I have a really good surprise for all of you. This is a story about my favorite Twilight character, Jasper. Who is, if you didn't know already, NOT emo.

Forks was dark and cloudy, like always. There were the familiar signs of rain all around us as my siblings and I headed into the school, Alice beside me with a smile and a skip in her step, and Emmett and Rosalie several feet ahead, Emmett's arm around Rosalie. If I knew Emmett, and I did, he probably had one of his huge egoistic grins on his face, and if I knew Rosalie, which, unfortunately, I did, she was probably looking around at every person that was around us like she wanted to kill them.

Rosalie, while blonde, wasn't stupid. She knew that possibly every girl in the school envied her, wished they were going out with Emmett. She also knew that possibly every boy in the school envied Emmett.

Alice and I didn't have the same problem, not exactly. Everyone stared at us, just like they stared at Rosalie and Emmett, but they stared at Alice like she was insane, and they stared at me like I was…I don't know. It was a mixture of disgust, bewilderment, sympathy, and fear.

Why shouldn't they be afraid of me? I thought to myself. I was a monster after all. Just because Edward was the only one with a human girlfriend…

Edward brought all of the drama in the family these days. Before him, it was me and Alice, the intruders who barged in without any kind of invitation. That was never a nice thing to have; people staring at you like you're anything but welcome. Especially Rosalie. I hated Rosalie. Everyone hated Rosalie. Except Emmett, of course, who thought she was about the greatest prize in the world.

Attention had never been my expertise, not since I'd been turned. Before then I remember I was extremely charismatic. Some of that had rubbed off on me when I turned, giving me the ability to control anyone's emotions.

Anyway, Edward wasn't with us that day, just like every other day. He was with Bella Swan, someone I couldn't be around very much, simply because her blood was twice as irresistible as, say, that girl over there staring at me squarely like I was some kind of zombie or something.

Oh, right.

I tried to ignore everyone, especially the girl who had no fear when it came to glaring at me. Still, I couldn't resist returning her gaze, a kind of warning I gave to people to just mind their own business and stay away from me.

The girl didn't turn away, like other girls did. She didn't flinch at my face, which I knew was scrunched in concentration so I wouldn't kill everyone in the school. She didn't gasp at my eyes, which varied from golden to black depending on how thirsty I was. Her own eyes didn't bug when she saw how pale my skin was, how it was nearly white. No, it was white. And it was ice cold, too.

She had straight, black hair that went down the length of her back. Her eyes were piercing and gray. They were the most peculiar of eyes, with the sort of feel that they weren't really there.

The ironic thing was, even though she didn't gape or gasp or flinch, I almost did. Right then I was grateful that Edward wasn't there. He would've been the only one to sense my astonishment.

But then I looked ahead again, Alice by my side, Emmett and Rosalie up ahead, and we entered the school just like any normal day, the girl already gone from my mind.

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