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Chapter 1

A mighty storm was brewing to the north. The black clouds and lightning covering the horizon, coupled with strong winds and deafening thunderclaps promising a stormy night. To the west a small mansion was seen, backed by a full moon that shone out in the darkness and provided light for all those without demonic sight.

Sesshomaru stood alone facing the small army that had invaded his lands and was currently marching towards his home. His pregnant mate lay inside their mansion a short distance away; very likely birthing their pup at that very moment. She had been going into labor when news had come of the approaching enemy and he begrudgingly left her with the midwife.

He had worried about his mate and pup since he'd first left the mansion, fearing that something would happen in his absence. His worry for his mate increasing as the size of the army before him came into view. Were they to somehow get past him they wouldn't hesitate to slaughter his mate and unborn pup.

Growling at the thought, Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at the advancing army. His golden orbs flew to the leader, the lord of the northern lands, a fox demon who sought the fertile lands and prosperous trade of the west.

From his position, safely behind numerous well-armored guards, the fox sneered at Sesshomaru.

"Well, well Sesshomaru. No one to stand beside you I see. Not even that pathetic human mate of yours?"

"Speak of my mate that way again and you will no longer have vocal chords from which to spout your pathetic attempts of intimidation." Sesshomaru ground out, claws digging into his palms as he tried to restrain himself from recklessly attacking in rage.

"You think yourself so high and mighty, Lord Sesshomaru, but you are just as pathetic as your father. Taking a pitiful human wench as your wife, and a demon slayer no less. I have come because you are no longer fit to rule over the western lands. If you hand them over willingly I will allow you, your bitch, and your pathetic half-breed pup to leave with your lives." The fox lord grinned as Sesshomaru's eyes flashed red before turning back to their normal gold. 'I shall fool him into unleashing his anger and attacking blindly, and when he does I shall take from him that which is rightfully mine.'

Sesshomaru knew exactly what the fox was trying to do. He knew and yet the rage he felt at the bastad's words pushed him to action. The demon inside him thrashing and roaring that he defend the honor of his mate and unborn pup.

"I planned to resolve this matter peacefully but it seems that you wish to die so very badly and I hate to deny the wishes of guests to my land." He said calmly, though the anger could still be seen in his golden eyes. Without another word the dog demon through himself into the mass of the northern army. Drawing tokijin from his side, he sent a monstrous dragon strike directly towards the fox lord.

"Lord Takomi! Watch out!" yelled one of the many soldiers who threw themselves into the path of their lord. The dragon strike fell short of its destination as numerous bodies that had jumped into its path absorbed the impact.

"It seems your soldiers are very loyal to you Takomi. A pity seeing as you won't survive the night." Sesshomaru said as he suddenly appeared behind the fox. A load clang was heard as steel met steel and the two demon lords crossed blades.

By now the storm was raging and the winds were whipping Sesshomaru's hair wildly in all directions; adding to the ferocity and surrealism of his blindingly fast attacks. Lord Takomi was barely able to keep track of Sesshomaru's movements and was unable to match his demonic speeds despite his own demonic heritage. His remaining soldiers were either too wounded or too dumbfounded by the power of the dog demon lord to take action.

The storm itself seemed to be holding back its full fury as the rain only fell in light drops that the wind blew diagonally into the faces of all on the battlefield. The skies, however, promised that this would not be the full extent of their wrath. What rain that did fall washed over the freshly spilt blood that covered the earth. The ground lay littered with the blood soaked bodies of the dead, and only a hundred soldiers and the two demon lords themselves remained standing.

'What's taking Takusi so long?! If he doesn't hurry up and kill the wench then I'm going to end up being killed by Sesshomaru.' Takomi thought frantically as he fell back and ordered his faithful soldiers to attack Sesshomaru.

"The first to bring me his head shall be greatly rewarded!" Takomi yelled in hope that it would provide greater inspiration to his men.

As the remaining one hundred threw themselves towards Sesshomaru he calmly slashed each one with tokijin as they advanced. The screams of the dying filling the air and blocking out the sound of the rolling thunder. Quickly the hundred were dwindling, the few that remained were weary and fearful of advancing upon Sesshomaru who was showing no signs of fatigue or injury.

Suddenly, over the sound of the fierce wind, rain, and the dying screams of the enemy Sesshomaru heard a distant scream. The scream was so load and frantic that even from the few miles between the mansion and the battlefield he could hear the fear in her voice.


His eyes widened at his mate's distinct scream and were filled with fear before they narrowed in anger. Without thinking of the enemy before him, he immediately turned back towards his home where the scream had originated and ran.

'It was a trap. Damn it!' Sesshomaru thought as his mate's scream swirled in his mind, accompanied by crippling fear.

The army had been a distraction from the beginning. Remove him from the mansion and take him far enough away that he could not smell the intruders while holding him off long enough for someone to slay his mate. He should have noticed that Lord Takomi's son was missing and had not been at the battle from the beginning.

"Oh no Sesshomaru, I don't think so." Takomi said with a smirk as he and his men stood between Sesshomaru and his home.

Sesshomaru didn't even pause in his stride but slashed tokijin in front of him in a straight horizontal line across his chest,aiming for the remainder of the northern was quickly followed by a diagonal slash he directed specifically toward Takomi.

'SHIT!' was the last thing Takomi thought before the pure blue blast of the double dragon strike enveloped he and his men.

Continuing onwards through the smoke caused by his own attack Sesshomaru sped towards his home at speeds he had never before reached. The new speed would have normally been intriguing had the reason for its presence not been so dire. The smell of his mate's blood was getting stronger, not only as he approached the house but also as Takomi's son attacked and injured her more. His eyes turning fully red as his demon nearly burst loose from its cage, therefore causing him to loose his reasoning. Only the thought of what might happen to his may were he to release it, kept the beast at bay.

"SANGO!!!" he roared as he mounted the steps to their home to see nothing but the blood that covered the walls.