead he turned to his cards with a smile on his face.

The End

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