Dr. Cockroach tinkered with an old Playstation 2, connecting it to a power box. He cranked it up with a lever, and it hummed a little. Link watched, anxious to see if it would work. The red light flickered on, and the cockroach turned on a TV that he found at the local dump. Why was it thrown away? It was in great shape! Just a small dent in the back—that's all. The logo showed on the screen. Link cheered. "Alright!" he cried.

Insectosaurus roared loudly, and the good doctor chortled. He straightened his lab jacket. "You are welcome," he said.

Ever since the defeat of the alien menace, humans became very accepting of the monsters. Dr. Cockroach couldn't go anywhere without the paparazzi following him, asking him questions. Like: "Are you currently dating?" "How old are you?" "How smart are you?" It would bother the Hell out of him; sometimes he would have to run to avoid them. Link loved the attention, and basked in it all of the time. Ladies would hang all over him, asking him out on dates. Even the doctor had a few girls that asked him out, but he would kindly decline.

After all, he loved another woman. And her name was Susan Murphy. Yes, Susan. He was smitten for her, even after she began to beat him the large metal spoon. He admired her from her playful nature, her strength—everything about her. But, he never told her. After all, why would she ever like a bug like him? By the way . . . Where was Susan?

She wasn't in the common room with them. He looked around. "Um, Link?" he softly called.

The fish-man's white wolf character killed off an imp with a round disk that was lit with fire. The way the game was designed to look like a Japanese painting. "Man, Ammy's awesome," Link said, clicking the buttons quickly. "What?"

"Susan. Where is she?" Cockroach asked. "I haven't seen her all day."

Link pulled the main screen up, pausing the game. "Dunno."

Cockroach narrowed his eyes, and sighed, going to her room. He could faintly hear the cartoon wolf howl at her enemies, and Link crying: "Ammy is awesome! Go, wolf-girl, go!" Dr. Cockroach entered the room of the large woman. She was resting her back against the wall, playing with the sleeve of her shirt.

"Susan?" he softly called.

Her blue eyes shifted over to the bug doctor. She smiled. "Oh, Doc, hello."

Cockroach skittered up her arm, and sat on her shoulder. "Is something bothering you?"

Susan smiled. "Oh, no, I'm fine," the large woman stated.

Though her eyes showed otherwise—they looked like sad blue orbs. "No, something is wrong," the doctor said quietly. "What is it?"

She inhaled sharply. "I was thinking about Derik."

His eyes narrowed at the name. "Oh," he mumbled.

"I was just thinking how I could love someone like him."

"Oh," he said, again.

Susan looked at her hand. "I was such a naïve girl," she murmured. "A total idiot."

"Idiot? Oh no, my dear," he said, a stern look on his face. "You loved him. You are not an idiot."

"I never realized that he was such a selfish person," she hissed, narrowing her eyes.

"You loved him. You wanted to marry; you wanted a family, right?"

"Yeah . . ."

"You cared for him, so don't blame yourself," Dr. Cockroach stated.

"He never respected me," Susan murmured. "All he cared about was himself and his career. He never respected me. But, no one respected me when I was Susan Murphy."

Dr. Cockroach didn't like to hear such hard words come from her mouth. Derik was a fool to let go of such a wonderful woman. He stood up, and bravely pressed his lips to her large smooth cheek. Susan shuttered from surprise, and looked down at him.

"Now, listen to me, my dear," the doctor said firmly. "You are a wonderful woman. That Derik was a damn fool to let you go. I respect you, Susan Murphy. I will always respect you. You are so much better than him, and you made the right choice to leave him. You are so popular among everyone. I bet all the little girls in the world want to be just like you. They respect you.

"You are brave, as sharp as a tack, strong, and caring. Any man is luckier than Hell to have you. I just hope you listen to what I have told you. I remember: if you need someone to talk to—I'm here for you."

He slid down her arm, and walked off, hands behind his back. Susan looked at him, her cheek still tingling a little. She smiled, and scooped him up like he was water. The bug doctor gasped in surprise, and sat in her palm. He looked up at her. "Thank you, you're a kind person," she whispered, kissing the top of his head.

He could feel his eyes widen, and his left antennae twitched insanely. Susan chuckled at him, and Cockroach smiled widely. The bug doctor kissed his nose. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too."

"Yeah! Take that you damn imp!" screamed Link loudly.

Susan and Cockroach looked up; a small smiled creeping along the tall woman's face. "Well, Link likes his new video game."

He chuckled. "Yes. Yes he does."

I really like this couple. :3 Oh, BTW, the game Link's playing is Okami. Haven't played the game? Do it. It kicks ass on so many levels.