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Chapter 24- Epilogue

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~One Year Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The sun was just beginning to set as the whole Inu family gathered in Sesshomaru and Sango's new house for its' house warming party. The beautiful new mansion like building was located on the south edge of a grassy meadow and provided a perfect spot for the group to sit around a camp fire, eat some freshly cooked venison, and talk about all the events of the last year.

Rin and Shippo had visited only twice in the last year due to problems at their village and this was the first time in months they'd gotten to see Kohaku. The little pup was now one year old and, due to his demonic heritage, was able to walk and run around the clearing in front of the house. His shiny silver hair was cut fairly short but was very thick and usually took Sango at least thirty minutes to brush through it. Currently he was sitting in his mother's lap watching his piece of venison cook on a spit over the fire.

Sango and Rin were chatting animatedly while their husbands talked and kept an eye on the food. They were half way through a debate on whether or not mole demons could see period when Inuyasha and Kagome approached from the north side of the clearing where Kaede's village was located a few miles away. Sango cheerily yelled for Kagome to join them and she obliged, careful not to jostle the sleeping babe in her arms.

Not a month before Kagome had birthed her and Inuyasha's first pup, a baby girl with her father's silver hair and her mother's beautiful blue eyes. Named Mikomi, Japanese for hope, by her father who said he'd never believed he could do anything better with his life than fight; the child represented a hope for the future that he'd previously denied himself. Kagome had of course immediately agreed to the name thinking that it was adorable and suited her perfectly; she, herself, had never even thought of having children until that fateful day nine months ago when she realized she'd missed her period the month before and ran to her time to get a pregnancy test. The two new parents were completely enraptured by the tiny life they'd created and would do anything for their little hope.

Kagome took her seat beside Sango and watched amusedly as Kohaku's bright golden eyes latched onto the babe in her arms. She smiled widely and spoke gently to her little nephew.

"It's ok Kohaku. This is Mikomi, your cousin. You can come see her if you want."

Kohaku merely shook his head and stayed in the safe confines of his mother's crossed legs. He was going through the shy phase and she merely laughed lightly as he hid behind the sleeve of his mother's kimono.

"Kohaku? You silly, what's wrong with you recently? That's your Aunt Kagome, there's no need to be afraid of her," Sango said with a slight laugh, causing her son to look up at her angrily and send her one of his father's famous glares.

That only caused the three women to burst out into spontaneous laughter and the men to look at them as if they were crazy; being across the fire watching the meat prevented them from seeing the very Sesshomaru-like glare that the one year old had sent his mother. His mother, aunt, and older sister's laughter only further annoyed the young dog demon so he crawled from his mother's lap and made his way over to his fathers' where he plopped down with both arms crossed across his tiny chest. The adorable sight only furthered the women's merriment and caused Sesshomaru to smile slightly at his son's antics.

"Kohaku," Sesshomaru said as he looked down at his son amusedly, "It would be wise to stay over here with the men while the women are all together. You are to young to know the implications of such a gathering."

Kohaku peered up at his father with wide, attentive eyes and nodded his head after his father's statement. They were still unsure of how much the babe understood what he was hearing but it was clear that his intellectual ability was far above most children his age. Sesshomaru merely smiled at his son's nod and turned back to move the spit so that the last bit of meat could cook. Of course as men it was their duty to perform any and all outdoor cooking while the women chatted about anything they could think of; indoors was the women's domain but outdoors was a whole nother story. As demons the men could have eaten the meat nearly raw but their human mates neither could nor wanted to eat raw meat and thus the men hunted down, skinned, and cooked the game they were to eat.

It wasn't long before the venison was cooked to the women's liking and the boys took it off the fire and cut off pieces for each of their mates before cutting some for themselves. While eating each couple sat together around the fire and simply enjoyed the company of their family while munching on their meat and some vegetables that Sango had prepared for tonight's dinner. Kohaku had once again resumed his position in his mother's lap and happily chewed on each small, tender piece of meat that his mother handed to him.

Inuyasha opted to hold Mikomi while Kagome ate and then swap positions whenever she finished. Sango smiled at her brother's thoughtfulness as she absentmindedly handed another small piece of meet to her son who'd been tugging on her arm for another. Rin and Shippo sat on the other side of Sesshomaru and had quickly eaten their meal and were now sending each other slightly nervous glances, which Sango and Sesshomaru caught on to immediately.

"So Rin, is there something you need to tell us?" Sango asked softly as she finished off the last of her meal and set her plate aside.

"What? Um… Why would you ask that mom?" Rin replied nervously, sending an apprehensive glance at her father.

"Well maybe because you and Shippo have both become nervous so suddenly and you both keep shooting nervous glances towards your father and I," Sango said with a slight laugh, "Am I wrong in thinking you have something to tell us?"

Rin merely smiled weakly and turned back to Shippo with a resigned sigh. He gave her a look that said, "Go ahead" but decided to allow her to do the talking.

"Well, actually there is something that Shippo and I have been wanting to tell you. We just were waiting until everyone was together so that we could make the announcement all at once," Rin said happily even though she was still slightly nervous, "Mommy. Daddy. I'm pregnant."

The statement left both older couples completely stupefied for a long moment. Rin and Shippo's nervousness grew as neither of her parents said a word and even the two babies seemed unusually quiet and still. After a moment of mounting fear Rin was about to ask them what they thought but her mother beat her to it.

"Oh Rin that is wonderful! I'm so happy that I'm going to have my first grandchild!" Sango yelled as she set Kohaku in Sesshomaru's lap before moving to give her daughter a big hug.

Slightly relieved that her mother approved of the situation Rin turned to her father who was simply staring at Shippo with a slightly annoyed look.

"Could you not have waited a few years before deciding to have a child?" Sesshomaru asked, his gaze never leaving Shippo as if it were entirely his fault that his daughter was now pregnant.

"Well Sesshomaru, Rin and I are not in any danger as you and Sango were when you first married so we have no reason not to have a pup now," Shippo said flatly as he tried to suppress the shudder he felt as Sesshomaru glared at him slightly.

"That is irrelevant. You know very well what I'm talking ab—"

Sesshomaru was cut off by Sango elbowing him hard in the gut from her new position between he and their son-in-law; apparently her sitting Kohaku in his lap and going to hug Rin was not merely for the sole purpose of congratulations, she knew him very well and had anticipated how he would react.

"Sesshomaru is happy for you as well Rin," Sango said as she noticed the few tears that were beginning to well in her daughters eyes, "He's just very overprotective of his only daughter and wants what's best for you."

Sesshomaru did not deny his mate's statement but it was obvious that he was none to happy that his daughter was pregnant when his own pup was merely a year old. However, upon seeing the slight tears brimming his daughter's eyes he decided not to breach the subject any further. He was slightly surprised that the young couple was even aware of Rin's current pregnancy seeing as he, himself, had to carefully scrutinize her scent to even catch the slightest whiff of the pup's scent within her own.

Speaking of which, Sango's scent had changed slightly recently as well. Drawing his brows together in concentration he inhaled her scent deeply and sorted his way through her normal scent until her found what had been changing it. His gaze flicked to her happy form as she once again congratulated Rin and Shippo on their upcoming pregnancy.

'Hm… I wonder how Sango will take the news that she is pregnant again; this time with twins.'

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