Black Cat: Blue Rose in the Night


Disclaimer: The author does not own Black Cat, its characters and its related icons, except for the plot and ideas.

Summary: After Eden's destruction, and with the sweeper scattered, Train was on his own. That was until he met Creed on a bar, and a series of unexpected event took place. And voila! Love was born. Creed/Train


Prologue: The Wandering Cat


Train was never been so happy with his life. Saya's death is no longer a burden that drags him down, weighing him with a gigantic rage and the need for revenge. Now, he was able to get past all of it, using his experiences as a sweeper and the adventures that he had with his fellow sweepers.

With that, Saya's memories lived on within his heart, but it's no longer painful to think about it. Now, it's nothing but a memory- a memory that taught him and comforted him whenever he's down.

After all that he has been through, he has finally became a wandering cat- a cat with no master, no restriction, no burden. And he would indulge in this freedom. To further the achievement of his freedom, he completely abandoned his job as a sweeper. Of course he still keeps his gun and trained a few times just to keep his skills in top condition should the need arises. But he intend to live as a wanderer, taking cheap jobs here and there to manage his eating habits and of course, keep a steady supply of milk to sate his thirst.

He had lost contact to his former friends. He really have no idea nor did he dwell on it. With the destruction of Eden, the elimination of the Apostles and the weakening of the Chronos Numbers, he is sure that they are quite safe. He snickered at the thought of Sven and Eve, they might have been with each other by now, happy and content. Though it sadden him to think that he is no longer required or that he can't join them, he thought that it won't be too bad following his own path.

The cat smiled to himself, as he found another bar. He entered it immediately and ordered two glass of milk. He was happily indulging himself on a quiet table, when all of a sudden, a glass of wine was placed in front of him and a strangely familiar man sat on one of the chairs around his table.

"Hello Train..." Wait, he recognized that voice. He looked up, still drinking from his glass.

"So it's you, Creed. Fancy seeing you in a place like this." The other man just laughed.

"And it's good to see you again. How have you been in these last few days? It took me a long time to track you down." Creed took a sip from his wine.

Train just stared at him, then he lightened up. "Well, I'm just wandering from town to town, getting a few fun here and there, you know. Though I find it strange that you would go to such lengths to track me down."

"You know me, Train. Though it pains me to see you living like this. Can that witch's curse never be lifted?" This provoked the smaller man.

"Don't speak of her that way! If you come here only to insult her memories, then I suggest you to live." Train instinctively grabbed his revolver, staring at the other man with intensity.

This seemed to please the man even more. "As always, your eyes are ever so beautiful..."

"Don't kid with me! What is it that you wanted?"

"Please don't misunderstand, Train. I am only here to talk, that's all. How about I treat you with some fish, rice balls and milk? Then we go out to a place later on?"

Train calmed down, and busy himself to drinking his milk. There is a tensed silence, when Train finally found a good topic.

"You know, I never get to thank you for helping me back there."

"What are you talking about?"

"I never would have thought that in your condition, you would still be able to beat Mason, now that's awesome." Train noticed a slight blush on the other man's face.

"Really? Well... I guess it is... I never understood why I did it. But maybe I was worried about you."

"Then I'm glad you do." Creed just smiled- not his usual crazy smile but a genuine smile, appreciating the conversation that they have. He is thankful that for once, no aggression is between them.

"You know, I really like this conversation between us. And I may have to take on your offer before. Maybe we could attend a few festivals?" Train smiled at the other man.

Creed was surprised. "Really? Then how about we go to a much more comfortable place, then? I found a few good spots with beautiful scenery."

"I'd like that. And by the way, how is Echidna?" Creed just laughed.

"That's so like you Train, always caring. Though I have no idea, Echidna would probably be on the verge of panic right now. But of course, I did left her a letter."

Train just nodded, finishing his fifth glass.

"Well, I had fun. How about we see each other here? Or maybe you have better ideas?"

"Indeed. Go to the central park of this town tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. I prepared a surprise for you. Don't dress too formally."

"Hahaha. What would I dress in? This is the only clothe I have."

"Ah.. That's right. Well, I need to get going." Just when Creed was about to stand up, a black portal came from behind him, revealing a very panicked Echidna.

"Creed Diskenth, you left without warning and you're still heavily wounded from your battle with Mason. What were you thinking?"

Creed just shrugged. "Let's just go home, Echidna."


"Oh and Train, don't be late." Creed smiled at him before leaving through the portal. Echidna glared at Black Cat for no known reason before disappearing.

Well that was weird. I best get ready. I have no idea what Creed is planning, but I guess socialization is not a bad thing. Plus, I do still owe him a favor. Grinning to himself, he paid his bill and walked out of the bar, to find a good set of clothes. He had no idea but he felt that he had just to look presentable tomorrow, a sort of impression. He headed to the nearest store with a soft smile playing on his lips, feeling his heart pumped rapidly with anticipation for some reason.