As he entered me my muscles tensed up, solid as rocks, but as I took the length of his shaft, my body shook in complete, undeniable ecstasy. I moaned exposing my euphoria. Edward held himself in place inside of me. I wanted to push back against him. To let him know that I wanted more, but I stayed still. I was not about to let on that I was enjoying this. He was trying to punish me. I knew that I could not show any sign of want towards him taking me because he could stop.

I felt his hips press into my buttocks, so firm and strong. His member was quivering inside of me. He took his time. Raking his nails down my back, making me arch up like a cat wanting to be scratched.

He began to slowly slide in and out of me. I could feel his jewels strike against my sex with each thrust. My breathing began to quicken. I could feel my cum running down my thighs. As his pace quickened I could no longer control myself. My breathing became heavier with sighs and moans of pleasure escaping with every few breaths. I gripped the sheets with tightly clenched fists as he continued to fuck me with such tenacity.

With one hand Edward reached forward and took hold of my hair, yanking my head back to great his eager mouth with my own. He kissed me passionately before forcing my head back down to the bed. With his hand now free, he began to spank me with much force.

With each hit and cried out in pain. I could do nothing but lean forward and clench my teeth onto the pillow as tears streamed down my face. Each hit seemed harder than the first. My skin burned from the sting of his hand. I tried as hard as I could to keep my composure. To not give into his punishment. I was starting to question how much longer I could endure his wrath when I felt him release inside of me.

He slowed his pace and his breathing and gently slid himself from me, collapsing next to me on the bed. I felt myself not being able to make eye contact with him. I was so in shock from the raw, animalistic sex we just had. I imagined our first time to be so much different then it was. I wasn't sure how to feel, how to act. I was afraid to speak, to even move for fear I would be out of place.

I felt his hand upon my chin, guiding me to face him. He gave me a quick smile, followed by a small kiss on the lips.

"Enjoy yourself?" He asked me. He was so pleased with himself. This did not seem like my Edward. Though, as I looked into his eyes I saw him there, deep down he was there.

"Absolutely," I replied with a grin. "We should do that more often."

His response was slight smile. He knew that he had gotten what he wanted, but I was not about to admit it to him. I was going to play along at his little game for as long as I could.

His eyes began to trace my body again and I could tell he wanted to take me again. I was not sure that my body was ready for another assault. Luckily, there was a knock on the door. Jasper and Alice were back and not a moment too soon.