I hated hiding. I wanted to back with Edward so badly. Alice, Jasper, and I were hiding from James in a hotel room in Phoenix. I couldn't sleep. I just wanted to be with Edward. Breathe in his sweet scent. I was beginning to go crazy with boredom. Jasper left for an hour or so and bought me a few books. I read them all the first night.

I was off in the second room staring at the ceiling. We had gotten adjoining rooms. I thought it was better. It would give Alice and Jasper a little more privacy. They were a couple after all. I could hear them quietly whispering to each other. It made me miss Edward even more. I wanted him here whispering sweet things to me.

Then I heard one of them get up and head towards my door. I quickly turned my back to the door and closed my eyes. If they wanted alone time I didn't want to ruin it. It was Alice. I could smell her perfume. She seemed to buy it and left the door cracked.

I could hear them move to the bed. My heart started to race. It felt so wrong. Like I was spying. I just couldn't help myself. I strained my ears to listen to them.

I could hear them kissing. Slowly at first, and then rapidly picking up pace. Alice slowly started to moan. It was very soft, but powerful. Just listening to them was kind of turning me on. God how I wished Edward was here. Though he would never touch me. I knew the limits.

I wanted to watch them so badly. To see every inch of their perfect bodies. Watch them share their love. I knew how good their hearing was. They would probably hear me before I made it to the door. Then again, they were a little preoccupied.

I decided to risk it. I slowly rose from the bed and made my way to the cracked door.

I could see them. They were both undressed and kissing passionately. I saw Jasper's thin white fingers trace Alice's breasts, slowly make his way down her stomach, and ending between her legs. She let out a loud moan.

I was so turned on. I couldn't stop my fingers from making their way down my pants. I was being as quiet as I could, but a slight moan escaped my lips. Jasper's head shot to the door. I jumped away. I was beginning to panic.

"Bella," Alice's sweet voice came from the other side of the wall. "Come here."

I slowly opened the door and stepped in. Alice was still on the bed. Jasper had moved to the chair. I didn't know what to do or say. Alice took care of that one for me.

"Bella, how about you come over here and join us."

It wasn't a question. It was a command. I stood frozen on the spot. I stared at the wall behind Alice and tried to calm my breathing. I didn't know what to do. Well I know what I wanted to do. I wanted to sprint to that bed, but what about Edward. This would hurt him. He would know as soon as he was close enough to read Jasper and Alice's minds. I was startled to hear Alice's voice break the silence.

"Bella, it's ok. We won't bite." Jasper let out a soft laugh. I couldn't help myself. I began to laugh too. I felt comfortable with them. So I slowly made my way to the bed to lay down by Alice.

She gave me a look that I had never seen before. A look of excitement and passion mixed with longing and desire. Jasper had stayed where he was in the chair. I could feel him calming me, and turning me on. I could feel an intense rush of blood, starting from my face and working its way between my legs. I moaned. I couldn't help it. They wouldn't even have to touch me. Jasper could get me off with his powers sitting across the room. I felt Alice unbutton my jeans. My heart was racing. She pulled her perfect body closer to mine. I could feel her cold hand across my face, smell her sweet breath inches from me.

Alice pulled my face gently towards hers and lightly kissed me. My body was jolted with pleasure. I wrapped my hands around her marble neck to pull her in tighter. I kissed her back. I grabbed her hair, not letting her get away. She sat up and I tried to pull her back. She forced me back down to the bed. I couldn't move, she was too strong. She was toying with me then, teasing me every so sweetly. She pulled my shirt off and straddled me. She traced the outlines of my body with her cool fingertips. Everything felt so incredible. I was engulfed in complete euphoria. She pulled my arms above my head and pinned my wrists with her hands. She started to breathe softly in my ear, sending wave after wave of chills down my body.

As Alice slowly started to kiss my neck I turned to look at Jasper. He was in the chair, still as a statue watching us. He had a look of desire on his face. I guess vampire men are the same as human men. His girlfriend with another girl was a fantasy for him. I shot him a look that he should join us, something very unlike me. He slowly rose from the chair and sat at the foot of the bed, running his fingers up and down Alice's back. Alice brought her face even with mine and moaned.

Alice sat up, still sitting on me, and leaned back into Jasper's arms. I put my hands on Alice's hips and made my way up to her chest. I grabbed her and she cried out in pleasure. Jasper reached his hand around to better play with Alice. Alice began to moan and writhe at his touch. I fought my way out of Alice's hold and brought myself up to her. I began to kiss her neck and lips.

Alice then leaned back and whispered something to Jasper too quiet for me to hear. Jasper moved aside and Alice threw me to the bed. She removed my jeans and spread my legs. She began to kiss my thighs lightly. My whole being wanted to grabbed and push her head down a few more inches. Alice seemed to pick up on this and continued down.

My back arched and I let out the loudest moan I thought possible. Alice pushed me back down and continued to please me.

"Edward doesn't know what he's missing." Alice said with a smile. I smiled back. She was right, he didn't know what I was capable of. But Alice and Jasper would soon find out. As Alice continued to kiss and suck, Jasper rose up behind Alice and began to fuck her. Alice moaned and the vibration sent me into euphoria. The harder Jasper fucked her the harder she moaned and the better it felt.

"Fuck her Jasper, make her cum." Alice seemed to like me urging him on. Alice started to lick and suck faster and faster. I couldn't stop squirming under her. It was so amazing. Alice then threw Jasper off and pulled me on top oh her. She kissed me again and I could taste myself on her lips. Then something I didn't expect happened.

I felt Jasper slide into me. I moaned against Alice's kiss. Jasper felt so amazing in me. Alice propped herself up, and forced me between her legs. Alice tasted amazing. It was so sweet. I could hear her moaning as I licked and kissed her. I kept at it, going faster and faster until Alice came. Her body arched and she let out a cry. She then pulled me up and kissed me again.

She pushed me onto my back then so she and I could watch Jasper fuck me. His perfect stone body rose and fell on top of me. I was moaning and breathing heavily. I pulled myself up to him and kissed him. My mind was racing with pleasure. I pulled myself back to whisper in his ear.

"Don't stop, I'm going to cum!" he began to go faster and deeper. I wrapped my arm around his neck for support and came harder then I ever have before. I collapsed back onto the bed. Jasper pulled away from me and came over to lay between us. Alice gave me a slight smile.

"Our turn to get to work." She took Jasper in her hand and began to blow him. I started to kiss Jasper again. He was being very gentle with me. I gave me one last deep kiss and went down to join Alice.

I took him from her and went to work. Jasper's cock was so hard and smooth. I started to laugh.

'What's so funny?" he asked me.

"Well, it's cold. Like a popsicle." I felt my face become flushed.

"I guess I never noticed." Alice said laughing.

Alice and I started to kiss around Jasper's cock. We used our hands and lips and tongues. Jasper let out a moan.

"I'm going to cum." Alice and I went even faster and he came. Jasper tasted sweet, just like Alice. We all collapsed back to the bed.

We sat there in silence for a moment. Alice leaned over and kissed me again.

"Thanks Bella, that was amazing." she said quietly.

"Yeah it was."

Alice then pulled me into her arms. I stayed there for a bit thinking about what Edward would say. Hopefully he wouldn't be too mad. My last thoughts were of him before I fell asleep in Alice's arms.