Hey, everyone. Uxiegirl here.

So…how did you like it? –Pokes ribs-

The amazing thing about Persuasion is that I knew the ending since I wrote the first word of this story, though I imagined Evadne as I lot of different things. A witch, a zombie, a sprite (or fairy), a vampire hunter, a child of the moon…the whole load of it. I can't say why I finally settled on a mutant, but I did.

The surprising thing about Persuasion is that I imagined three predictions you'd probably have for the ending.

Jasper kills Evadne

Jasper cheats on Alice with Evadne

Jasper leaves Forks and Evadne behind

And, ta-da! It was none of them! This is pretty much the first mystery I really had that…you know…you wouldn't guess the ending to in a heartbeat. That was extremely cool.

So, basically you either love me or hate me right now. It doesn't really matter which. I admit, the ending to the last chapter was a bit rushed, but I don't care. Just pretend it wasn't and that it all made sense, okay? Okay.

DISCLAIMER: In the past 15 chapters of Persuasion, I did not own any of the Cullens, Forks, Bella, Jacob, Sam, Quil, Mike, Jessica, or any of the other characters and setting except for Evadne, Ashlynn, Cáel, Valentine, and Shae. I also owned the orphanage. Aeoniums are real flowers and they are really cool so look them up. I also did not own the Death Cab song featured in Chapter 6, which is called Brothers on a Hotel Bed.

Just so I don't get sued, you know. And, yes, I always put my disclaimer in the Bonus Chapter, so if anybody is looking to sue me, please don't do it until my story is finished, alright? Good.

Okay, thanks for reading everybody! I love you all and I hope I haven't disappointed you right now! ;p